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VIDEO: 2013 Superbowl Ad time! Name the Clydesdale and... well, um. Wow. Whew! It's hottt in here!




Introducing our newest foal, who was just 7 days old during the shoot.

kate upton super bowl ad sexy

The Kate Upton ad never made the cut. Too hottt (and sexist) to air, especially when you think about the panicky hubbub after all that scandalous NippleGate-itude on Super Bowl Sundee 2004. One wardrobe malfunction was enough, apparently.

As for the loveable Clydesdale ad, am I a complete dork if I teared up at a beer commercial?

And how about naming the very impressive, simply adorable horsie Barack Hussein or ACORN just to get under a few of our Republican friends' skin?

Oh, but I kid the GOP.

UPDATE: Here's another Superbowl ad. This one is nothing to laugh at and comes from Mayors Against Illegal Guns:


VIDEO: Interviewer "flashes her naked undercarriage to the Serbian Prime Minister"


oh surprised

The quote in the headline is from The Sun article about Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dacic being rather, erm, surprised by a frisky interviewer who caught him "unawares by the cheeky prank" she played on Croatian television:

He thought he was in the studio to answer questions on Balkan politics - but instead was treated to a full-frontal from the show's sexy presenter.

Talk about journalistic transparency.

basic instinct sharon stone

But Dacic took it all in stride. He sneaked a peek and then chuckled a little. Had this happened in the U.S. of A., can you even begin to imagine the coverage of the, er, lack of coverage? It would be THE story 24/7. Gasp! Scandalous!

We'd be falling all over our fainting couches getting a case of the vapors, fanning ourselves and begging for smelling salts and mint juleps.

And of course, Fox would be screaming, "Slut!!!" and accusing the poor woman of liberal journalism while mooching off Big Government while having gratuitous abortions while illegally entering the country while living off food stamps which is of course why she couldn't afford underwear.

Then they'd blame Obama.

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Not Safe For Work: PhotOh! Chicago Republican website is hottt!


By GottaLaff

Correction (title edited to reflect): The site belongs to an individual who labels it Chicago GOP, but is apparently not affiliated with GOP. Thank you HeidiEKMassey. My information was wrong. is an unnofficial site for Republicans.

I've always admired the Rushpublic party for standing up for Family Values, labeling themselves the Family Values Party, being so Family Values pure of heart, condemning others for their prurient ways, raising their eyebrows at the mere mention of the Sex Word, shaking their fists angrily at extra curricular activities like extra marital affairs, visits to Voyeur-istic venues, revealing photos...

Why, I feel safer and more protected just knowing they are always looking out for the children and the more prim and proper among us. They'd never expose, say, readers to anything that comes close to racy. Certainly not a woman's bare boobuses!

Oh. Wait:

H/t: Misha44_