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Indoctrination, NRA style



Jennifer Carlson, who will begin teaching in the sociology department at the University of Toronto next fall and is a doctoral candidate at UC Berkeley, has an op-ed in today's L.A. Times, "The NRA's Hidden Power." She writes that in 2010, she was certified as an NRA trainer as part of her research on gun politics, which of course makes her insights invaluable. And disquieting.

She explains in detail what it takes to get a "concealed carry" license, but more than that, she goes into the psychology of the NRA, their messages to their members, and their "key role in pushing" legislation that, of course, makes gun ownership and usage easier.

However, the eye-opener was her explanation of the psychological persuasion. Talk about indoctrination! Pot. Kettle...

Carlson said that the NRA courses actually limit firearms training. "According to law, students can fulfill the requirement by shooting fewer than 100 rounds of ammunition and spending only about two hours on the range." Thorough preparation for real-life situations and firearms handling takes a back seat to this (Note: Please have some Valium handy):

The answer is that these classes aren't just about handling guns. For Americans who perceive the world as dangerous and insecure, the NRA helps them justify their choice to carry a gun by asking students to reflect on their commitment to protecting innocent life. Here is one excerpt from the "NRA Basics of Personal Protection in the Home," used in Michigan concealed-carry training classes: "If you do defend yourself, it is important in the aftermath to remember: You are a good person.... You are a moral person. Your attacker was the one who chose a lifestyle and sequence of events that led to this encounter. You were morally justified in protecting yourself and your family. You have quite possibly saved the lives of others."

These kinds of statements serve to teach concealed carriers that their license marks them as a special citizen, someone who is willing to rise to the need to take a repugnant action — the killing of another person — in order to save innocent lives. Implicit in this is a practical message from the NRA that often gets lost in the national gun debate: You may well need to defend yourself and others. [...]

[P]ublic services, including the number of police on the streets, have been cut back in Michigan. In such contexts, the NRA is not just the no-compromise leader of the gun lobby, it is a service organization that provides people with tools for safety and protection.

While the gun control lobby is writing legislation, the NRA is providing individuals with more than rhetoric. Its power lies in its ability to tap into people's real and imagined fears to powerfully shape everyday politics related to crime, insecurity and policing in America — something gun control activists may fail to fully understand and address.

Tick... tick... tick...

You are special. You are a good citizen. You are the good guy killer. They are the bad guy killers. You are moral. Very moral. The moralest. The NRA approves. You are one of us. Be afraid. Be very afraid. There are terrible criminals out there... out there... out there. You keep us safe. Your kill is a good kill... good kill... good kill...

Tick... tick... tick...

Justifying, soothing, convincing, compelling, persuading, and messaging is what it's all about for the NRA, other than lobbying and pushing laws that profit gun manufacturers, that is. Feel safer now?

tick tick boom


So much for Republicans labeling college professors as "elite, liberal"




So much for Rick Santorum's and other Republicans' sneering at those Marxist commie socialist fascist liberal elitists who live for indoctrinating our children.

Via Democrat and

Thirty University of Rochester students held a protest Wednesday afternoon in the classroom of a UR economics professor who said that Rush Limbaugh provided the “requisite mockery” of a Georgetown University law student.

Think Progress picked it up:

In a blog post, Professor Steven Landsburg said he essentially agreed with Limbaugh stance, writing, “Her position — which is what’s at issue here — deserves [no respect] whatsoever. It deserves to only be ridiculed, mocked and jeered. To treat it with respect would be a travesty.”

Professor Landsburg claimed he did not agree with the word “slut” that Rush used to describe law student Sandra Fluke, but he said-- wait for it-- "prostitute" was "a far better word , but "extortionist" was "the right word":

The right word for that is something much closer to “extortionist”. Or better yet, “extortionist with an overweening sense of entitlement”. Is there a single word for that?

There he is, GOP, your librul elitist college professor. What a snob.


Flashback VIDEO: ZOMG! The Howdy Doody Show indoctrinated our children!


Apparently, Clarabell was right up there with President Obama when it comes to indoctrinating our children. Oh, but I kid The Howdy Doody Show.

The point is, here we have a children's TV show teaching kids to sing a song they've clearly memorized about a product the show and the sponsor will clearly profit from, yet there was no effort to condemn it as "indoctrination" back then... because back then there was no tea party, and the GOP was still in possession of their collective faculties.

Sort of.

Oh, and because Clarabell wasn't president of the United States, he was a clown. Like Bill-o the...

Tots selling toothpaste is dandy, tots being told "what to think" about a corporate product is swell, but tots promoting achievements of African Americans during Black History Month? Indoctrination into socialism:

Private business: Yay!! Obama: Booo!


School: Obama education speech? No. Empty boots & Taps? No problem.


By GottaLaff

I have a friend who has a high school aged niece living in Williamson County, Texas. The niece's 25-year-old brother is in the Army, stationed in Afghanistan.

I just heard from my friend, just a few minutes ago. It turns out that the niece was very distraught today... so distraught, in fact, that she had a panic attack and had to leave school. You see, the brother and sister lived in Fort Hood from 2004-2006.

The sister wanted to know why she needed her parents' permission to stay in school for President Obama's education speech, but not for the empty boots and Taps that aired without restriction during today's speech honoring those slain by the Ft. Hood shooter.

Good question.

She is still pulling herself together as I write this, which, per my friend, requires a wash cloth and substantial make-up touch-ups.

Yes, in all its education-oriented wisdom, the school district banned the president's speech about why it's important to stay in school, work hard, and aim high. Kids at high schools throughout the district needed the okay from Mom and Dad for that...except those in U.S. government classes. I guess those kids were immune to indoctrination.

However, witnessing the agony of families mourning for their children, fathers, sisters who died at the hands of a fellow soldier? That works for Williamson County.

And speaking of military deaths, putting a young girl through the daily pain and anxiety of wondering whether her own brother is alive or dead, or could come face to face with another Nidal Hasan? She can handle that, she's old enough. That won't leave an imprint at all.

But hearing these words will scar her forever:

Every single one of you has something you’re good at. Every single one of you has something to offer. And you have a responsibility to yourself to discover what that is. That’s the opportunity an education can provide.

That was a no-no, but this is perfectly acceptable:

I join her in her fears for her brother's life... and in her tears over the priorities of what's left of our so-called family values.