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Tucker Carlson Claims Underage Student Rape Depends On Child's Sex


Sexy Teacher

Okay, I'm a guy. And as a teen, I spent many an hour thinking about sex. A lot of virgins do. And I've heard from many guys my age at that time how much they wished they could experience the pleasures of a woman's company -- nice way of saying going all the way. Actually that's a nice way of saying f**king a hot chick.  We wanted our "cherry" popped, so to speak.

Now one of the "holy grails" of the experience was to"do it" with a woman with curves. To enjoy the anticipated warmth of an ample pair of well-endowed breasts was something that was only enhanced by pictures we got from stolen copies of Playboy or Penthouse. We knew our time would ultimately come, but until then, we just had our imaginations and our right hand to keep us company. And truthfully, that was much safer than the alternative, actually having an encounter.

Every school had one, or if you were lucky, a few young, attractive teachers that were, for lack of a better word, hot. The wet dream fantasy fodder. But in  most cases, the teacher wasn't going to be interested in some pimply faced 15 or 16 year old with raging hormones and not much more to back it up. On that rare occasion you'd hear rumors that some kid "got some" from an older woman, but the truth is it was usually rumors spread to make the kid's popularity rise, if not another part of their anatomy. It was nothing more than fantasy fulfillment -- unless, in those rarest of rare circumstances, "it" happened. Then, as the law likes to call it, it was rape.

Now truthfully, if it was a male teacher and a female student, it was called rape. If it was a female teacher and a male student, it was generally called contributing to the delinquency of a minor. But rape is rape unless you're one of those shallow thinkers like Fox's own, Tucker Carlson, the sexually perverse boy who never grew up. He just got older, but never matured.

tucker carlson

Reported on Raw Story:

Carlson, who has previously  stated that sexual situations between male students with teachers would be, in the student’s mind, “the greatest thing that ever happened,”  said the notion of statutory rape  with a male student defied “common sense.”

Just recently he went on Fox News, his home, and told a panel of female coworkers that not only was a 16 year old boy, who was "enticed" into having sex 30 times in a 6 week span with his young, married female teacher NOT RAPE, but that it was wrong of the boy to report it. Carlson obviously lives in the Mad Hatter world of fantasy. Tucker the F**ker says the real victim of this "escapade" was the female teacher, not the boy student because he got the better of the deal. He got his cherry popped with a hottie.

Outrageous? You bet. But don't take my word for it. Here's Tucker Carlson, twisted fool. His totally sexist view is a boy "getting some" isn't a crime because there's no victim here. And if there is victim here, it's the poor female teacher because she got squealed on.

I wonder if Tucker would feel if when he was 16 he had a teacher who was a male hunk. Let's say this hottie teacher decided to bust Carlson's effeminate ass, taking Carlson's, cherry after school 30 times over a six week period. Should he blame Tucker because maybe it's something he fantasized over? I'm not saying Tucker has those thoughts. I'm just saying, "what if?" Rape is rape. It's about time Carlson took some responsibility for what he says to the public.


Republicans Traumatize School Children By Starving Them, Forcing Them To Watch As Their Lunch Is Tossed Into The Garbage

Republicans Congress

Republicans in Congress

They cut back food stamps. They drop long term unemployment benefits. They trim millions from the SNAP program. To Republicans, that's not cutting aid  to the needy. It's austerity. That's just taking freeloaders off the rosters. Those poor will find another way.

Really? How about in Utah? Or the rest of the country?  CNN:

(CNN) -- Dozens of children at a Utah elementary school had their lunch trays snatched away from them before they could take a bite this week.

Salt Lake City School District officials say the trays were taken away at Uintah Elementary School Tuesday because some students had negative balances in the accounts used to pay for lunches. But they admit the situation should have been handled differently.

