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Hey Patriots! Get your picture taken with Sarah Palin and "quadruple your investment" in stock picks in 6 months or less!

Share sent a friend of mine an email in which Former Half Gov Barbie McLipSchmutz is pushing some get rich quick scheme for them.

To quote my buddy:

It starts out as a normal pitch for a gathering of right wing hacks, but devolves into a sales pitch wrapped in the cloak of the "historic opportunity" they are offering. To Quote: "I guarantee that you will quadruple your investment".


Dear Patriot,

Below please find a special message from one of our sponsors, The New Orleans Investment Conference. They have important information to share with you. Thank you

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This is an incredibly valuable opportunity for members. But I can offer it to only the first 100 people to respond!

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VIDEO: Professor Gingrich was "often absent" and "spent little time teaching history."


This is a must-watch video.

Taegan has a link to the Wall Street Journal story about Newton Leroy Gingrich's stint at University of West Georgia, way back when he supposedly taught history:

"In addition to seeking the college presidency, Mr. Gingrich was often absent as he pursued political goals. He embarked on an effort to moonlight as a paid consultant. And, it turns out, he spent little time teaching history."

He's never had another professorship, and he hardly spent any time actually, you know, teaching. "He was always too big for his britches.... He's all over the place... disorganized..."

Some historian. Some professor. Some candidate.

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In another brilliant move, Herman Cain skips interview with influential newspaper.


The performance art continues. Via the L.A. Times:

Herman Cain may have picked a powerful enemy in New Hampshire Thursday, skipping a scheduled interview with the Union Leader newspaper during a brief visit to the state.

Gee, could it be because of this disaster?

It gets better worse:

The campaign again contacted the paper to say that rather than the hour-long interview they had agreed to, Cain would only be available for 20 minutes. Cline said they told Cain's campaign it was "not worth our time to do it for 20 minutes." The campaign promised to get back to them, but never did. [...]

Cain instead arrived early for an interview with WMUR, the state's primary television outlet.  [...]

According to reports, Cain also showed up more than an hour late for his only public event of the day, a rally at a Nashua hotel.

The Union Leader has unique status in New Hampshire every four years. Its endorsement in the presidential primary a coveted one, and can prove significant.

Cain blamed the newspaper, saying, "You aren't gonna believe it but they cancelled." Of course, he's bound to cover his hiney later by saying it was just a joke, and we idiots lack a sense of humor for thinking he was serious.

The Union Leader publisher Joe McQuaid replied, "I don't think he's going anywhere from here at this point, anyway."

Not according to this GOP crowd, he isn't:

Oh sure he is, GOP, Joe. He's headed straight for a contributor spot at ClusterFox. Either that or a cushy job as a "Cuban language" translator:

H/t: @latimesmuskal


UPDATED- VIDEO: Herman Cain blows it again. Watch his latest disaster, this time on Libya.


Via JSOnline, Hermie Cain blows it while talking to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel‘s editorial board about Libya.

Wow. No seriously. Make that sham wow, oh em gee, and holy crap. This man wants to be commander in chief?

Oh wait, no. No he doesn't. He wants to sell more books and make more money speaking to adoring crowds with a collective affinity for pizza.

"Okay, Libya...."

Tick, tick, tick...

"No, that's a different one..."

Tick, tick, tick...

(Video added) "Do you think I'm dumb enough not to study up on these issues?"

"I got all this stuff twirling around in my head..."

"Specifically, what did you ask me....?"

"It's not a simple yes, no..."

"I would have done a better job of assessing..."

"I'm not criticizing him... I'm a much more deliberate decision-maker is the point I keep coming back to... "

See, he can't make a statement because he needs all the facts, see, because he's a thinker, not a hedger!


See that video up there, Hermie? The one that includes all the "context" you could ask for?

Guess that 3 am call would be a real problem for you then, huh?