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Video- Fox Claims Obamacare Call Center Hiring Part-Time Workers Is Obama Plot To Get People On "Socialized Medicine"


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Who has socialized health care again? Sarah Tripps up


By GottaLaff

Shannyn Moore has the yummy details about how Preachy McDeathPanel's grandson is covered by socialized health care.

Hyp. O. Crite.

Here is the proof, in part:

Shannyn has Moore.

See what I did there? Wink.

Oh, and did you hear? She lost the big CPAC straw poll.


6 out of 7 GOP candidates for governor in Illinois will opt out of public option


By GottaLaff

I'm sure all those voters whose health and/or savings will be at stake based on your "opting out" politics will thank you. Way to play with the health and lives of fellow Americans:

All seven candidates, to varying degrees, competed to be the most conservative, the biggest "outsider," the most opposed to tax hikes, and the most opposed to increased government spending on health care.

"If I wanted to be part of socialized medicine, I'd move to Europe," said state Sen. Kirk Dillard (R-Hinsdale). [...]

Six of the seven candidates said that as governor, they would "opt out" of any new federal government-funded health care plan. Ryan said he'd want to see it first.

But wait! There's more!

Asked what the state could do to prevent disasters such as Thursday's mass shooting at Fort Hood in Texas, most of the candidates talked about better communication with the National Guard and the state's other law enforcement entities. Brady said a law allowing Illinois residents to carry concealed guns "would help to respond to incidents like this as well as the tragic incident that occurred on Northern Illinois University's campus."

Yes! Yes! By all means, more guns are needed to shoot more people who also have guns! What a healthy trend. And speaking of health...

Not only will people lose their lives due to lack of affordable health care, they'll also increase the likelihood of dying at the hands of a fellow gunslinger.

America just keeps on getting more civilized, doesn't it? Do unto others...

H/t: Windy City Watch


VIDEO- Orrin Hatch slips: Americans might like health care reform, vote for (gasp!) Democrats


By GottaLaff

Oh noes! Americans might like the very health care reforms (public option or not) that could, you know, benefit them and keep them alive! Enough to want to vote for the party that supports it! And we can't have that now, can we?

Let that little detail slip out there, didja, Orrin?

(relevant segment at approx. 19:50ish, 20:00)

Big Government-Run Socialized Medicine will kill ya, I tells ya, kill ya! Especially that radical program called Medicare! Oh, wait...