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Mo' Ne Davis, Born To Pitch a Sacred Hardball or Softball and Hear "3 Strikes!"




This is one remarkable high school student with a hell of an arm and dedication to the coaches who, in turn, rarely get to steward or walk along side of.

Ms. Mo'ne Davis, first young woman ever to make the cover of Sports Illustrated in a couple of categories.

From MSNBC and I'm going to leave it lie but for a couple of excerpted passages. They took time off from 'theatre' and Grandiose Aspects of the Optics. The ever-loving Optics.


Image, Sports Illustrated Cover

Here's a smackerel of details about the youngest star at the mound for some time, from the marvelous Mother Jones.

Davis, who pitches for South Philadelphia's Taney Dragons, received national attention last week when she threw a two-hit shutout and struck out eight in the Dragons' Little League World Series opening victory over Nashville, Tennessee. On Sunday she became the sixth girl to get a hit in the LLWS, a first-inning RBI singlethat helped Philadelphia to a 7-6 win over Pearland, Texas.

And the 5-foot-4 right-hander's fastball, clocked at 71 mph, is roughly equivalent to a 93 mph pitch thrown on a big-league-size field.

Image, Wall Street Journal

As Albert Chen writes in the Sports Illustrated story, "She's a lot of things to a lot of different people, all of them good things: a totem for inner-city baseball, a role model for your 10-year-old niece, a role model for your 10-year-old nephew. Most of all, she's a laid-back kid just having a really good time." NBA superstar Kevin Durant was just one of a number of pro athletes to tweet their support: "This youngster is striking everyone out and she is a girl. I love it."


You go Mo'Ne! CBS has rockin' footage of her talent:


LeBron Is Leaving the State that Refuted Medicaid and Returning to O-hi-o, Which Did Not!


That terrific line is courtesy a Twizzerz genius that MSNBC's Joy Reid had spotted, noted and repeated on UP with Steve Kornacki who is being ably subbed for by the amazing Jonathan Martin this fine Saturday morning.

GO LeBron! I don't get all het up over sports apart from the Red Sox and World Cup fever, either, but did think that Cleveland hasn't gotten this much press in centuries ... first the GOP insults them by using their poor, unsuspecting town as the 2016 Gathering Place of strung out General Campaign GOPpers, Tea Party Edition [and satisfying early, if you are a liberal observer ].

LeBron Meme 6_0

Catch Jonathon and round table's discussion, featuring the question of Bo(eh)ner's lawsuit aimed at President Obama, and I'll meet you with a conspiratorial grin on the other side of the vid.

The LeBron Mania was impressive. Again, not a sports guru, but did have a few Hoya victories to cheer for back in the university day, so I can understand the excitement that Cleveland feels to have LeBron return to the fold.

You become personally invested in these players, as fans, you make them your family.


Ironically, Melissa Harris-Perry had done a couple of terrific in-depth segments, below, about L.B. James and his unique branding just recently, which is splendid background ... and even more interesting following the news that James is fleeing Florida as fast as Charlie Crist.

The second portion has new meaning knowing that not only was LeBron 'free', he is heading 'home'.

Wouldn't YOU have fled FloridaFloridaFlorida as fast as Charlie Crist? I have friends who are guaranteed sainthood [doesn't matter that we don't believe in it!] for just spending parts of their lives in that political zoo of asshattery of a state.



The Greatest Loss In the World, FIFA 2014 #USAUSAUSA - VIDEO


"I believe that we can win!"

Tell me that most of us aren't at least part footballer, now.

Soccer is contagious. Once bitten, you don't find an antidote that readily. The heroic U.S. goalie who took FIFA 2014 by storm was something else, and the whole team did us proud.

I think we might have finally tipped the scale on the sport? It’s got so much more room for a good upset, and Americans love an underdog game … and some of us can’t always stand American football, let's just be honest. Probably mentioned that in my FIFA story last week.

Granted, it would be a far different morning after had Belgium not scored those two goals in Extra Time - but the USA showed the world what it's made of on a global field, and it was a proud moment.


Suck on that, Ann Coulter, who actually took soccer on as a librul pinko Kenyan force of moral decay, riffed on here.

