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Ronan Farrow To MSNBC -- You Be The Judge


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There's nothing like a little controversy or hint of scandal when you are about to launch your new show. Joining the MSNBC family soon after the first of the year will be Ronan Farrow. But hopping into the pre-release publicity campaign are not just the star of the show but also Mia Farrow and Nancy Sinatra and a number of Ronan's Woody Allen/Frank Sinatra family members.

Don't know much about the young Mr. Farrow? Well, he's got a lot on his resume, and some that has yet to be verified. Let's start with the facts. His mom is Mia Farrow and his dad is... TBD. For the record, it's Woody Allen. To many, including his mom, it might be someone else. Someone with blue eyes and who Ronan looks amazingly like -- Frank Sinatra.

As you will see, the highly publicized question of his paternity is not whisked under the carpet. It's timed just perfectly to set up the expectations for the new MSNBC show. After this, wouldn't your curiosity be piqued?

But paternity aside, look at what this 25 year old has accomplished so far. According to Time Magazine:

Farrow started college at Bard at 11. He was their youngest graduate ever at 15. This gave Farrow ample time to graduate from Yale Law School at 21 and become a Rhodes scholar at 23.

From 2001 to 2009 Ronan was a UNICEF Spokesperson for Youth and has been a champion of Darfurian refugee issues.

He was a member of the Obama administration advising on NGO and humanitarian affairs in Afghanistan and Pakistan in 2009, and was appointed as Hillary Clinton’s special adviser for global youth issues in 2011.

So it looks like there could be a new star on the liberal news horizon. I kind of hope there is. Bright, young and articulate voices are needed to combat the overblown bellicose blather coming from Fox News and right-wing talk radio.

How long will it be before MSNBC starts it's full-blown promotions for Ronan's new show with a picture of him and Sinatra's voice singing "Start spreading the news..."

I mean, it's like publicity 101. Good luck Ronan. Whether it's Woody's or Frank's shoes you're going to be filling, they're gigantic and a lot will be expected from you.