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Secret Service pays visit to Maine town official because of racist Facebook post calling for Obama to be shot


FB racist Obama hater Marsters

Meet David Marsters, via the Portland Press Herald:

David Marsters, 68, who is running for selectman, says he told Secret Service agents who questioned him Tuesday that he was not threatening the president when he posted the message at 8:17 p.m. Friday. It appeared above a picture of Obama and a link to a story about how some Republican lawmakers think the president deserves to be impeached.

The message said, "Shoot the ..." and included a racial slur.

Of course Marsters is denying it was a threat, saying, "I might have used the wrong words. ... I didn't say I was going to do it."

No, you didn't say YOU were going to do it, just that somebody, anybody, should. I'd say that + racist language = more than "wrong words." Then again, your conservative "family values" appear to be different than mine.

Here's what else he said:

"What I really meant to say is, 'When are we going to get rid of this (expletive),'" he said. "I should have said, 'I hope the bastard dies.'"

MUCH better! Who would ever find that offensive?

Local police officers, the Secret Service and CIA agents all paid him a visit. They wrote up a report, but Marsters wasn't arrested. Yet. Being the patriotic paragon of law enforcement, America, and apple pie he is, I hope he served them cookies and lemonade!

Did I mention Marsters is a retired police officer?

That would make him someone who people turn to for help. Methinks the guy who incites violence, calls for the assassination of the President of the United States, and posts despicable, hate-filled words is the one who needs a whole lot of help.

Steve Wessler, a former civil rights prosecutor for the Maine Attorney General who helps investigate hate crimes:

"Just think about how a 14-year-old black boy or girl reacts to hearing there are people not only referring to the president by that word, but talking about 'We want to shoot him.' That's extraordinarily degrading."

But hey, Marsters justified his actions, so we're good:

"I'm not prejudiced," he said. "There's a lot of people in the white community I don't like either."

See? He's an equal opportunity hater! What's the big deal?

face palm oy frustrated smaller

In other Facebook posts, he expressed more disdain for President Obama and links to a bunch of right-wing websites. Here's an example of one of those posts:

"Everyone says he has to go, but guess what. ... (he) will be voted in again. So sad that people can be buffaloed by him. Maybe Seal Team 6 should look him up."

That would be the same Navy SEAL team that killed Osama bin Laden.

So why does he hate the president so much? He says it's because Obama uses a Teleprompter, needed more experience, plus Marsters is not a fan of the president's policies like-- wait for it-- immigration and food stamps.

And when a Facebook commenter reminded Mr. Police Officer that the First Amendment doesn't allow people to shoot the president or encourage anyone else to commit such a crime, his response was, "He is not a legal president."

Did I mention that he wants every county resident to own a gun?

I'll end with these screen grabs from his Facebook page:

FB racist Obama hater Marsters 2

FB racist Obama hater Marsters 3(Note the misspelling. Yet another illiterate racist.)

FB racist Obama hater Marsters 4

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VIDEO: Man (allegedly):“Shut that n*gger baby up,” slaps him. Child was crying during flight from "pressure in his ears."


Man calls baby N word news story Man calls baby N word news story 2

A drunk 60-year-old man schmuck got irked because a 19-month-old baby was crying during a Delta Airlines flight to Georgia. Or, hmm, it just might have been because an African American 19-month-old was crying.

The toddler was in tears because of air pressure causing pain in his ears. So what's a full-grown, inconvenienced Idahoan to do? Why, call a little defenseless child "n*gger baby" and provide even more pain by slapping him, what else?

Every conscientious parent knows that nothing quiets down a distressed baby in agony more quickly than a swift smack to the face.

Little Jonah's mom:

"His eye was swollen... and it was bleeding."

Be proud, Mr. Violent Drunk Racist. You, a male adult, traumatized a tiny, unsuspecting, distraught, innocent small fry and his mother.

Via Raw Story:

The 60-year-old man told Bennett to “shut that (‘N word’) baby up,” and slapped the 2-year-old boy in his face as the plane prepared for landing, according to an affidavit.

“I said, ‘What did you just say?’” Bennett explained to ABC News. “And he was so drunk that he fell onto my face, and his mouth moved over to my ear and he said it, just directly into my ear.”

Sidebar: I wonder if Mr. Violent Drunk Racist has kids of his own, and if so, how often he slaps them (or worse). And I also wonder if Mr. Violent Drunk Racist is an avid gun owner.

H/t: @PennDragonArt


AUDIO- Republican Arizona radio host: "I call him a monkey... I voted for the white guy."


Meet Republican talk radio host Barbara Espinosa who calls President Obama a monkey and then loudly and clearly declares, "I voted for the white guy" on her show.

"I call him a monkey, and I don’t believe in calling him the first black president... I voted for the white guy myself.”

To make matters worse, she's proud of her vile comments, and admitted as much in her "Yes I did!" post here.

However, as Think Progress noted, Espinosa think she's "anything but racist" because of her last name.


Um, yeah, me neither.


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