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VIDEO-- Chris Hayes to Marco Rubio: "Be the best Lindsey Graham you can be. I'm setting the bar very, very low."


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About a week ago, Chris Hayes revealed Marco Rubio’s “massive heist”: “We see what you’re doing and it stinks… Stealing the future of 12 million people.”

Rubio's still up to his old tricks:

So all in all, a pretty good day for the possibility of comprehensive immigration reform, except for the back door shenanigans of one man. Oh, yes, Marco Rubio, I still see what you're doing.

Last week I told you how Rubio is trying to have it both ways on this bill. He wants to look like a hero of the Republican donor and consultant class by bridging the gap with disgruntled Latino voters. But at the same time he's adding amendments to his own bill like one about tighter border security in order to win kudos from the hardcore anti-immigration people in his party. And today Rubio was showing both faces in the span of a couple of hours...

Behind the scenes he's still trying to kneecap a bill that he negotiated. He's apparently using fellow Republican Kelly Ayotte as the bargaining chip to get his border amendment added to the bill. The Huffington Post reporting Rubio privately urged Ayotte to remain quiet about her support for immigration reform in hopes that Senate negotiators would amend the bill's border security measures to win her vote...

This is a bill he helped create and now he wants to add a requirement for the understanding of the English language, including the ability to read, write and speak words in ordinary usage in the English language as if the bill was written Pat Buchanan.

To pull the bait and switch once? But three times? I'm sorry, Marco Rubio, but you can not be in two places at once...

I can't believe I'm saying this, but you need to be more like Lindsey Graham. If you want to be a Republican leader and guy with a political future in the national GOP, this is my advice to you, Marco Rubio: Just be the best Lindsey graham you can be. Believe me, I'm setting the bar very, very low.

I still see you Marco Rubio


VIDEO-- Marco Rubio's "massive heist": "We see what you're doing and it stinks... Stealing the future of 12 million people."


I see you Marco Rubio

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As I watched "Now with Alex Wagner" today, it seemed as if nobody discussing Marco Rubio and immigration reform bothered to watch Chris's show last night. They should have.

Chris Hayes:

...I think Marco Rubio realized that actually the best possible outcome for his own career is to be the guy that gets credit for trying to fix the party's willful outlook with Latinos and gets to go around to all of the Republican donors who desperately want this bill, while also, at the same time, being the guy who stuck the shiv in the deal to please the tea party. That is the heist.

And what's being stolen is the future of 12 million people who have flesh and blood stakes in the outcome of this immigration bill, whose futures depend on a path forward out of the margins and darkness into the daylight of full American citizenship. And while we all pay attention to the IRS star trek videos, Marco Rubio is getting away with this heist and that's not right.

It's not right that Marco Rubio wants to look Latino voters in the eyes and said he did everything he could to change a fundamentally unfair policy while he openly dashes their hopes the minute they look away.

So here's my proposal. Let's make sure he can't have it both ways, because we see what you're doing, Marco Rubio, and it stinks.

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Gov. Scott Walker recall group says website attacked


Yesterday I posted about the launch of the recall of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, or as I like to call him, the Koch Sniffer.

Cue the dirty tricks. Not only are Walker supporters planning on burning recall petitions, but now United Wisconsin says its servers were flooded yesterday, which must be how Walker is spending some of his Koch Kash.


The group says the source of the alleged attack on its website, , is unknown. But the group says it is reporting the incident to the FBI and the Wisconsin attorney general's office.

Welcome to Kochi-Kochi-Kochi-Kochistan-Stan-Stan.


UPDATED: WI Dems plan midnight launch for recall of Gov. Scott Walker; His supporters plan to burn petitions


Scott Walker's policies have contributed to Wisconsin's economic woes,, he's been less than honest, and he has been an abysmal governor who has done everything he can– with the help of his best corporate buddies, the Koch brothers– to crush unions, public education, decent health care, you name it.

Not to mention, he has his very own scandal.

As Jim Hightower asked, “Is it even possible that you have a governor even worse than we do in Texas?”

And so a recall has been brewing for some time, one that is finally about to begin:

MADISON, Wis. (AP) --More than 100 events were planned across the state Tuesday to begin collecting the more than 540,000 signatures required to get a recall election on Wisconsin's ballot next year. Supporters have until Jan. 17 to turn in signatures.

Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefsich and at least three Republican state senators also will be targeted for recall next year.

State Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate said he hopes to collect at least 600,000 signatures by deadline time.

Of course the GOP is calling it a "power grab." Gee, do they mean like the power grabs by their own party, or do they think legal, democratic means of correcting big buckets of wrong are somehow off limits when it's the opposing party doing the correcting?

Then again, consider the source:

Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said Republicans would run "fake" Democrats on the ballot to force a primary election and prolong the process, as was done in the summer recalls.

Pot. Kettle. Grabby.

UPDATE via Brad: