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What can brown do for you? #Immigration


what can brown do for you smaller UPS

Remember the old UPS slogan "What can brown do for you?"? It seems to have taken on a whole new meaning these days. To many Republicans, brown means "illegals," "diseased," "gangs," "invasion," threat. If it's got a negative connotation and can generate fear, then that's what brown means to them. To them, brown also means cheap labor, house cleaners, gardeners, nannies, and farm workers.

Reasonable people, however, understand that we are a nation of immigrants. Conservatives bellow about how abortion "kills babies" in the womb, but don't blink an eye when protesters physically block and verbally abuse tiny, confused refugees seeking to escape death in their countries of origin. Saving those lives? Pfft! Living, breathing children, toddlers, and babies don't count. Only zygotes. Only feti. Only potential lives, not young struggling ones who endured rape and other horrific violence in order to come to America, because what they left behind was even worse.


Well, panicky anti-immigrant mouth-breathers, get out your asbestos hats, because your hair is about to catch fire. Here's what brown means to Miami. Via the New York Times, from an article titled, "Influx of South Americans Drives Miami’s Reinvention":

It was less a commentary on soccer than a tableau vivant of the new Miami, which has gone from a place defined by Cuban-Americans to one increasingly turbocharged by a surge of well-educated, well-off South Americans in the last decade. Their growing numbers and influence, both as immigrants and as visitors, have transformed Miami’s once recession-dampened downtown, enriched its culture and magnified its allure for businesses around the world as a crossroads of the Spanish-speaking world. [...]

The transformation, the latest chapter in the city’s decades-long evolution, is especially apparent amid the building cranes, street life and nightclubs downtown. But it is seen across Miami-Dade County, where highly educated South American immigrants and second-home owners have increasingly put down roots and played a major role in jump-starting a region that not long ago was ravaged by recession. [...]

Jorge Pérez, the wealthy real estate developer for whom the the new Pérez Art Museum Miami is named, said the latest surge of South Americans was turning the city into a year-round destination and luring more entrepreneurs and international businesses. Latin American banks have proliferated as they follow their customers here.

So, Republicans, are South Americans acceptable to you? Is it just Mexicans and Central Americans who creep you out? And how will brownophobics respond to this statement by Pérez: “South Americans are the game changers — they are the ones that allowed the housing market to bounce back."

Irony is not dead.



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Overnight: Peru: Traveling by Train to Macchu Picchu

Peru Rail

A Peru Rail Station

I would love to take a long trip through South America. I loved The Motorcycle Diaries and Paul Theroux's The Old Patagonia Express.

Since I can't right now, I thought I'd take a look at the train which runs through the Andes to Macchu Picchu.

Peru Rail Cusco to Machu Picchu

More about Macchu Picchu here.

More on Paul Theroux here.


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