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BREAKING: Police responding to gun shots outside Capitol. UPDATED, VIDEO ADDED


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capitol hill lockdown shots warning

Worthy of note: Capitol police are not being paid right now.

Via email alert:

U.S. Capitol Police have alerted lawmakers and staffers on emergency radios that there have been reports of gunfire on Capitol Hill. They requested all people in office buildings shelter in place. The Capitol building is in lockdown.

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As I tweeted, Good grief, between "3-4 distinct boom, boom booms" per Luke Russert, and the BS going on IN Congress, WTF is happening here?

Here are some tweets that whizzed by, all from news sources:

The entire Capitol is now on lockdown, no one can currently enter or exit.

Cops were chasing a black car near the Capitol building. They cornered the car and that's when shots rang out.

Mike Memoli@mikememoli: Active shooter at the Capitol in custody. One officer injured.

Another "good guy" with a gun?

A lot of speculation is to be expected this early on. Updates as they happen.

LisaMascaroinDC: "It sounded like fireworks. Then we realized that's not fireworks," said Rep Gerry Connolly was on #Capitol balcony as #shotsfired outside

MSNBC's Pete Williams is reporting that "for all intents and purposes, this is over. It [car chase] started at White House... went from there." He went on to say that the FBI has responded, and they're trying to figure out "who this person is."

UPDATE via Pete Williams: Woman driving a car (with a child in the car who was taken into custody, not injured) tried to ram security gate at White House where IDs are checked. This was far from the White House building itself, down Pennsylvania Ave. about 14 blocks from where the shooting happened. Secret Service pursued the car past the US Capitol building, where she crashed her car, then was shot by Capitol Police at First and Constitution. The injured officer does not appear to have been wounded by gunfire, but by the car crash.

@sinderbrand: Secret Service confirms to @cbudoffbrown that a car slammed into the south side White House gate and then fled to Capitol.

All clear in effect, the incident has been concluded.

UPDATE: US official: Female suspect in US Capitol shooting killed by police- via @Reuters. But Pete Williams is saying her condition is unknown.

UPDATE: She was, it has been confirmed, killed.

UPDATE, Capitol Police news conference: There is no indication of terrorism. It's an isolated incident. The female suspect is dead. The injured officer appears to be "conscious and breathing. As far as we know, no officer has been shot." Multiple scenes involved, but "only one incident."


The female suspect killed in the Capitol Hill shooting was believed to be 34 years old. The car that she attempted to drive through the White House gate had Connecticut plates, according to NBC Washington. The child's age is believed to be between 1 year and 18 months.

UPDATE: The woman was unarmed.

Cool Revolution tweeted:  We had some convos w/officers yesterday--they really wanted to vent. Unhappy about not being paid.


Prosecutor: Attempted Assassination Charge in Shooting at White House



Via a New York Times email alert:

An Idaho man accused of firing two shots at the White House last week has been charged with attempting to assassinate President Obama or his staff.    Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez, of Idaho Falls, Idaho, made his first court appearance before a federal magistrate in Pittsburgh on Thursday, one day after he was arrested at a western Pennsylvania hotel. He will be taken back from a federal court in Pittsburgh to face the charges in Washington, D.C.

Ortega will remain in federal custody at least until a magistrate in Washington can determine if he should remain jailed until his trial on the charge, which carries up to life in prison.

And via another one from Politico:

An Idaho man was charged Thursday with attempting to assassinate President Barack Obama during an incident last week in which shots were fired at the White House. Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez, 21, was arrested Wednesday in western Pennsylvania. On Tuesday, a broken window was discovered on a residence floor of the White House, along with several bullets that may have come from Friday's shooting. President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama were traveling in California at the time of the shooting incident.

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The deadly loophole: Gunning for trouble


By GottaLaff

Hey kiddies, guess what? Another mentally unbalanced person got their hands on a gun because of guess what?

Go on, guess.

Give up?

The gun show loophole! Yayyy!

Yes, the right wing, anti-government Pentagon shooter, John Patrick Bedell, got his gun at a gun show through the gun show loophole, with no background check. Feel safer yet?

QuickDraw McLoopHole had already been declared too, er, abnormal to buy one through a federally licensed dealer, but pfft! That didn't matter:

Two guns used in high-profile shootings this year at the Pentagon and a Las Vegas courthouse both came from the same unlikely place: the police and court system of Memphis, Tenn.

Law enforcement officials told The Associated Press that both guns were once seized in criminal cases in Memphis. The officials described how the weapons made their separate ways from an evidence vault to gun dealers and to the shooters.

Wow, hmm, gee, how'd that happen?

