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Poll-itics: Ed Markey expands his lead in Massachusetts Senate race


gabriel gomez thumbs up, down

Democratic Rep. Ed Markey leads Gabriel Gomez by 11 points, 54%-43%, among likely voters, per a new Boston Globe survey. The special election will be held on June 25th.

Let's hope this particular gap keeps on expanding:

(CNN) – When voters were asked who would get their vote for if the election were held today, the gap expanded, with Markey still at 54% but Gomez at 41%. [...]

[A]ccording to the Globe, poll respondents find Gomez more likable. He also has the edge over Markey among unenrolled or independent voters, a crucial voting bloc in the race.

Maybe they need to read this report: IRS calls claim by GOP MA Senate nominee Gabriel Gomez a “tax scam.”


Poll-itics: Rep. Ed Markey (D) still leading Gabriel Gomez (R) in Massachusetts


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Rachel Maddow:

...A political unknown... and this guy's a young, fresh face. That's one way to see this race. The second coming of Scott Brown....

Those same campaign people that lost Mitt Romney the presidency, who lost Mitt Romney his supposed home state by 23 points, and lost Scott Brown an incumbent U.S. Senate seat in Massachusetts, they are the same people in Massachusetts doing the Gabriel Gomez campaign for the Senate seat against Ed Markey.

So, it's the second coming of Scott Brown either way, right?

Which may explain this survey by Public Policy Polling that shows Rep. Ed Markey (D) continuing to lead Gabriel Gomez (R) by eight points, 47% to 39%.

And a University of Massachusetts at Amherst poll shows Markey leading by 11, 51% to 40%. (H/t: Taegan)

Please proceed, Team Romney.


Chris Christie "just another hack... is kaput, bye-bye and done for... will not run for president in 2016."


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Today Chris Christie announced the appointment of Jeffrey S. Chiesa, the state’s attorney general, to fill the Senate seat left vacant by the death of Frank R. Lautenberg. (Per Think Progress, he supports gun buyback programs and opposes the death penalty.)

Politico emailed this alert:

"I said on Monday I was going to select the person I thought was going to be the best person to represent New Jersey between now and Oct. 13," Christie told reporters. "During the last few days as I've gotten to deliberate on this decision, it became clear to me that Attorney General Chiesa would be the best person to represent the people of New Jersey in the United States Senate."

Chiesa's name had not been among those circulated in the early short-lists mentioned by Christie insiders.

Christie announced the selection at a news conference in Trenton, shortly before he was set to leave for a GOP donor retreat in Utah with Mitt Romney, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.).

To any Democrats out there who still believe Christie is a Dem in GOP clothing, read that bolded part again. I know I keep pushing the same point over and over again, but this misguided admiration for this very Republican big mouth is about as self-destructive as a Democrat can get. I implore you to read my posts that make the point in greater detail.

Recently, New Jersey Governor Me Me Me Chris Christie said, “I don’t know the cost for the special election and I don’t care.” He sure doesn’t.

One GOP official said, “I think this ends his 2016 chances. It’s year after year with this guy.”

And then Brent Budowsky wrote a blog for The Hill and said this:

The biggest losers are New Jersey taxpayers, who will foot the bill for the absurd and unnecessary special election; and New Jersey schoolchildren, who could have used the money for education that Christie is wasting on the special election.

The mega-loser is the Christie brand, which is kaput, bye-bye and done for. Christie is no longer different. He is just another hack looking out for himself. Christie will not run for president in 2016.

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VIDEO: Fear of a black electorate, Chris Christie? Timing of N.J. special election is "not just craven, it is insulting to democracy."


chris christie fear of black electorate

Yesterday, New Jersey Governor Me Me Me Chris Christie said, "I don’t know the cost for the special election and I don’t care." He sure doesn't. And many of us don't care for him, not one bit.

Apparently, neither does one GOP official who said, “I think this ends his 2016 chances. It’s year after year with this guy.”

Chris Hayes had a thing or two to say about all that Me Me Me-itude:

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Chris Hayes:

...If the senate election were held on November 5th and it was all just one big election, well, lots of people would come out to vote for the person who is widely assumed to be the Democratic Senate candidate: This gentleman, you may have heard of him, Cory Booker, the mayor of Newark, and potentially going to bring a lot of voters with him.

You can imagine what those voters might look like, what the Cory Booker electorate might look like and how that might differ from the Chris Christie electorate.

Now Chris Christie wants to run for re-election and he does not want the Cory Booker electorate at the polls on the day that he and his Republican colleagues in the state legislature are standing for re-election, whether those people are African-American Democrats, Hispanic, or white liberals excited about Cory Booker running for office.

And so the way he solves this problem is to hold a special Cory Booker election in which all the Cory Booker fans can go and get it out of their system and vote for Cory Booker and hopefully just stay home three weeks later while Christie lets the rest of New Jersey vote for him for re-election.

This will cost, by the way, an estimated $12 million more than if general elections were held on the same day. You can pay 249 New Jersey teachers for one year with that money based on typical starting salaries. And it contradicts the spirit of a law Christie himself previously signed to consolidate elections to save money. It contradicts Christie's boastful tv ad...

 It's not just craven, it is insulting to democracy.

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