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PhotOH! Store signs "mourn" outcome of presidential election


(Elizabeth Harrington/WDBJ7)

Via out of Virginia. This jewelry store is located in Bedford.

Another sign read:

"Will reopen tomorrow to continue the fight against a president who seeks my demise."

The owner(s) must be one of the crowd who vows to “wage a war to put tea party in charge of Republican Party.”

Imagine how they'd feel after four years of a President Romney had he been able to implement his policies (whatever they were). Without access to affordable health care, his/her demise might have come before having the chance to post those signs.

President Obama won Virginia:

You can find more photos at the link.

H/t: Andy Marquis


PhotOH! Obama sign in Florida run over and defaced by "old, white-haired white man."


A reader sent me these photos taken in Florida:

The owner of the sign said that someone had run over it, and that it was the second time that had occurred. After she had re-constructed it, it was defaced.

A witness described the vandal as "an old, white-haired white man."

It never ends.


Photo of the Day- Boy With Sign In Street Of Benghazi


From this album, via Daily What.


PhotOH! Romney "requirement" speaks volumes: "Can you imagine having to put these signs up at an Obama gathering?"


This tweet made the rounds last night. I had to share with those of you who might have missed it.

Republicans protest and whine and moan about the individual mandate, but they're fine with a mandate during a rally that should inspire, not demand, "willing participation". Hey, if you have to ask, then maybe you need to work on that enthusiasm gap thing.