'Keeper' Tim Howard blocked an unprecedented 16 goals, against the undefeated and terrifying lads from Belgiumt, in the second half alone, and was so impressive that a Belgian victor Tweeted him one simple hashtag following their jubilant FIFA victory:


The highlights have been widely broadcasted, aught-aught until Extra Time … it's as high drama as it gets, and by gawd we brought it Hollywood, Broadway and USA USA USA style.


It's an emotional game. Like politics.

Lawrence O'Donnell and Rachel, in their evening MSNBC programming, both dedicated opening blocks to the odd FIFA triumph, and are they ever different. And equally enjoyable.

Maddow is up first. She hilariously explains the old soccer trick of exaggerating injury. Then ties it to the GOP!! Goal.

Lawrence is among the highly pumped recently converted.

Don't take this the X-Rated way, but I had the distinct pleasure of dancing with an entire team of UK World Cup footballers in their version of Spring training in Mombasa, Kenya. They'd play hard until formal tea time, then it was sedate dining and night-clubbing. I had a few good dance moves and a true fondness for the sport - so had possession of a megaphone by day three.

Morning Joe scored an interview with hero Tim Howard this morning, and he was as humble and admirable as one might have expected. Good sportsmanship personified. Have a look. Roger Bennett, Brit and futball expert, and Bobby Gosh, were on hand with the "Keeper".

This sport is an addictive hoot, and the roller coaster thrills of FIFA are hard to beat unless you're already a Red Sox fan.


Overnight: The Archers of Bhutan



Another country I'd love to visit sometime.

From YouTube:

The small country of Bhutan is roughly the size of Switzerland and has been completely isolated from the rest of the world for a long time.

While the country is opening itself to the outside world they are still strong in their traditions. Every weekend a competition will be held between two villages to find out who has the best archers.

Visit the country, the people and the competition and witness all the strange but fascinating ways used to get an advantage over the opposing team.


"If you want intimidating, how 'bout 'the Washington Lobbyists'" for football team?


george carlin baseball v football Washington team

Another snark-filled guest post by the one, the only Will Durst, who's having a little fun with the Washington football team name controversy. Take it away, Will:


You don’t hear much about the US Patent & Trademark Office. And that, my friends, is a good thing. Usually this federal office is as controversial as parsley wrapped celery. On a 1- 10 scale of boring, patent law has to rate about a 3,000. That’s normally. But today this obscure agency has thrown football fans into raging fits. Real football. Where guys in helmets use their hands to throw or carry some spheroid object. Not faux football, where athletes direct a round ball with their feet.

In a 2- 1 ruling, the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board stripped the Washington Redskins of six trademark registrations after concluding the football team’s name was disparaging to Native Americans, and thus in violation of laws banning offensive language. Although to many Americans it’s the locational part of the name that is most repugnant. Especially those Americans known to party with cups of tea.

The USPTO made a similar ruling back in 1999, but it was overturned, and may very well be again. Because as we all know, the government is fond of doing the same thing over and over and over again. Expecting different results.

Conservatives fear this kind of political correctness will snowball, causing many nicknames to be spurned. For instance: should the Pittsburgh Pirates be compelled to switch their name because it’s offensive to families who have been pillaged? The Green Bay Packers due to folks harboring nightmares concerning broken lamps? The commissioners could forestall this movement by declaring all sports teams be named after marsupials.

What about the Fighting Irish? Does anybody really think that drunken Leprechauns with fists cocked are responsible role models for today’s university students? The Utah Jazz is an odious appellation to anybody possessing a modicum of musical taste. And the name of the state of Oklahoma is Choctaw for red people. Should they be forced to repeal their name or can we just get rid of the state altogether?

How about individuals? Doesn’t the same logic mandate that anybody named Manson or Hitler alter their name so as not to remind victims’ relatives of their grisly crimes? Adolf? Charlie? What about Bush? Clinton? Kardashian?

And if Daniel Snyder, the owner of the 3rd most valuable NFL franchise, according to Forbes Magazine, does cave to the rising cries of boycott, which direction will he head? Reportedly, the team has already filed for the trademark of Washington Warriors, but that doesn’t really distill the essence of the town. The Senators won’t work. Baseball tried and it depressed the players so much the team was forced to move. Twice.

He could capture the true spirit of the town with… the Washington Slippery Slopes. The Ethical Sliders. Corrupters. Prevaricators. The Hogs works and even has sentimental ties.

