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Memo to GOP: Don't lament... Prevent. STFU and DO something.



I spend my days, every day, all day, watching the news, reading news stories, opinion pieces, Twitter threads, blogs, Facebook posts, listening to radio talk shows, you name it. And all day, every day, I hear Republicans' heartfelt condolences when their "fellow Americans" die in floods, fires, hurricanes, from lack of proper health care, and from mass murderers' bullet sprays.

I watch them on TV looking somber and caring, offering their sympathies, wiping away a tear, bowing their heads in prayer...

...and then blocking every effort to prevent the causes of these very same tragic events.

They're awfully good at feeling our pain on the outside, and voting against measures that would help stop our pain once they go inside, into the Big Buildings of Congress where they make their Very Important Decisions and cast votes that change our lives.

And I stare, dumbfounded, at the images on my TV screen, images of dead children, of suffering Americans, of the drowned, the widowed, the motherless/fatherless, the mourning, the maimed, the hungry, the charred, the homeless, the terminally ill, and unbelievably... the survivors who still trust these representatives to "do the right thing."

I stare, dumbfounded, at the broken, bloodied, weary, sick, wounded, shell-shocked, emaciated, waterlogged, and dead human bodies.

I stare, dumbfounded, at the defiant right wing Congress members who insist that not voting for laws that would keep some of these people alive is the patriotic thing to do, the moral thing to do.

I stare, dumbfounded, as conservatives pump their fists in victory whenever they feel they've made President Obama-- our twice-elected president-- look like a failure, because that's more important to them than taking steps to regulate firearms zealots, climate change deniers, Big Insurance, Big Banks, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Anything that keeps their pockets stuffed with cash.

I stare, dumbfounded, as they lament the deaths of infants, toddlers, students whose short lives have been abruptly ended by a "bad guy with a gun" who mowed them down... and then rally around the industry that manufactures the weapons that slaughtered those they weep for.

I stare, dumbfounded, as they prioritize profits over people, yet lament the consequences of their own irrational inaction and political train wreckage.

right to life my ass pro life

To these extremists, to these Obama haters, to these fearful, greedy, hypocritical, small-minded, cowardly, wisdom-stunted lawmakers who can't see past skin color, sexual orientation, gender, country of origin, religious differences, political party, social class, or economic standing, I say, for f***sake:

Don't lament... Prevent.

Prevent the unnecessary deaths, the incremental incineration of Mother Earth, the mass shootings, the untreated diseases, the starvation, the violence, the inequality, the increasingly frequent natural disasters, the oil spills, the pollution of our air and water... all of it.

Stop whining and tsk-tsking and praying and take a look at the causes, and then do something. Now. Before it's too late. Because all those big fat donations you're hauling in won't mean a thing without a livable place to spend them or someone with whom to share the spoils.

So don't lament... Prevent. And while you're at it:

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AUDIO: Limbaugh hopes "male millennials" will "take advantage" of "female millennials scared out of their panties"



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Listen to Rush Limbaugh wheeze his latest misogynistic shock-jockitude through his mouth-breathing face, via Media Matters:

Rush Limbaugh:

"The 24- and 25-year-old female millennials are scared out of their panties by me. And hopefully some male millennials are close by to take advantage of that when that happens."

No, Rush, they're not scared. They're repulsed.

So women voters, I have to ask: Does this guy really appeal to you?

Is this the vile, bottom-feeding spokesbeast who you choose to represent you?

Do you actually admire Limbaugh, support him, and "like" his Facebook page?

Do you share his wish for male millennials to "take advantage" of your daughters', nieces', granddaughters', and/or sisters' shed "panties"?

Is this the kind of message you want your daughters and sons to embrace?

If so, how very sad for you. You need as much help as he does.


Justice [sic] Scalia: “It's not up to the courts to invent new minorities that get special protections."


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Newsflash!! The courts can actually invent new minorities! Like magic! Or so believes Supreme Court "Justice" Scalia.

Have we finally concluded that the words "justice" and "Scalia" should never be juxtaposed? Talk about an oxymoron. But I digress.

Via The Hill:

Speaking at an event sponsored by the Federalist Society in Montana, Scalia said the high court should not intervene on issues such as wiretapping and “inventing” new minorities, according to reports.

It's not up to the courts to invent new minorities that get special protections,” Scalia said, in an apparent reference to the court's recent decisions on gay marriage and federal benefits for same-sex couples.

Scalia said courts should not create new rights, leaving that to constitutional changes or to Congress.

Really, Activist Judge S.? "Create new rights"? As in civil? And equal? And voting? And women's? Those rights? So according to Scalia, those do not currently exist and must be conjured up out of thin air. How just of him.

Note to Scalia: See: Constitution, U.S. That would be the document that not only explains all those rights, but it is also the law of the land and determines that your version, the one that favors only conservative white males, is pretty skewed.

But wait! There's more! Scalia is also under the illusion that courts can "invent new minorities," implying that 1) like the GOP definition of rape, some minorities are apparently "illegitimate" and are not yet, nor should they be, recognized, and 2) discrimination and threats against these pretend minorities are mere figments of their fake-minority imaginations.

No, Judge S., minorities do actually exist and don't need to be "invented", they are and have been the targets of undeniably, indisputably real prejudice, bigotry, and injustice.

Now, can we as a country stop inventing new ultra-conservative judicial standards and creating opportunities for illegitimate judges who get special protections?


What's that smell? Why, it's the smell of Obama victory: US judge dismisses suit against Dodd-Frank Wall St. reform law


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Note to Republicans: Cordray was confirmed, so any questions about the legality of his appointment went bye-bye. Time to...

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To rub salt into that GOP wound, a U.S. district judge has now granted the Obama administration's motion to dismiss a  lawsuit filed by Georgia, Michigan, Ohio, Texas, and others who did not have standing to challenge the Dodd-Frank law.

Judge, short version: No harm, no foul. Now get outta here.

Take that, attorneys general of all eleven states.

Via the L.A. Times:

A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit by a Texas bank, two free-market advocacy groups and 11 states against the Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform law, saying they did not show the likelihood of financial harm from the new government authority.

The suit specifically targeted the centerpiece of the law, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, charging the agency was granted too much power and that its director, Richard Cordray, was installed unconstitutionally with a recess appointment in 2012.

If Republicans would stop wasting everyone's time and money going after Dem-supported laws, maybe we could get a few things done around here.