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Stick it to Rush, Glenn, Sean... and Clear Channel for giving Stephanie Miller, Randi Rhodes the boot in L.A.


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I was fuming yesterday, and I continue to fume today. However, I am turning that fume-itude into constructive revenge, if you will, by writing this post.

Yesterday I discovered that my local Los Angeles Progressive radio station, KTLK-- the only one that exists to serve the area, including "Liberal Hollywood"-- is dumping all Progressive programming and handing the air waves over to the far right. In other words, what was left (no pun) of the left will be gone: No more Stephanie Miller Show to wake up to and point and laugh with, no more Randi Rhodes to inform us and rant with, no more liberal voices on L.A. AM radio. At all. Anywhere on the dial.

Instead, we get Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and who knows who else spewing lies and slinging mud. And by "we" I don't mean me. Hellz to the NO.

Au contraire, I had a lovely chat with Steph's producer extraordinaire, Chris Lavoie, yesterday who filled my weary, outraged little noggin with options and information that I am now sharing with you, below.

Meanwhile, there was an article about all of this ins-hannity in my morning Los Angeles Times, which has now been inexplicably edited for the online version.

You can read what's left of the article to see what's going on in California's "liberal media" here, but one very important excerpt that was cut is the following:

Tom Taylor, an independent reporter who has covered the radio industry for two decades, noted that the creation of "The Patriot" [the new lineup for KTLK] comes as the United States enters a midterm election year, meaning there will be ample money spent on political advertising. "The calendar's important here," he said.

Got that? Timing is everything. So is money, apparently.

Just FYI, I've listened to KTLK since Day One, back when Air America was barely alive and kicking, and there was absolutely no promotion of that station whatsoever, anywhere. How could they attract listeners without advertising? Uh huh.

The then-station manager and I were in contact often; he relied on me in KTLK's early days "to be his ears" because I would email him when there were audio glitches, and there were many. We'd email back and forth about how the infant station was doing, but still, there were no ads letting Progressive listeners know that there was a radio outlet especially for them.

But as time passed, the general manager lost his job, Air America went away, Thom Hartmann was replaced, and gradually "Your Progressive Talk Station" morphed into something less-than. Steph and Randi are the only remaining nationally known hosts, and now their voices-- and ours-- have been stifled by the usual corporate conservatives. They already monopolize the news media, but that's not enough for these greedy, war-on-everything that's not old, male, and white bottom-feeders.

Should you be searching for a way to stick it to KTLK, to the right wing extremist schlock jocks, and to Clear Channel, Stephanie and Co. have provided different ways to access her show:

The Stephanie Miller Show can be heard on Broadcast radio, SiriusXM, Streaming via Progressive Voices on TuneIn and Premium On-Demand Subscription Podcasts.

You can listen to The Stephanie Miller Show at any of our affiliates that stream live. Here is a partial list of those affiliates with the local times.

  • KPHX-AM Phoenix, AZ :   M – F 6-9AM
  • KTLK-AM Los Angeles,CA:   M – F  6-9a
  • KPTR-AM Palm Springs, CA: M – F 6-9a
  • WCPT-AM Willow Spng/Chicago ,IL: M – F 8-11a
  • KTNF-AM St Louis Pk/Minnpls,MN: M – F 8-11a

A full list of stations  can be found here.

I went to the KPHX website, downloaded their free app, and will be streaming it on my iDevices through my nice, clear Bluetooth mini-speaker.

And to listen to a live feed of the Randi Rhodes Show, just go to and click on Listen Live at the top of the page. Again, PLEASE donate to get Steph and the Mooks back on the Tee Vee machine here.

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Stephanie Miller Show caller: President Obama is "a liar because he uses telegrams!"

telegram boy via reedgunther dot com


As I do every weekday morning, I start my day by revving up my funnybone and catching up on the latest political antics by watching The Stephanie Miller Show on Current TV. Today one of the main topics was -- surprise!-- common sense gun safety. Callers called, Steph and the Mooks responded, and listeners laughed and cried. Cried? you ask, why would they cry?

Okay, maybe no crying, but lots of banging of heads on nearby walls. Here's why: One caller, a rather inarticulate gun "enthusiast," openly displayed his paranoia and hatred of President Obama. Why such hatred of Obama? you ask. The answer lies somewhere in this rather bizarre exchange with Stephanie. Here's how it unfolded, slightly paraphrased:


Obama's gonna take our guns away because he's a liar!


What exactly has he lied about?



Why is he a liar?


He's a liar because he uses telegrams!


(pause) Telegrams...?


Yeah! Er, I mean tele... tele...


(dawning) Ohhh, you mean teleprompters?


stupid burns

If President Obama is concerned about rubbing people like this the wrong way by banning assault weapons, he needn't worry (and callers like this only reinforce the argument against them). He couldn't begin to please or assuage morons like Mr. Telesomething if he wanted to. So please, stop wanting to.

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Rep. Jackie Speier: "Facts don't mean anything. That's what's so disturbing."


On the Stephanie Miller Show today, Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) called in to discuss Willard M. Romney's accusations that President Obama is a horrible, terrible, no good chief executive because it is he, King Barack, who is solely responsible for our 5 trillion dollar debt increase (wrong):

I want to ask you one other question about the broader economy and what sort of holds us back. And a lot of people I talked to, asked to me what's the most basic question, which is, "What role does the debt really play?" Because here's the fact about the debt under this administration and the prior administration. If you go back-- the debt increase for the tol-- total Bush presidency was about $5 trillion, which is about the increase in the debt for just this president's-- first term, about $5 trillion. Is the debt so big that it keeps the economy from breaking through?

