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VIDEO: Eric Cantor's walk of shame after humiliating Plan B failure


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And why is Eric so cranky? Via email alert:

House Republican leaders abruptly pulled their fallback tax bill from the floor Thursday night, conceding that they did not have the votes to pass it.
The House did not take up the tax measure today because it did not have sufficient support from our members to pass,” Speaker John A. Boehner said in a statement. “Now it is up to the president to work with Senator Reid on legislation to avert the fiscal cliff.”
The decision was a major setback for the speaker, who was pushing his so-called Plan B to prevent lower tax rates from expiring on most Americans. It came after the House had narrowly approved a plan to suspend planned Pentagon cuts.

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Yes, McConnell filibustered himself and The Boehner pulled his own bill. This must be why they call themselves the "adult" party. What next? Firing themselves?

Plan BS was aborted. Will there be a Billhood proposal?

We on Twitter got a million of 'em folks, a million of 'em. Oh, but I kid.

More here.


Plan Moot



Yesterday, John Boehner gave a 50-second response to President Obama’s 22 minute Q and A on the fiscal crossroads negotiations after which we all had a good laugh.

Today he continued the Boehner Babble saying the Democrats "have done nothing." Project much, Speaker B?

MSNBC cut away pretty quickly and Andrea Mitchell immediately followed up with, "We can see that there's no progress there."

With that in mind, here's today's Quickie:

Two headlines from The Hill caught my eye:

Cantor vows Plan B will pass  

Leader Reid rules out Senate vote on 'Plan B'

Plan Moot.

That was today's Quickie. Was it good for you?


"But we are not dealing with rational people here. We are dealing with House Republicans."


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Jonathan Chait:

But we are not dealing with rational people here. We are dealing with House Republicans. 


Chait sure knows his irrationals.

If Boehner strikes a deal before January, Republicans will suspect he gave away revenue he could have fought for. But if he refuses, the House Republicans will see for themselves what happens. The revenue will go away on its own, over Boehner’s objections. All Obama has to do is continue to make clear he will not under any circumstances extend any tax cuts on income over $250,000 a year. Then he has nearly all the revenue he needs, and he can offer Republicans a deal they would never walk away from. They might try to get that deal in December, but January remains the best bet.

But didn't the president already wiggle up to the $400,000 number? Yes, yes he did: Obama offers new tax hike threshold of $400,000. Stay tuned.


VIDEO: John Boehner's 50-second response to Pres. Obama's 22 minute Q and A on fiscal crossroads negotiations


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There you have it, all 50 seconds of it. Yes, ladies and gents, welcome to another in-depth press conference from the Speaker of the House. And by press conference I mean political theater. Of the absurd. In record time.

As I livetweeted when I watched the Speaker continue to push Plan BS, The Boehner made a hit and run statement that went by so fast I missed it. No presser, just a "Get Serious, President Obama" Moment of Meh.

Having trouble controlling your caucus, JB? Worried about your job? Perhaps you could match those concerns with some about the rest of us.

Roll Call's David Drucker tweeted this:

tweet Roll Call Boehner presser v Obama presser fiscal cliff

I guess we should be grateful that we were exposed to less than a minute of Boehner Babble.

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President Obama's statement on curbing gun violence and press conference videos here.