If you want intimidating, how 'bout the Washington Lobbyists? The Patent Lawyers. Under Secretaries. The Filibusterers. The Kickbacks has a vague football feel. The Mindless Horde. The Red Inks wouldn’t necessitate the need to buy new letters for the stadium exterior.

But, if honoring the proud indigenous nations of America is, as the team claims, the actual goal, how about the Washington Treaty Breakers. Or the Plague Blankets- which is pretty damn scary. And finally, to keep the natural rivalry with the Dallas Cowboys intact- the Washington Barbed Wires.

Copyright ©2014, Will Durst. Will Durst is an award- winning, nationally acclaimed political comic. Go to to find about more about the new documentary film “3 Still Standing,” and a calendar guide to personal appearances including his new one- man show “BoomeRaging: From LSD to OMG,” at the Coastal Rep in Half Moon Bay on July 5th & 6th and being Grand Marshall in the Half Moon Bay 4th of July parade.


Ann Coulter Abhors Soccer - The Queen of Mean is Just Trolling Now


One of my favorite pastimes is the shock therapy that ensues when you hit Fux Noise for more than a minute at a time, it just makes me grateful to be a liberal.

And consistently produces such prime Material.

This week, Tea Party Mean Queen and Unabashed Blonde Bomber of Hate -- Ann Coulter -- took her sights off 9-11 widows, single mothers and most people of color other than 'pale'. Instead, she has turned her eye-beam of loathing on - get ready - the entire sport of soccer. Or 'futball' (again, if you want to sound like a hipster).

FIFA added a whole new level of Wackadoo to hate radio in general, but Coulter, as usual, went for the Fenway Green Monster flyover of outrageous statements.


She was blathering on about the usual Tea Party credo, patriotism, the exceptional nature of all Amurrikans who vote like she does … yadda yadda [incomprehensible xenophobic hate-nation bullshite] yadda. About to shut her off, who can stand that for even 60 seconds, she laid the Golden Egg of Idjit opinion: Soccer is Unamerican.


To my delight, the producers at MSNBC's Hardball thought it inane enough to broadcast. Tweety's seat was being ably manned by Steve Kornacki from Up with Steve Kornacki. Enjoy.

Now when even Forbes Magazine, yes, that Forbes, runs a headline saying: How Ann Coulter Lost Her Mind Over World Cup Soccer, just pause and have yourself a good guffaw -- then get appropriately worried about where the Nation is heading.

If you do talk radio, nothing fuels the phone lines like controversy. This is agnostic of political affiliation. Olbermann figured out how to push the buttons on the left side of the aisle there for a good period of time. Entertainment has no party affiliation.

So when Ann decided to weigh in on the World Cup, you might expect something shocking. It is, after all, Ann Coulter we’re talking about. She’s never happy in her skin unless your jaw is around your ankles.

Image, Clay Bennett, The Chattanooga Free Press

Image, Clay Bennett, The Chattanooga Times Free Press

Oh, and just so you have the appropriate background, Coultergeist claims that she has respectfully refrained from this [ostensibly, in her excuse for a mind] Mandatory Patriot 'Criticism' for the commie pinko librul Eurrap-pee-an slash/African bush sport for  over ten years.

Let's all applaud her decade o' restraint. Now, however, Coulter is the Four Star Mussolini in the imaginary War on Soccer.

When she penned this piece, one can envision her trying to conjure up the most bombastic, most eye-catching, and yes, SEO-laden storyline she could come up with. “The crazier it sounds, the better,” might have been the whisper. So, there it was, “Any growing interest in soccer a sign of nation’s moral decay”

The true sign of 'the nation's moral decay' is that Ann Coulter has any notoriety, much less a filthy pile of lucre from her Regressive hate-propaganda, in the second decade of the 21st century.



Coulter totally belongs with the hate-crazed horde that was hell-bent on hanging my ancestress, Rebecca Nurse, back in the day in Salem. And there are plenty of soccer slash futball fans who had great great grand-parents living on Native American soil, so Do Proceed to ...




Overnight: John Oliver Explains FIFA


FIFA soccer John Oliver

John Oliver is a very funny man as you will see in this highly-instructive video about FIFA, the International Federation of Soccer Associations.