Elementary school kids are being punished by the Republicans because their parents can't find work and don't have the money or wherewithal to cover the essentials. Is this the face of the GOP's austerity program -- starving kids?

starving kids

So the GOP takes the food out of students' mouths, embarrasses and stigmatizes adolescent kids in front of their peers by actually going over and taking back the food they've already been handed. And what do they do with the confiscated food these starving young kids need to keep going?

What else-- they make the kids dump their food into garbage cans in front of the rest of the students. Talk about traumatizing young people.

And how about the school's public ridicule of the kids, stamping their hand or foreheads, making them wear a Hester Prynne scarlet letter so everone else can laugh and ridicule the poor kids? That's what the Republicans have done. But lets not blame just them. The Democrats let this happen with their approval of a farm bill that cut SNAP. There's blame to go around. And here's a clip from the Ed Show where Shultz goes off the charts over this tragedy.


Seventh grade student spoke out, got kicked out. "My school is run by fear."


Maia Wu student speaks out, kicked out of school

Having taught all grade levels in a couple of school districts, and having been a huge student advocate at those schools, when I hear about a story that starts out with this, I listen:

"My name is Maia Wu. I am 13 years old, in the 8th grade and I'm student body president of my school carrying a 4.0 GPA.... As a 7th grade student, I couldn't understand what there was to fear. ... I stood up for I believed was right... I decided to step up and help students shake off their fear and find their voices. The administration didn't seem to like this too much. I guess you could say this is where things fell apart."

That sure got my attention.

Now it's time for you to give Maia Wu some attention. (Added: She was "too outspoken" about a decision to build a fence around the school without parents and students being told first. The video explains everything, please watch, you won't be sorry.)

What happened here is an outrage and it's time to publicize her story as widely as possible. The district is all that really mattered to the district, certainly not the students, not the parents, not fairness, not open, honest, civil discourse.

Please share this post.

Via Maia Wu:

On January 17, 2014, my mom received a letter informing her that our permit to attend school has been revoked. My brother, sister, and I were kicked out of school. This is my open letter in response to the letter we received.

I was kicked out because my mom asked questions that needed to be asked.

I was kicked out because I am a free-thinker and can think for myself.

I was kicked out because I am not afraid to be heard.

I have a vision of a school that will embrace student voice and student participation in civic matters. I want to learn in an environment that welcomes free-thinkers and welcomes opposing view points as a positive means to perpetuate the democratic process.

If this is the current environment, we will produce children who live in fear of authority and not have the ability to think for themselves and will only use ideals given by higher authorities rather than trying to formalize their own.

This is the number one threat to democracy in our country. I am 13 years old, not afraid to let my voice be heard and all I wish is to return back to my school.


But come on, Maia, protest? Peacefully? Moms attempting to communicate? Kids "think for themselves"? Don't you realize this is today's America? We are no longer encouraged to do those things here. Oh, but I kid. Sort of.

Here are a few excerpts. Transcript via

I decided to step up and help students shake off their fear and find their voices. The administration didn't seem to like this too much. I guess you could say this is where things fell apart....

Based on these flimsy, weak and ridiculous points, my brother, sister and I had our permits revoked, which essentially meant we were kicked out of our school. When we first found out, we had an overwhelming amount of support from teachers, students, friends, and family. We also immediately set up a meeting in order to organize our appeal. We were told to wait five days. The fifth day rolled along and there was no letter. My mother called the district at 4:00pm but was told the specific person we were looking for was in a meeting. She then called again at 4:40, that person was still in the meeting. Finally, at 4: 58 she called, and was told that that person had gone home. On Chinese New Year's Eve, we finally received the letter denying our permit, and our last day being the following day, Chinese New Year's. Not only had we been strung along until the last minute, but kicked out on Chinese New Year Day. That's comparable to kicking a child out on Christmas.

