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WI Gov. Scott Walker suggests stripping police and firefighter union rights


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Why, it was only yesterday that I posted about how Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's campaign and county staff collaborated after a teenage boy was killed by a 13-ton concrete panel that fell on him. Oops! Where's all that conservative compassion we used to hear so much about, hmm?

Now Scotty is once again doing his best to make himself as unappealing as possible by further alienating workers, the middle class, union members, Democratic voters, the usual. He's talking about extending the state ban on public sector union rights to police and firefighters. He must have gotten a call from one of the Koch brothers.

Then he backtracked the next day, because-- surprise!-- that plan bothered a few people.

Via the Wisconsin State Journal:

At a public event in Milwaukee on Monday, Walker said he would consider expanding the law, and that police and fire workers may now be willing to forgo union rights taken from other government workers — collective bargaining, paycheck dues withdrawals and arbitration to settle disputes with management.

“I think now, for those areas, having seen that the world didn’t come to an end for other municipal employees, there might be a greater opening going forward because they’d say, ‘Hey, you know, things worked out,’” Walker said at the annual Governmental Research Association policy conference.

Leaders of two police unions said their members wouldn’t accept any such change, and they believe the governor knows that.

I'msorrywhat?! "The world didn't come to an end for other municipal employees"?! Interrobang!

Nahh, those workers and their families are just dandy now that you yanked their rights out from under them, making it impossible to improve their situation, their lives, their livelihood as well as their children's, destroyed their dignity, all while spitting on democracy and Wisconsin families. Pfft, big deal, no skin off Scotty's nose.

Family values my ass.

Those union slobs and their kvetching. Honestly.

There you have it, voters: Walker 2016. Some might say he was appealing to his base. I say he is as appalling as his base.

Here's what else Scotty had the unmitigated gall to say: "The position I pushed is not unlike the principle that Franklin Delano Roosevelt — not exactly a conservative — pushed as well when it came to public sector collective bargaining.”

Yes, he said that. No, I'm not kidding.

Phil Neuenfeldt, president of the state AFL-CIO, didn't take kindly to that either, saying (among other things), "Scott Walker is drowning in a jobs deficit and to compare himself to FDR is laughably delusional.”

Truer words were never spoken...


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Michigan's big extreme anti-union, abortion restriction day



I'm here in Michigan, standing at the corner of One Party Rule and War on Civil Rights.

King Rick Snyder of Michigan of “strong medicine, financial martial law” and radical assault on Michigan's working families fame is also waging a fierce war on women. Think Progress is reporting that state lawmakers are likely to "revive an omnibus anti-abortion bill that sparked widespread protests after it passed the House this summer, in addition to a host of other restrictive abortion legislation they hope to force through the current lame duck session."

Because under Snyder, government hasn't been intrusive enough.

The state senate may consider multiple anti-abortion bills that aim to:

1) Regulate abortion clinics out of existence.

2) Limit abortion access for women in rural areas

3) Impose further guidelines for the disposal of fetal remains (treat them in the exact same manner as dead bodies).

4) Prevent private insurance companies from covering any abortion services.

5) Allow doctors to refuse to perform abortion services because of their personal beliefs.

More details at the link.

Republicans love to demand small government and whine and moan about Democratic overreach. Welcome to Hypocrisyville.


VIDEO: Mitt Romney's Tax Returns: When Will He Come Clean? We're Still Waiting.


Just because Willard Romney went on a big fat disastrous, gaffe-filled overseas photo-op fundraiser trip that attracted all the wrong kinds of attention doesn't mean we'll stop pestering him about those pesky tax returns that he refuses to divulge.

Keep 'em coming, Team Obama.


Mitt Romney has only released one full year of tax returns. Why hasn't he released more?

Is Romney willing to share any new information?