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Your Weekly Upchucks: Shocking Religion News by Author @KCBoyd3



K. C. Boyd, is the author of Being Christian - A Novel,: A black comedy guaranteed to take you on a wild and frightening ride deep into the dark side of the religious right. It is available on Amazon in multiple formats.

She is the go-to blogger for religion, hypocrisy, and all things church v. state.  You can read her earlier posts on The Political Carnival here and more about who she is on her own website here

The Weekly Upchuck March 15, 2015

Abortion, Contraception And Other Women’s Issues


Fifty Shades of Hate

Fifty Shades Of Lying Propaganda

  • #Word-Smith-ingJoe: The Mormon Church’s Gay Rights Charade – Provisional support of certain LGBT legal protections—with conditions.

Fifty Shades Of Stark Raving Mad

If Media’s The Message

  • #SpoilerAlert: America is NOT a Christian nation.
  • #PutzyPornoPete: LaBarbera: GOP Will Fall If It Stops Talking About Gay Kisses On TV
  • #Who’sPunishingWho: Staver: Boycott Sports Teams That Support Marriage Equality
  • #WhatsHeThinking? Mega-disappointing that James Franco plays the role of an ‘ex-gay’ pastor.
  • #CurrentPukerFormer NFLer:Fox Sports Analyst Craig James Says Satan Is Behind Movement for LGBT Equality
  • #DrHydeIPresume? Op-ed In the New Jersey Star Ledger: Tom Cotton ‘is a Neocon monstrosity out of central casting’
  • #AbusingMLK: Alveda King, The Fox News Contributor Who Blames Natural Disasters On Gay Marriage

Israel, End Times And John Hagee

  • #CanYouSaySelf-FulfillingProphecy? Evangelicals & ISIS Feel Fine About the End of the World
  • #LovingJews ToDeath: We may well see the ‘End of Days’ but sadly, it will be by man’s nuclear
  • #Bringin’ItOn: GOP Senator Dismisses Diplomacy With Iran Over Nuclear Program, Suggests War Instead Of Diplomacy
  • #TreasonAnyone? Republican Senators Write To Leaders Of Iran, Attempt To Sabotage Nuclear Deal
  • #Bringin’ItOn#II: Foreign Minister of Israel: Behead Arabs who aren’t loyal to Israel
  • #TheStateOfOurUnionIsTenous: Tom Cotton Doesn’t Give A Sh** About Iran Talks Protocol. But A Lot Of Others Do.
  • #FollowTheMoney: “2014: Tom Cotton gets $1M from Kristol’s neocon Emergency Cmtee for Israel; repays debt with Iran letter”
  • #WherePoliticsMoney&EndTimesMeet: Senator who spearheaded letter to Iran got $1 million from Kristol’s ‘Emergency C’tee for Israel’
  • #SonOfJohnSpews: Matthew Hagee: Gay Marriage ‘Is Taking Away The Ability Of … Society To Survive’
  • #AndFatherErupts: John Hagee: Netanyahu’s Speech To Congress Was God’s Warning To America To Stand With Israel Or Face Judgment
  • #Meh? Sheldon Adelson “So Israel won’t be a democratic state. So what?”
  • #Who’sAfraidOfWWIII?Sen. Graham on Defeating ISIS: ‘This is a Religious War and We Have to Take Sides
  • #PeeYouStinky: Hagee sticks his apocalyptic nose in US foreign policy yet again.

Politics Nation

  • #ThatDuhMoment: Huckajesus Asked To Provide Example Of Negative Impact Of Marriage Equality, Draws A Blank
  • #JesusJebThatWasQuick: Jeb jumps aboard the pandering train. So much for bucking the crazies.
  • #LooksSexuallyRepressedToMe: Lindsey Graham doing Netanyahu, Israel and Adelson’s bidding: “I Fear Iran More Than ISIS
  • #ExcuuuuseHim: Whining Rand Paul Says Gay Marriage ‘Offends’ Him.
  • #CruzingToInfamy: Ted Cruz Touts Anti-Gay Bona Fides To Extremist Group
  • #InTheValleyOfJordan(Sekulow): Team Jeb Bush’s Liaison to the Religious Right Is Islamophobic, Opposed to Marriage Equality and Vigorously Anti-Abortion
  • #AllAboutThatBase: Jeb’s all about that base,’Bout that base no trouble.
  • #RickysEarWhisperer: Rick Perry: God’s Candidate For President