No, there's no evidence and no basis for concern that those-- long-term problems about our fiscal sustainability are hurting the economy today. But let me just go back to your statistics, David. The president's policies in the-- the design to put out the financial fires and rescue an economy in-- in crisis caused only about 12%, a very small fraction of the increase in debt you've seen over this period of time.

The vast bulk of that increase in debt is the result of the policy choices made by his predecessor to finance some very expensive tax cuts by borrowing, to finance two wars by borrowing, and to finance a big expansion of Medicare by borrowing, not by cutting other-- other spending or raising taxes.

And those are the-- that's the bulk of the contribution combined with the effects of the crisis. So it's a slightly misleading figure.

In other words, Romney's lying again, and getting away with it, because there are very few challenges to his Opposite World tales.

Of course, GW Bush is not the least bit responsible. His two unpaid-for wars and unpaid-for tax cuts for the very wealthy clearly had nothing to do with creating the debt. Nonono, you silly geese, it was Obama's fault. Blame Obama... for everything... because he is so powerful that he's also been causing floods, venereal disease, and The Boehner's bad breath.

Rep. Speier:

"Facts don't mean anything. That's what's so disturbing."

You know what else is disturbing? This:


VIDEO: "Maid" who "took care of" Ann Romney and her brothers confirms Ann “never worked a day in her life.”


A caller to the Stephanie Miller Show. claimed to be the maid for Ann Romney's wealthy family who "took care of" Ann and her brothers, and who "cleaned for them and cooked for them."  She confirms that Mrs. Romney "was a child of privilege" who was "very nice" (as was Mitt) and "never worked a day in her life."

As if that needed confirming.

So will everyone be attacking Juanita now, as they did Hillary Rosen?

A longer version of the video can be found at BuzzFeed.


AUDIO: Laffy imitates Palin on Stephanie Miller Sexy Liberal Show promo


I am so lucky to know Shane-O. What a dear friend he is, and one very cool benefit of having been on his radio show and hanging out with him is that he occasionally invites me to do voice overs on his brilliant mash-ups and promos for the Stephanie Miller radio show.

I'm "Sarah Palin" at the very end. Wink. Also. Too.


Energized: "This is not a Wisconsin thing, it's a national thing." + Michael Moore VIDEO.


How odd. How bizarre. How unusual. We are on message. We are united. We are organized. We are... Democrats? We're definitely union supporters.

I've been listening to the Stephanie Miller radio show for the past couple of hours, and I was struck by those revelations after hearing caller after caller describe their experiences around the country in support of the unions... and in opposition to Scott Walker.

Many literally broke down in tears recalling their involvement in the multiple protests, the passion of those involved, the sheer numbers, the effectiveness; that enthusiasm has morphed into what they now describe as a "movement".

We've been needing a movement like this for years, and it's here because America is waking up to the fact that this is not about budget cuts, it's about democracy, fighting a corporate single party takeover, and saving the shrinking middle class.

Here are some random comments by these callers (some are paraphrased slightly):

  • Michael Moore energized us. He was fantastic. He hit on so many important points.
  • When Jesse Jackson showed up, wow!
  • You know those big, million dollar buses that Walker used in his campaign?  They came in and only 3-4 people were on them. At most, there were about 50 at their rally. They claimed to have a big turnout, but they were dwarfed by ours.
  • This is not a Wisconsin thing, it's a national thing.
  • Walker will be OUT in January. It's already building momentum.
  • I was one of the state Capitol "slobs". We'd left and come back in several times. Last night we weren't able to get back in. This is about unions, but my bigger fear are some of the things hidden in this bill. Two are: Cutting off funding to public schools, and taking out another $200 million in loans.
  • I took a picture of something that really upset me. There were 12 and 13-year-old kids standing on a monument at our rally. One 13-year-old boy was holding a sign. It had a stick figure picture of a boy with a gun shooting a donkey in the neck with blood spurting out.

Be proud, parents of that teen.

This is not a Wisconsin thing, it's a national thing.


Keith Olbermann: "New York Times Punk’d By Anti-Union Plant"


I woke up to a message from Keith Olbermann linking to his post at his new site, Fok News Channel.

I'll give you a taste, but hop over, visit Keith's new digs, and catch up on the rest of this little nugget (bolding mine):

Few news stories better spoke to the destruction of union solidarity and the realization that even those public employees collectively bargaining in Wisconsin were going to have to give something back, than the New York Times’ piece a week ago tomorrow titled “Union Bonds In Wisconsin Begin To Fray.”

The by-line was shared by no less than Arthur G. Sulzberger, the son of the publisher and official carrier of the Times’ family name. The piece ran prominently on the front page. Sulzberger himself interviewed the main ‘get’ in the piece. Beyond the mere reporting was the symbolism of the Times - even the sainted liberal media Times – throwing in the towel on the inviolability of unions, conceding that an American state could renege with impunity on a good faith contract with anybody, and that maybe the Right is right every once in awhile.

Problem is, A.G. Sulzberger’s featured disillusioned unionist interviewee…wasn’t in a union.

Your librul media at work. The story got out there, the correction got out there. Guess which one will stick?

Please go here for the rest. Keith nails it... hard.