The letter they wrote and their revocation can easily be seen as childish retaliation to a parent standing up for her first amendment rights. My mother is a responsible, caring responsible adult who the principal and the school district is trying to paint as a deranged woman who doesn't seem to have a clue about anything. If my mother and I are guilty of fighting for our rights as American citizens and guilty of wanting America to be America, so be it. Monterey Highlands and Alhambra Unified School District are obsessed with control and are no longer thinking about students when they make choices such as revoking permits from children like my siblings and I.

I have a vision of a school that will embrace student voice and student participation in civic matters.  I want to learn in an environment that welcomes free-thinkers and welcomes opposing view points as a positive means to perpetuate the democratic process.  If this is the current environment, we will produce children who live in fear of authority and not have the ability to think for themselves and will only use ideals given by higher authorities rather than trying to formalize their own. This is the number one threat to democracy in our country. I am 13 years old, not afraid to let my voice be heard and wish to return back to my school.

These words were spoken by one remarkable seventh grader. Maia is clearly brilliant, reasonable, and rational, certainly more reasonable and rational than the "adults" in charge. You'd think any school would be honored to support and encourage Maia, her voice, and her family.

Those so-called educators could learn a lot from that 13-year-old.


Video Overnight Thread- Student Tricks an Entire Room Into Thinking He's the Professor on the First Day of Class




Oregon festival empowers girls, promotes Planned Parenthood, anti-domestic & sexual violence groups, more



Photo via Fullbright Company blog

One of my favorite things about having taught and directed shows at a (public) performing arts high school is keeping in touch with my favorite students after they've graduated. Lucia was one of the brightest, sweetest, quirkiest-in-a-good way kids I had, and recently surprised me with a Facebook message or nine filling me in on what she's been up to recently.

I was so impressed that I asked her to write up a post. Who knew she'd end up combining her entertainment skills with politics?

This... is so cool:

The Slabtown Grrrl Front

By Lucia Fasano

When I moved to Portland, Oregon, in the Fall of 2012, part of the allure was the nostalgia of the Riot Grrrl Movement that started in the Pacific Northwest in the 90’s, along with grunge. As a young, female musician/comedian, the Riot Grrrl Movement really called to me. It was a stark contrast to 90’s pop music and girl groups, a rebellion against societal norms of how girls are supposed to act, behave, and especially perform. I was hoping to catch a glimmer of this feminist punk rock wave when I moved to Portland, and I found that people were looking for the same thing.

At the time, I was barely 20, and barely allowed in the venues that I played at. Turned out that Doug Rogers, the new owner of Slabtown, was doing his part to bring real punk rock back to Portland. He filed for licenses to make his venue all-ages. After expressing mutual interest in feminism and creating a venue that was welcoming to all, he had his booker, Melissa Meszaros, reach out to me about helping her put on an all-ages, all-inclusive music festival to revive Riot Grrrl in April. Reaching out to the community, the event became much more.

With important Portland women’s shelters being closed down due to lack of funding, and executive director of the Oregon Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence stating that Oregon shelters are funded at less than 50 percent of what they need, we wanted these issues to be prevalent in the festival, as well as responding to the attacks on women’s reproductive health in America by promoting Planned Parenthood and local feminist community center, In Other Words.

The event, known as “The Slabtown Grrrl Front” became a 4 day music festival with over 25 bands, comedians, spoken word, an art show, video-game demoing for a local riot grrrl themed game, body positivity clothing swap, belly dancing, zine workshops, young volunteers, and more, with ticket proceeds going to performer’s choice of Planned Parenthood, The Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, In Other Words Feminist Community Center, and Bitch Media. The running theme? Empowering girls.

The Slabtown Grrrl Front was a big success when it came to bringing in money for feminist causes, but to me, the true sign of success were the performers who told me that they’ve never felt more like they belonged at a show-- and the men who said they’d never seen all-girl bands that rocked that hard before, and wondered why bands with women don’t get more notoriety in the music business. Other shows have been organized by people who met each other at the event, for similar causes. A SoCal Grrrl Front is in the works, inspired by us.

