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Cartoon o' the day: GOP Putin envy


Putin envy Chris Hayes

If you suffer from Putin envy, you might be a Republican. In fact, you're most likely a member of the official GOP Chicken Hawk Coalition, one that should be quarantined stat and treated for any number of related Obama Derangement disorders. Caution: Putin envy can be contagious and is difficult to cure. Side effects include:

  • riding horses bare-chested in sub-zero weather
  • applauding aggression that threaten world peace
  • starting fraudulent wars with sovereign countries that never attacked us
  • resorting to voter suppression in order to win elections
  • Pavlovian frothing at the mouth when television cameras are turned on
  • chronic gerrymandering
  • calling reporters "idiots" and generally sidestepping their questions
  • annoyingly loud over-talking and hyperbole
  • demeaning women
  • demeaning the LGBT community
  • demeaning Latinos
  • demeaning African Americans
  • demeaning the first African American president
  • chronic obstruction
  • chronic hypocrisy
  • acquiring an inexplicable resemblance to dogs:

Putin dog

Via The Star Tribune, here is an excellent political cartoon by Steve Sack that addresses Putin envy and a few of its degenerate symptoms:

GOP Putin envy russia Steve Sack cartoon via Star Tribune dot com


VIDEO-- Former McCain campaign adviser Steve Schmidt: GOP "doesn’t give equal opportunity to women."


war on women smaller

You'd think after losing the women's vote, Republicans would start paying attention to analyses like this one:

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NBC contributor, GOP political operative, and former John McCain campaign adviser Steve Schmidt:

"I think in any organization where women are not at the table, where it is skewed male, in today’s day and age, that’s an organization that’s deficient. That’s an organization that’s going to have problems. It’s one of the problems we have structurally in the Republican Party. We don’t have enough women at the table. But any company, any organization in today’s day and age that doesn’t give equal opportunity to women, that doesn’t advance women to the table, is going to be an organization that has difficulty competing."

The problem is, the GOP can put Band-aid after Band-aid on their misogynistic 'tudes, but their regressive actions and forced-trans-vaginal-probesque policies speak way louder than their reframed words.

Inclusive they're not.

Think Progress:

[O]ut of the record 20 women currently in the Senate, only four are Republicans. President Obama handily carried women voters in the 2012 election, thanks in large part to horrific comments about rape and the Republican Party’s overall decidedly anti-women policies.

Here is the entire segment:

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WaPo's Ruth Marcus:

"I want to say one thing about Sarah Palin... You talked about jumping the queue. Yes, queue jumping is important, it's really important that when women jump the queue they are ready to jump the queue and they come with the background and expertise. Otherwise it sets everybody back."

Forget about jumping the queue. Palin jumped the shark.

jump the shark


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