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Violent headlines that won't go away #NotOneMore


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I spend a good part of my workday hunting for stories to bring to you. If a headline piques my interest, I link over and start reading. If two similar headlines pique my interest, my newsflash periscope pops up. If three or four similar headlines about a topic I regularly cover show up, I drop everything and start writing. This is one of those times. Check out these headlines that are currently running at TPM Livewire:

A group of open carry gun activists who protested Saturday at Dealey Plaza in Dallas filmed a bizarre, more-than-10-minute video of their demonstration and posted it to YouTube.

For the second time in less than a week, police arrested a man on Wednesday for allegedly attempting to bring a pistol into a building at the U.S. Capitol, according to Roll Call.

The Riverside County, Calif. sheriff's department found a body believed to be the suspect in multiple shootings in California...

Police were searching for at least one suspect who was wearing body armor and carrying a semi-automatic rifle after a Riverside County, Calif. sheriff's deputy was shot on Tuesday afternoon.

And it's only 11:30 a.m. here in California. I don't know about you, but I've already O.D.'d on disturbing gun headlines.

While were (rightfully) focused on the Israel-Hamas war and the brutal downing of a Malaysian jetliner by Russian separatists, there is a whole lot of excruciatingly persistent violence going on right here at home. Plus a whole lot of sickos who are apparently convinced that their deadly weapons will compensate for their rather humbling "shortcomings".

Everywhere you look these days, people are substituting communication, patience, and reason with hostility and savage bloodshed. And what does America get when we ask for a way out, for remedies, for peace? Competing headlines featuring GOP Second Amendment Solution warmongers who are fixated on blaming President Obama and his alleged feck in an effort to appeal to their equally extreme voters.

You know what I say to all this anger and to politicians who perpetuate it? Feck you.


Overnight: Lauren Mayer: No More Shootings (Enough is Enough)


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Lauren Mayer is a singer/songwriter/pianist who writes comedy songs about everything from Supreme Court decisions to the Kardashians. She proudly supports leftist causes including equal pay, reproductive choice, fair minimum wage, addressing climate change, and marriage equality.
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Good guy without a gun stops bad guy with a gun... again.


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Sorry to break it to you, NRA, but this is becoming nearly as commonplace as your gun lobby-sponsored mass shootings are: At Seattle Pacific University, a good guy without a gun stopped a bad guy with a shotgun and a knife.

The Los Angeles Times:

"He began to reload his shotgun, and a student confronted him and was able to subdue the individual," Seattle Police Captain Chris Fowler said, adding that at some point the suspect was hit with pepper spray. Others joined in and "pinned him to the ground until the police arrived." [...]

Police did not identify the victims, nor did they give the name of the student security guard who was sitting at the building's reception desk when the gunman burst in. That student's actions probably kept the rampage from worsening, police said.

Keyword: reload. When Rep. Gabby Giffords was shot in the head, her assailant was stopped because he took time away from massacring his victims to reload his killing machine. Those precious seconds counted, which is why so many Americans support laws that ban large capacity gun magazines.

And the time it takes for the bad guys to take a moment to replenish their gundamentalist-revered bullets, the good guys without guns can jump them, pin them down, or otherwise prevent them from continuing their killing sprees.

Another memorable instance of a good guy without a gun stopping a bad guy with a gun was when the remarkable shero Antoinette Tuff talked him down. Her kindness was more powerful than his compulsion to murder.

Who would you prefer to run into at Chipotle, these two....?

guns open carry chipotle

Or her...

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Drunk Cops In Weeklong Wilding Rampage On Streets of NYC



What's going on in the Big Apple? There must be something foul in the water.  Just this week alone, there have been three, count 'em three bizarre, outrageous and unprovoked cop shootings. Oh, and all of these cops were drunk. So maybe if there is something with the water, it's the water-back chaser for the scotch and sodas.

It's not just pedestrians who are victims of these drunken outbreaks. One inebriated cop even winged his partner.

Here's a short rundown, courtesy of Gawker:

NYPD officers apparently can't stop getting drunk and shooting people: Just before midnight Tuesday, Officer Brendan Cronin allegedly pulled up to a stop light in Pelham, N.Y. and fired 13 shots at a stranger's car, striking the man six times.

That's not good.

Meanwhile, outside a strip club in Somerset, N.J., NYPD Sgt. Wanda Anthony allegedly opened fire at a car containing her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend. Neither was hit, and Anthony was later pulled over and charged with DWI. 

That's not good either. But fortunately for Wanda, she was only sited for DWI. Somehow the opening fire on two civilians sitting in a car doesn't rise to a higher level of crime. Good thing she wasn't so drunk she resorted to "revenge porn." She might have attacked and screwed her ex-boyfriend to death.

And finally, well, hopefully finally... The week's not over yet:

The NYPD's great week of publicity continues: Thursday night, an allegedly drunk on-duty NYPD officer shot his partner in the wrist while the two were drinking at a restaurant in Queens.

Well, for those of you in NYC or going there for the weekend, good luck. You may be dodging more than raindrops if the cops keep on drinking in the town that never sleeps.