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WI GOP State Senator not "willing to defend them anymore... There is no massive voter fraud."


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Per The Cap Times, WI GOP State Senator Dale Schultz was on on The Devil’s Advocates radio show discussing voter suppression, specifically bills that cut back on early voting. Schultz's own party, the party o' dirty tricks, has been doing whatever it can to make voting harder, because when turnout is high, it usually translates into Democratic wins.

So of course, rather than fighting for victories in the good old fashioned, all-American, patriotic, apple pie honest way, Republicans resort to cheating, because they know they'd never win by approaching elections, you know, fairly.

Democracy, schmemocracy. Endlessly long, discouraging lines rule!

This isn't the first time WI GOP State Senator Dale Schultz has bucked his own party. See: GOP State Sen. Dale Schultz Slams Walker, Calls Union-Busting "Classic Overreach". Now he's expressing his disdain and distaste for the way they're obstructing Wisconsinites from voting.


“I began this session thinking that there was some lack of faith in our voting process and we maybe needed to address it. But I have come to the conclusion that this is far less noble...

"We are not encouraging voting, we are not making voting easier in any way shape or form by these bills...

"I don't see how you can claim to be improving things by actually reducing hours... but maybe this is Never Never Land, who knows?

"It’s just, I think, sad when a political party — my political party — has so lost faith in its ideas that it’s pouring all of its energy into election mechanics. And again, I’m a guy who understands and appreciates what we should be doing in order to make sure every vote counts, every vote is legitimate. But that fact is, it ought to be abundantly clear to everybody in this state that there is no massive voter fraud.

"The only thing that we do have in this state is we have long lines of people who want to vote. And it seems to me that we should be doing everything we can to make it easier, to help these people get their votes counted. And that we should be pitching as political parties our ideas for improving things in the future, rather than mucking around in the mechanics and making it more confrontational at our voting sites and trying to suppress the vote...

“I am not willing to defend them [his colleagues] anymore. I’m just not and I’m embarrassed by this...

"[Voter suppression is] plain wrong...

"It is all predicated on some belief there is a massive fraud or irregularities, something my colleagues have been hot on the trail of for three years and have failed miserably at demonstrating.”

And that concludes another episode of "Republicans eating their own."

eating their own


Can The Choice Be Any Clearer Than In Texas?


Listen up

Where else can people like Greg Abbott survive and even be a potential head of the state? He's becoming the poster child for everything he hates -- like planned parenthood.

I could fill you with all kinds of snarky comments, but I'd rather you watch Krystal Ball in one of her best segments yet.

Justice took a foothold into Texas yesterday when Rick Perry's anti-abortion, anti-women's productive rights bill, took a hit by a federal judge who tossed major portions of the law. And Wendy Davis, the woman who fought so hard to keep this from ever getting this far, is not only vindicated in her efforts, but at the same time sees her likely opponent for Governor, State Attorney General Greg Abbott slapped upside the head. Now it's up to Texas to come to their senses.

Stop the crazy regulations and the intentional voter suppression of women's votes. The Lone Star State could become a suffragette state if they don't act on their own soon. Old white Texas men, wake up. Women as people too!


Make Marriage, Not War


HistoryYou gotta love history. I mean we all know that if we don't know it, we're doomed to repeat it.

So it's with no great surprise that with the changing mores in New Mexico regarding same sex marriage, that we'd have a wildcat Republican politician reminding us of the past. He's delving into history to point out the potential errors of our ways.

So, let's go back, way back, to Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic era to make some sense of New Mexico's State Senator, Bill Sharer's argument. He wants to start back there, so why don't we?

Via Senator Sharer's blog, "Why Marriage?":

Alexander the great

Alexander the Great’s - View of Marriage

Alexander the Great (356-323 BC) married a Bactrian woman – modern day Afghanistan. Alexander may have engaged in homosexual activity, but he married a woman.

He directed his officers to stop “whoring” around and find a local woman to marry. (was that whoring around with men or women, or both?)



“It is only through blood relations that hatred and war will end”. In other words, Alexander the Great thought that marriage was about creating and raising the next generation.

This is the reason for Marriage –

Well that sure explains a lot. "Through blood relations, hatred and war will end." Let's get to it. Perhaps to keep the lines pure, we should only marry family members of the opposite sex -- "blood relations after all."

That's silly. We all know that marrying our blood relations results in a lot of weird, freaky off-spring. So maybe Alexander, under Senator Sharer's interpretation meant marrying off between high ranking, or royal bloodlines.

In that case, in the best interest of peace, we need to marry off one of Obama's daughters to keep things cool between us and BFF Britain. Isn't Prince William still on the market?

Obama and daughters

Or maybe we can quell the uprisings in the middle east by pairing up Sasha and Malia with some son of a Sultan or Pasha. Hey, doesn't Assad of Syria have some male heirs? We can end hatred and war with a simple betrothal. No need for weapons. Cancel the September 9th Congressional debates. Make marriage, not war.

According to a Tuesday Associated Press report, Sharer is leading a Republican effort to file a lawsuit against the issuance of gay marriage licenses in New Mexico. He argued that the State Legislature and governor are responsible for that decision, not county clerks or district judges.


This guy wants the say over who others can marry. If that's the case, ladies, ready your dowries. They'll be expected when you show up  asking State Senator Sharer for your loved one's hand in marriage and a license. Just a tip-- he's s big fan of goats, aromatic cheeses and the always appreciated pieces of gold.


Graphic of the Day- Why It's Easier To Buy An Assault Weapon Than To Vote


NOTE: Oops! GottaLaff posted the same thing here along with Clinton's remarks: Infographic: “A great democracy does not make it harder to vote than to buy an assault weapon.” Ours does.

Thanks to the brains at TP for this mind boggling graphic. I can't think of how we could screw up our priorities more.