Intersectionality between cultures and movements, helping challenge gender inequality in the art and political landscape, from rock and roll to video games, by promoting feminist causes and artists is my passion and the goal of the Slabtown Grrrl Front, as well as reaching out to the youth in our community and letting them get involved with politics that affects them and their peers, their local art scene,  and create the healthy media they want to see. If we don’t do it, someone else will do it for us-- and they won’t have our best interests at heart.

The Slabtown Grrrl Front will be back in Portland next year, welcoming artists and activists everywhere to join us.

If you're interested in volunteering at the Slabtown Grrrl Front for 2014, please contact Melissa Meszaros at or


The Slabtown Grrrl Front’s Facebook Page

Lucia’s Pages:


When My Eyes Are Closed (Demo)

Some press for Slabtown Grrrl Front Fest 2013:

Coverage in the Portland Tribune

Interview in Willamette Week:

Fullbright Company blog

Mention in Portland Mercury

And just for fun:

"I Love The Lord!" by Lucia Fasano

I love the Lord,
I love the Lord,
But does the Lord- love the Lord?
I love the Lord,
Yes he's a dream
But does the Lord have low Self-Esteem?
The Ten Commandments
Kinda sound like
He'd say in his mirror
That he was given
By a life coach
So he'd feel
Hotter and thinner
I love the Lord,
I love the Lord
But does the Lord
Love the Lord?
I love the Lord,
Yes he's a dream
But does the Lord have low Self-Esteem?
"Thou shalt not have no other gods before me"
He kind of sounds like my ex-boyfriend Tony
I guess if I was all high and mighty
I'd still kind of get jealous and clingy
I love the Lord,
I love the Lord
But does the Lord
Love the Lord?
I love the Lord,
Yes he's a dream
But is the Lord eating his feelings?

girl power


Ohio high school student shoots himself in front of class. Commenter: "Great. Just what the anti-gun nutties need."



At La Salle High School, a campus located west of Cincinnati, Ohio, police said this happened, via CBS:

A student at La Salle High School who pulled out a gun in his first-period classroom Monday morning and shot himself in an apparent suicide attempt is reportedly in critical condition.

Who gave him access to the gun? Or who was negligent enough to allow access? Or did he steal the gun? How will these kids be affected, and for how long? The rest of their lives? Will this change their attitudes about guns? Was anyone aware of this boy's depression?

Of course, one of the first reactions on a message board was, essentially, great, the liberals might come for my firearms again. Yes, that's exactly what to say in a situation like this. Politicize it. Welcome to Gun Crazies Inc.:


Great. Just what the anti-gun nutties need.


Anti Gun Nutties are going to use a shooting in a gun free zone to their advantage??

And by, who I assume is a nut case, that they either did nothing, or at the least, not enough to help??

Yeah, I hope they try to use this one.

Nero played the fiddle, Obama just plays with himself.

Compassionate conservatives are getting harder and harder to find, if they ever existed in the first place.

How’s that GOP outreach thing going, Ohio?

H/t: Andy Marquis


VIDEO: Elementary school student brings handgun to school


Did the parents-- the parents-- of a sixth-grader in Kearns, Utah think it would be wise for their son to pack a .22 along with his Chips Ahoy? Seems so.

Local Fox affiliate Fox13now:

The 11-year-old boy allegedly told other students his parents encouraged him to bring a gun to school for protection following the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut on Friday. [...]

At recess, he pointed a gun to my head and said he was going to kill me,” said Isabel Rios, one of the boy’s fellow 6th grade students.

Will gun advocates on the right object to this? After all, they want teachers to arm themselves, so using their own logic, wouldn't a gun keep a 6th grader safer? Of course, I'm not serious, but from what I've been seeing on Twitter and elsewhere, this is the way some extremists appear to be headed.

This is sadder than words can express. And scary. We're better and smarter than this... well, most of us are. Right?


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