[O]n the day of the Pentagon shooting, March 4, the Tennessee governor signed legislation revising state law on confiscated guns. Before, law enforcement agencies in the state had the option of destroying a gun. Under the new version, agencies can only destroy a gun if it's inoperable or unsafe.

Seems Version 2.0 needs to be updated.

But with that in mind, it's only natural that oversight would tighten up, right?

[...] 24 states — mostly in the South and West, where gun-rights advocates are particularly strong — have passed 47 new laws loosening gun restrictions.

Gee, that doesn't seem logical. Oops, did I say "logical"? Logic has nothing to do with this!

What, am I nuts?

No, but QuickDraw was:

[T]he weapons first went to licensed gun dealers, but later came into the hands of men who were legally barred from possessing them: one a convicted felon; the other mentally ill.

Change we can't believe in.

But come on, realistically, what are the chances of some psycho ending up finding that one special dealer who would slip him a lethal weapon:

Law enforcement officials say Bedell, a man with a history of severe psychiatric problems, had been sent a letter by California authorities Jan. 10 telling him he was prohibited from buying a gun because of his mental history.

Nineteen days later, the officials say, Bedell bought the Ruger at a gun show in Las Vegas. Such a sale by a private individual does not require the kind of background check that would have stopped Bedell's purchase.

But privatizing stuff is the GOP's answer to everything. What could possible go wrong? Death? Don't be silly. Murder? Ridiculous! Selling lethal weapons to a disturbed individual who would subsequently go on a shooting spree? Impossible!

Here's the deal, gun owners: Nobody's trying to take your firearms from you. But keeping them out of the hands of unstable felons and the mentally ill doesn't do anything to threaten your freedoms.

The real and growing threat is to innocent lives, not the Constitution.


Pentagon Shooter, Las Vegas Shooter's guns both from same place


This is strange. With state and city budgets getting the shaft, I'm sure this will only get more common. More here about the Pentagon shooter.

WASHINGTON -- Two guns used in high-profile shootings this year at the Pentagon and a Las Vegas courthouse both came from the same unlikely place: the police and court system of Memphis, Tenn.

Law enforcement officials told The Associated Press that both guns were once seized in criminal cases in Memphis. The officials described how the weapons made their separate ways from an evidence vault to gun dealers and to the shooters.

The use of guns that once were in police custody and were later involved in attacks on police officers highlights a little-known divide in gun policy in the United States: Many cities and states destroy guns gathered in criminal probes, but others sell or trade the weapons in order to get other guns or buy equipment such as bulletproof vests.


A nationwide review by The Associated Press in December found that over the previous two years, 24 states - mostly in the South and West, where gun-rights advocates are particularly strong - have passed 47 new laws loosening gun restrictions. Gun rights groups are making a greater effort to pass favorable legislation in state capitals.

John Timoney, who led the Philadelphia and Miami police departments and served as New York's No. 2 police official, said he doesn't believe police departments should be putting more guns into the market.

"I just think it's unseemly for police departments to be selling guns that later turn up," he said, recalling that he had once been offered the chance to sell guns to raise money for the police budget.


HuckPAC coordinator steps down, citing clemency decision


By GottaLaff

Original post about HuckaPardon here. Here come the repercussions.

HuckaT. Oa. St:

The Arkansas coordinator for Mike Huckabee's political action committee resigned Tuesday, citing the former Arkansas governor's decision nine years ago to grant clemency to Maurice Clemmons, the man suspected of murdering four police officers in Washington state.

Jason Tolbert is a conservative blogger, and was the (volunteer) Arkansas state coordinator for HuckPAC.

"My departure was with a heavy heart but was done after serious prayer and consideration," Tolbert wrote on his Web site. "Some have asked about the timing. As most could imagine, the recent news of the last two days along with the response did play a role in this decision but was not the sole factor."


Update on Washington cop killer


By GottaLaff

Here's a quick MSNBC update on the Washington cop killer:

He was shot dead earlier, as has been reported. On his body was one of the policemen's guns. More have been arrested for aiding and abetting him, helping him get away.

Meanwhile, the punditiots are insinuating that Mike Huckabee is toast.


VIDEO: Bill O'Reilly Interviews Mike Huckabee About Commuting Suspected Cop Killer


By GottaLaff

Via Mediaite:

Yesterday, I posted about about Mike Huckabee's commuting the suspected Washington shooter's sentence some years ago. Now Bill-o interviews HuckExplain:

"We didn't have any information from the prosecutor," sez HuckaHole. And then he goes on to blame everyone else. Poor Huck, he's in deep and is trying so very hard to dig out. Diggity dig dig. Just like a prairie dog.

"It's not your fault," says Bill-O. He's so compassionate and open-minded, isn't he? How could we have misjudged him?

H/t: Texbetsy