Religion Gone Bad

Same Sex Issues

Sausage Makers And Their Sausage


Science – Or Not

Supremes And Lower Courts

Theocracy Rising





The Kochocracy


la cucaracha Charles Koch KochocracyVia Lalo Alcaraz

Another snark-filled guest post by the one, the only Will Durst, who's having a little fun with those pesky, corporate 1%ers. Or as Will calls them, the Kochocracy. Take it away, Will:


In the bad old days, medieval German Lords figured out how to pocket some quick coin by charging a toll on the primitive paths meandering across their lands. The money wasn’t used to improve the roads or better the lives of the peasants or clean the rivers their pigs pooped in but rather heighten the piles in their treasury. Even back then, you just couldn’t have enough pewter candlesticks.

These were the first robber barons. Literally. Rich people whose sole pursuit was to survive to become richer people. A criminal aristocracy. A term history has proved redundant.

During the Gilded Age, the flushest 1% of the country held 1/3 of the national income. In the 1920s, this figure ramped up to 2/5ths. Molehills compared to today’s mountainous wealth, where the richest 400 American families control more money than the poorest 165 million of their fellow citizens put together. And if all 165 million were knelt end to end, those 400 families would have footrests from any compass point.

6 members of the Walton Family have accrued as much money as the bottom 41% of all Americans. Now, how hard would it be for them to cover the health care of WalMart employees? They’d still be worth as much as the bottom 34%. How many pewter candlesticks does one family need? You’d think they could get them wholesale.

In decision after decision the Supreme Court has equated money with free speech. Which would be great if it meant the more we spoke, the more we’re worth. But, alas, no. That’s not the deal. Pretty much the opposite, come to think of it.

Rich people have exploited these high court rulings like foxes given skeleton keys to the Tyson chicken empire. Any politician who espouses lowering taxes on the rich and blunting the powers of the poor gets backed. With unlimited sums. Of course the poor have free speech too, but we might as well be whispering downstage at a Metallica concert.

A plutocracy is a society where the rich make the rules- quickly becoming our norm. The 9th richest man in the world, Sheldon Adelson, focuses on politicians whose Israeli policies most closely mirror his. That’s it. One issue. In 2012, he gave 90 million to various GOP presidential candidates. And in the next election cycle, he is reportedly ready to triple that number, recently holding auditions in Las Vegas for his own personal presidential candidate American Idol. Once again: not Clay Aiken.

The most Darth- like of the new Robber Barons are the Koch Brothers, (rhymes with rock) David and Charles, each richer than Adelson. These self- made inheritors of a vast oil empire are responsible for jumpstarting the Tea Party and ALEC, and are now hand picking candidates all over the country; pouring in vast amounts of money to get them and their skewed legacies elected. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is one of the first generation Kochbots. And a bit glitchy.

If so desired, the Koch Family could spend a billion dollars a year for the next 85 years buying politicians. Bankrupting the rest of us through Kochbot legislated tolls on the primitive paths meandering across Koch owned lands. Especially egregious when ALL lands are Koch owned. Get ready for the American Kochocracy.

Will Durst is an award- winning, nationally acclaimed political comic. Go to to find about more about his new one- man show “BoomeRaging: From LSD to OMG,” info about the documentary film “3 Still Standing,” and a calendar guide to personal appearances.


"Here's what your money is buying right now..."


gop your money

We have written countless posts about the Supreme Court's terrible Citizens United decision, followed by their latest debacle, McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission, the other appalling Supreme Court ruling that favors billionaires and allows them to influence our election outcomes.

