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I have what specialists call "flu like symptoms" (i.e. digestive rebellion) so I'm going back to bed and hopefully will be back a little later. Apologies.


Conservative Christian politician "obsessed with, not going to stop" donating sperm to mostly lesbian couples.


Bill Johnson, who ran for Alabama governor as a conservative, anti-gay marriage Christian, is fixated on babies he has biologically fathered. He donates sperm primarily to lesbian couples unable to have their own children.

So it's okay for Teh Gay to raise kids-- by him-- as long as they don't marry each other. Got it.

He and his wife cannot have children, and the desire to father a child was “a need that I have.”

Kathy Johnson said, "He is obsessed with this. He doesn't want to stop... He wants me to move over there. He's not coming back... He told me he is not going to stop... I said 'what about your commitment to your wife.' He walked out."

Yes, that's right. He left his wife and family "to be with babies he secretly conceived as a sperm donor in New Zealand." His, erm, generosity extended to at least ten women.


Johnson began donating sperm after arriving in Christchurch in 2011 to work on earthquake recovery. He created an online persona "chchbill" on unofficial websites for those seeking sperm donors. Some women later claimed he misled them about his background and the number of partners that he impregnated, raising concerns among New Zealand fertility specialists.

"He doesn't really know how many pregnancies there are out there. Some women were so angry they didn't want to talk to him again," she said.

This is taking that whole "pro-life" thing a little far, don't you think?

H/t: Taegan


Dick Cheney: Pulseless in Alexandria


The New York Times has a piece on post-pump Cheney. Here are a few random tidbits:

  • He's headlining a fund-raiser for Maria Cino, a former Bush administration official who is looking to replace Michael Steele as RNC chair. [Money and power were always the big attractions for BushCo.  Nothing new here, move along.]
  • He's back to hunting and socializing. [If he does both at once, some hard core face protection will be in order.]
  • His new found pastimes: Writing his memoir and navigating life with his new pump. [He's all pumped to document the atrocities, then?]
  • His new mechanical pump leaves him without a pulse because it pushes blood continuously instead of mimicking the heart’s own beat. [Insert heartless joke here. You know you want to. I don't. Medical issues don't make me laugh.]
  • On very the serious side, the pumps are implanted as a last resort either for permanent use or as until a donor heart can be found. He now has to decide whether to get a heart transplant within months; because of his age, he soon will no longer qualify for one. The device he has may, or may not, work for a number of years.
  • Very serious side, Part 2: He likely has to wear a power line that emerges at about waist level and connects to a minicomputer that plugs into a pair of rather large 12-volt batteries. He also probably wears a black mesh vest over his clothing that holds the computer and batteries.
  • Heart pump patients usually cannot shower and have to settle for sponge baths. [Not the visual you wanted, I know.]
  • He donated $4.5 million to help create scholarships for students to study overseas. [Great. Now he's outsourcing college kids.]
  • He looks like this now:


Tea Partier to me: "Come November we put our boot on the likes of you."


I'd like to share a couple of remarks with you from someone in Comments who calls him/herself "True Patriot Tea Party". I took a screen grab and then banned them from Comments. It was under this post.

This is who the Tea Baggers are. Now compare this to what you're seeing on CSPAN, the messages One Nation is sending:

There's your "true patriot".

And this is typical of the kind of comments we get here at TPC, or on Twitter, every time the Tea Baggers feel threatened or competitive. They can deny it all they want, but the hostility coming from these extremists is real.