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Trail to Riches The California Gold Rush and Settlement of the Pacific Northwest



How the Gold Rush brought about statehood for California which, in turn, affected the remaining United States.


Bad news for GOP: Puerto Rico officially requests statehood. "83% of boricuas on the mainland voted for Barack Obama."


Sixty-one percent of Puerto Rico’s electorate want full American statehood. As The Economist notes, "it is still effectively a colony: boricuas are subject to American law even though they cannot vote for president or Congress."

And for them to become our 51st state, Congress would have to pass a law. Wait, our gridlocked Congress still passes laws?

[T]he Republican-controlled House of Representatives has little incentive to address the topic. According to exit polls, 83% of boricuas on the mainland voted for Barack Obama. Statehood would add two Senate seats and a House delegation of five, the same size as Oregon’s and probably as reliably Democratic.

Unless the island holds another vote that yields a different result, however, Puerto Rico has now officially requested statehood. If Democrats retake the House in 2014, they would be well-advised to try to add a 51st star to the flag.

Works for me.