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Overnight: Point Lobos, California State Park



Point Lobos State Park is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

More disgusting socialism. It could have been sold to a major development company long ago. Instead it belongs to the State of California - more wasted tax dollars.

Incidentally, in case you haven't read this page, you should know about at least 75 ways socialism benefits you and has improved America, the purchase of Point Lobos being among them.


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Video- Forbes' Tamny Suggests People Who Want To Use Social Security And Medicare Are "Congenitally Socialist"


Damn, that's alot of Socialists! Via.


Chart: Ruh-roh! Red state socialism alert!



There it is, in black and white, red and blue. Takers and makers, moochers and givers, socialists and ...

Wait. Just. A minute.

Oh my GOD! Look at that chart! What's become of this country of ours?!  The Red State Socialists are winning! The Takers are Taking! Taking OVER, that is! Hide the kids! Everybody panic!


Or, just get a grip and realize that the government is there to represent us (aka elections), protect us, keep us safe, help us, and even provide opportunity. It's about time those on takers the right accept reality, take a hard look at facts, breathe deeply, and reset.