Even Garry Trudeau couldn't keep quiet about it any longer: The Koch brothers can buy anything, including Doonesbury!  As I said in that post, a very few obscenely wealthy individuals are able to spend lavishly on candidates, politicians, and potential votes while, try as you might, your money simply can't compete with the endless supply of cash donated by the corporate big boys.

And with that, another installment of today's Los Angeles Times letters to the editor, because our voices matter:

Re "Money won't buy you votes," Opinion, April 20

Sure, money won't buy the vote of a regular person, but it sure can buy members of the state legislature or Congress. Here's what your money is buying right now:

Profits on gun sales fund the National Rifle Assn. and ensure that even when little kids get slaughtered at school, universal background checks won't pass the Senate despite the fact that about 90% of the country supports them.

Wealthy people who make money from investments make sure they don't get taxed at the same rates as wage earners.

Money strangles the implementation of banking reform. And it makes sure that no matter how many floods, fires or hurricanes we have, nothing is done about climate change.

Best of all, money buys donors the ability to hide behind "social welfare" organizations so nobody knows who's doing these evil things.

Joanne Zirretta

Aliso Viejo


A large war chest doesn't guarantee victory, as Republican Meg Whitman learned in 2010 when voters elected Democrat Jerry Brown governor by a wide margin.

But what money does allow is for the wealthy to buy the loyalty of politicians. The handful of GOP presidential hopefuls who visited billionaire Sheldon Adelson recently offer proof of that.

Most Americans agree that the latest Supreme Court rulings loosening campaign finance rules were steps in the wrong direction.

Kyle Laurent



GOP woos the Jews: The Awkward Moments


GOP woos the jews chris christie Sheldon Adelson Jeb Bush

Potential Republican 2016 presidential contenders went out of their way to woo the Jews yesterday, specifically billionaire Sheldon Adleson. The elitest of the elite (read: wealthiest) GOP donors showed up in Las Vegas at a Very Special Event. Members of the Republican Jewish Coalition were holding auditions, and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Ohio Governor John Kasich, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush were strutting their cringe-worthy stuff in one way or another.

Citizens United does it again: How to win buy friends politicians and influence people elections.

Being one of many Jews who would never open my wallet for any of those possible candidates, I tend to find humor in situations like these. And this time I found it courtesy of an article in the Los Angeles Times that included some of the more awkward moments.

Let's begin with how Gov. "Heartbroken" tried to shake off his Bridgegate scandal and how determined he was to rescue his damaged career by kissing Adeleson's ass bank account:

For Christie, Saturday's tryout showed the potential for missteps when governors wade into foreign policy at this early stage. During an otherwise warmly received speech, Christie's mention of a helicopter flight over "occupied territories" — terminology used by Israel's critics — during his trip to Israel sent murmurs and whispers of surprise through the conservative audience.

Oops, "murmurs and whispers of surprise" couldn't have done much to salvage his image. So much for Gov. "Who Moi?" and his efforts to restore some of the credibility he never had.

Scott Walker's anemic overtures to Jews whom he couldn't believably relate to at all went this way:

The candidates' attempts to connect with the audience appeared awkward at times. Walker emphasized that he decorates his house during the holidays with Christmas lights as well as a menorah candle. He also noted that his son's name, Matthew, means "gift from god" in Hebrew.


You've heard of Christian Mingle? This "What Happens in Vegas Pays in Vegas Moment" was a little like Jewish Mingle. A speed dating version of courting a roomful of donors. John Kasich's version of flirtation was trying to ingratiate himself by flaunting his first-name basis palsy-walsitude with Sheldon:

Kasich, who had been sitting next to Adelson at the Saturday luncheon, addressed him by name repeatedly throughout his post-meal remarks, as if the conversation was one-on-one.

Allow me to address these opportunists by name: Chris, Scotty, John, Jeb, can we talk? Don't pretend you're BFF with obscenely wealthy Jews when you're not; don't try to impress Jews with embarrassing references to your trip to Israel; and pleaseohplease don't attempt to convince Jews that you, an Evangelical Christian, are "one of them" because your Christian kid's name happens to have a Hebrew origin or meaning.

Seriously, don't.

What next, asking Adelson if he's a Scorpio?

More here.