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AUDIO-- Fox mocks 102-year-old who waited hours to vote: "What's the big deal? She was happy."


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Via Media Matters.

102-year-old Desiline Victor made two trips and had to stand in line for hours before she could vote. Ms. Victor was a guest at President Obama's State of the Union Address last night, and when he told her story and informed the audience of her age, there were audible gasps:

She refused to give up.

But at least 201,000 did not vote in Florida because of frustration with long lines. I'm sure the caring, sensitive, patriotic talent pool at Fox thought that was a real laugh riot.

This must have cracked them up, too: Graph: How long it took blacks, whites, Hispanics to vote in 2012. One guess who waited in line the least amount of time.

Here are most of the ugly quotes that reveal host Brian Kilmeade's, along with Fox's Martha MacCallum's and Bill Hemmer's, true colors sliming out as they mocked the efforts of centenarian Desiline Victor, who somehow managed to exercise her right to vote. They were sprinkled with nasty giggles and vile little snickers:

  • What's the big deal? She was happy. She waited on line, she voted, she was happy that she was there to vote.
  • "What was she the victim of? Rashes on the bottom of her feet?"
  • "Can you hear them whispering? 'Did she try to hit you with the "I'm 102 and I've been on line five hours"'?"
  • "Is she gonna try to give you that one again?"
  • "She said the same thing when she was 98! I wasn't buying it then, I'm not buying it now!"

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to scream my lungs out, down a few drinks, and then express my gratitude to anyone who will listen that I have absolutely zero to do with the offensive, despicable broadcasts that ooze from Fox.


Video- Senator Rand Paul Delivers The Tea Party Rebuttal to the State of the Union 2013


Note the part about succeeding not on who your parents are. What's your daddy's name again there Rand?