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Doonesbury- Definition of "socialist": "A black guy with power..."


Get ready for next week's controversial Doonesbury story arc. I'll try to post it here, because your paper may choose not to run it. They just can't handle the Garry Trudeauitude:

(Reuters) - [The] story line for Monday through Saturday focuses on a Texas law that requires abortion providers to perform an ultrasound on pregnant women before the procedure, said Sue Roush, managing editor for Universal Uclick, the syndicate behind "Doonesbury." [...]

It was not immediately clear which newspapers may have elected to bar the strip...


Here we go: "Anthony Weiner, secret Muslim"


Ben Smith is reporting about exactly what one might expect to hear once a Democrat is involved in a scandal: the inevitable abandonment of reality, reason, or decency by the usual suspects, and a beeline to exploitation and inane conjecture. Oh em gee! Anthony Weiner: Jew-turned-ultra-super-duper-secret Muslim!

Then there's also that "Islam is bad" angle. All in one article!

The Washington Times:

The clues may be found in the marriage of Huma Abedin, a devout Muslim, and Anthony Weiner, a Jew.

The marriage is interesting in that Abedin’s family obviously approved of the match. This is highly unusual for what appears to be a traditional Muslim family. [...]

When looking broadly at the Anthony Weiner–Huma Abedin union, we have to wonder if the coupling of a Jewish American man and a Muslim woman of her pedigree was fostered by love or by a socialist political agenda.

Ben takes it from there:

This, via Golblog, is fantastic in both senses of the word:

It is also important, when looking at this situation, to remember that observant Muslims practice Taqiyya , an element of sharia that states there is a legal right and duty to distort the truth to promote the cause of Islam. [...]

Given the defense articulated by the Imam, which would be offered only for a Muslim man, we must believe this opportunity to remove this Muslim woman from a union with an non-believer would be quickly taken. Therefore we must consider that Mr. Weiner *may* have converted to Islam, because if he did not, we have to consider the unlikely, that being that Ms. Abedin has abandoned her Muslim faith, even while she still practices.

Therefore we must consider that The Washington Times *may* be completely devoid of professionalism.


R. Lee Ermey apologizes for dissing President Obama, Toys for Tots responds


Last month I posted about a Marine vet who dissed President Obama at a USO at a Toys 4 Tots/USO event, including a video of his remarks.

He has apologized and Toys 4 Tots has responded.

H/t: John V. Moore


VIDEO: GEICO's R. Lee Ermey, appearing on behalf of Toys 4 Tots & USO, slams President Obama


Who is this R. Lee Ermey, you ask? What kind of scumbag would show a complete lack of respect for the administration, especially at a USO / Toys 4 Tots event?   Here's your answer:

Ermey spent eleven years in the Marine Corps, Two of which were spent as being a Drill Instructor at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, India Company 3rd Recruit Training Battalion 1965-67, Arrived in Vietnam in 1968 spending 14 months attached to Marine Wing Support Group 17 and 2 tours in Okinawa. He rose to the rank of Staff Sergeant and was medically retired for injuries received. On May 17, 2002 he received an honorary promotion to Gunnery Sergeant (E-7) by Commandant James L. Jones, becoming the first retiree in the history of the Marines to be promoted. Using G.I. Bill benefits, Ermey enrolled at the University of Manila in the Philippines, where he studied drama. Francis Ford Coppola was filming "Apocalypse Now (1979)" in the area and cast Ermey in a featured role. He has since gone on to star or appear in approximately sixty films.

So an ex-Marine, a veteran, took full advantage of G.I. Bill benefits, but called Obama a socialist.

There has been no statement from the USO or GEICO about this, as far as I know.

Hey media, where are you on this one?


Audio- Glenn Beck warns that "the Muslim extremists" will join forces with "the revolutionaries and the communists and the anarchists"


Months of railing against the socialists and commies to just bring it back to this point so he can tie them all up with the terrorist bow. Good job Glenn.


President Obama is a socialist corporate sellout. Huh?


Double take:

John Avlon: "One of the strangest signs of our political times is that while the far right considers Obama a socialist, the far left thinks he's a corporate sellout. Of course, he can't be both. But this distorted view disproportionately dominates our political debates."

Or maybe his policies reflect something for everybody, from saving Social Security and Medicare to making deals with the GOP.


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