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Florida About To Find Out If Supreme Court Ruling Was Work Of The Devil


Jesus Satan

Ah, Satan. Quite a familiar image.

In Florida, thanks to Chief Justice John Robert's court, we're about to see whether or not the recent SCOTUS ruling, Town of Greece v. Galloway (that prayers before town meetings did not violate the Constitution’s ban on endorsing religion), is going to be enforced.

The following letter was sent to the town council of Deerfield Beach, Florida, according to Raw Story:

Dear City of Deerfield Beach;

With the recent US Supreme Court ruling allowing “prayer before Commission meetings” and seeking the rights granted to others, I hereby am requesting I be allowed to open a Commission meeting praying for my God, my divine spirit, my Dude in Charge.

Be advised, I am a Satanist.

Let me know when this is good for you.

Chaz Stevens

Church Lady

Well,  now, in the words of SNL's Church Lady, "Is that Satan I hear speaking?

A little about Chaz Stevens. In case you thought he was just a Kook, he is. But he's a Kook who's made his outrageous voice heard before:

Chaz Stevens —  made headlines last December when he forced Florida Governor Rick Scott to allow him to erect an 8-foot-tall Festivus pole made of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer cans next to Deerfield Beach’s nativity manger that he recently converted from “Pabstfestidian” because “Satan is a cool dude.”

Looks like the door is open now for any religion to have the right to speak before public meetings. Is this what Roberts and his right wing cohorts on the bench really intended? They ruled. Now it's up the the masses to abide by their laws. What do you think the Deerfield Beach Town Hall will do?

While Stevens is waiting for them to answer, he's moved his campaign to the State's Capitol.

Good morning to you. Hope all is well. I have two items that I need assistance with.

1. I’d like to (once again) install my PBR Festivus Pole in the Rotunda during the upcoming winter holiday season.

2. Given the recent US Supreme Court ruling (City of Greece, NY), I would like to open up a Session with a prayer to my god Satan. Kindly advise me how to seek approval for that.

Chaz Stevens

Thank you SCOTUS. You reap what you sow.  Once again in the words of Church Lady, "Now isn't that special?"


Iowa Sen. candidate smiles, says, "I'm going to use my Glock. To blow your balls off."


bob quast glock shoot balls off

The "Independent" candidate above is smiling because he's proud, proud, proud of himself for threatening to use his substitute penis Glock to "blow your balls off." Apparently his pretend penis doesn't want you to have a real one. What a guy.

One can't help but feel welcomed in by his warm, inviting style, what with that beckoning smile, sparkling tooth glint, and the gleaming deadly weapon he fondles so lovingly.

You can watch him strut his Glocky stuff in the nasty, sarcastic little campaign video below, in which he confuses having "balls" with having rational thoughts. He must have had a forgotten about all those innocent children (and adults) who have been negligently and/or intentionally Second Amendmented to death:



TPM (more at the link):

Iowa Independent Senate candidate Bob Quast has a new ad out in which he waves around a Glock gun and threatens to "blow your balls off."

The ad, tuned to cheery music, is called "#GotBalls Vote for Bob Quast" and features Quast, a long-shot candidate in the race, arguing about term limits and the Second Amendment. [...]

According to the Des Moines Register he was planning to run as a Democrat but was unable to get the necessary number of signatures to get on the ballot.

Allow me to be one of many to applaud Dems for having the presence of mind to not accept Bob Quast as a party member.


Video- NJ GOP Candidate at Town Hall: If My Rival Comes To Your Door, 'Get Your Gun'


At this point crap talk like this is just too commonplace. Sigh. Via TPM.

A Republican candidate running for the New Jersey state Senate urged an group of gun rights activists earlier this month to get their guns if approached by his Democratic opponent.

The candidate, Atlantic County Sheriff Frank Balles, was discussing his Democratic opponent, state Sen. Jim Whelan, on Oct. 7 in front of the New Jersey Second Amendment Society.

"When someone's been elected for 30 years and he comes knocking on your door and tells you, 'Listen, this is what I want to do to help you,' quickly close your door, go inside," Balles said.

A member of the audience quickly interjected, "And get your gun!"

Balles quickly responded, "And get your gun, exactly!"


Proof This Shutdown Is Intentional - The GOP Secret Game Plan


off switch

Okay, we got our shutdown. It's the blame game. It's time to investigate the reasons we're in a government standstill, this muck and mire.

The ACA is only part of the reason. If this was an isolated issue, that would give credence to the argument that this shutdown is all over Obamacare. But it's over something much bigger. It's the economy, something Republicans are supposed to  excel with.

So with a h/t to Laffy who yesterday did a wonderful piece on TPC using Bill Maher's rant, I want to point out a few things, then end up with a real eye-opener from Rachel Maddow.

Laffy's post had to do with the eighth largest economy in the world going from a $60 billion dollar deficit in 2010 to a $1.2 to $4.4 billion surplus projected in 2014. Those numbers come from BUSINESS INSIDER.

rags to riches

Deficit to surplus? What huge country was this? How, in so little time, did they do it?

Okay, it's not a country, but a state. The Golden State right here in the US of A. Yes, California boasts the eighth largest economy in the world. It's number five in the world as a leading agricultural exporter. So to all those farm states out there, maybe you better listen to the Golden State. They know how to move all sorts of grain and fruits. If you can grow it, they can move it.

Now as to the how.., simple. The state got rid of Republicans and the Tea Party. The Golden State is run by a liberal Democrat, Governor Jerry Brown, and the Democrats have veto-proof margins in both houses, the state senate and the state assembly. That resulted, not from an armed revolt, but from everyday people with their votes.

Using sound judgment, California lifted itself fiscally from the red to the black. All it took was paring down unnecessary expenditures (a republican friendly idea) and raising taxes (a democratic friendly idea). Together, that formula turned things around. A strong, liberal idea.

If we did the same thing in Washington, let the Democrats have their way with the federal government and remove the biggest impediment to freedom and financial success (the Tea Party), we'd be on the road to recovery -- no, that's not a remake of an old Bob Hope - Bing Crosby picture with Dorothy Lamour -- but the actual road to fiscal health. And it would include a fully-implemented Obamacare.

Wait, didn't we try this not that long ago, putting the presidency,the House and the Senate under the guidance of one party? Yes.

So what happened?

That's where Rachel comes in:

So, we got all of this good stuff with the Democrats in control and zero from Republican control. Oh, plus a Republican-led government shutdown.

Look at California and their turnaround -- with the Democrats in control. You've got to ask yourself, which party is better at mentoring a weak or faltering economy?

With the federal government shutdown begun, we have to back the Democrats, not cave to  the extortion of the Republicans. Let our officials know that we will not succumb to extortion. Boehner, the Republicans and the Tea Party be damned. That alone is generous praise for what they really are.

Don't know who is your representative and how to email them? I'll make it easy -- click here. Do what's right. Take two minutes to let your representative know how you feel. Don't be lazy. America needs you now!