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What I will not write about today: News stories, links, and snarkitude


frustrated35Sometimes I get so frustrated and/or disheartened and/or annoyed by some of the news stories of the day that I can’t bring myself to write about them. Here are a few recent reports that made my blood pressure hit the roof. I am avoiding delving into them at length out of concern for my physical and mental health.

UPDATE: Yessss!

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See what I mean? So who’s up for a couple of Margs or a trough of wine?

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Serial plagiarist Rand Paul blames staffers. No wait, "mistakes due to busy schedule." Did he lift the excuses too?


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Why it seems like only yesterday when I posted, VIDEO: Rand Paul's Wiki-plagiarism scandal "is getting worse by the day." And it just did.

Here we go again:

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Rachel Maddow:

Now the controversy about Rand Paul as an author is what was first reported by Buzzfeed's Andrew Kaczynski over the weekend. He reported that three solid pages of Senator Paul's most recent book was lifted without quotation marks directly from a right wing think tank.

For context I should tell you, that is a block of text longer than the lead story in today's New York Times, just copied straight up and reprinted in his book as if it is his own words.

And another section of the same book was lifted directly from a different right wing think tank.

And then tonight, yet more! Mr Kaczynski at Buzzfeed reporting tonight on yet another example of Rand Paul lifting language, in this case from a magazine article for an oped that he wrote in the Washington Times; he then apparently  repurposed that same plagiarized text to use as testimony in the Senate.

Asked on ABC's Sunday morning show yesterday about just some of what he has been caught stealing from others and presenting as his own work, Senator Paul told ABC that the people reporting this information about him are "hacks and haters."

But the "hacks and haters" aren't the only one Rand Paul is blaming. And his story seems to be changing minute to minute.

The Hill:

November 05, 2013, 12:42 pm: Paul's office blames staffers after string of plagiarism charges:

Sen. Rand Paul’s (R-Ky.) office on Tuesday said it is implementing a new approval process for the Kentucky Republican’s speeches and writing in the wake of plagiarism charges, adding that "supporting facts and anecdotes" from staffers were not "clearly sourced or vetted properly."

November 05, 2013, 01:41 pm: Paul: Mistakes due to busy schedule:

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) on Tuesday blamed his busy schedule for the plagiarism controversy that has engulfed him in the past week. But he ruled out firing any staffer over the controversy. 

In an interview with The New York Times, Paul also said he could not guarantee other instances of plagiarism would not surface. He could not say if the charges would affect his decision to potentially run for president in 2016.

So which is it, Rand? And is that really your name, or did you lift that too?

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VIDEO: Rand Paul's Wiki-plagiarism scandal "is getting worse by the day." And it just did.


rand paul plagiarist

UPDATE: Looks like things just got more serious for the Serial Plagiarist:

It looks like Sen. Rand Paul does indeed have a plagiarism problem:

An entire section of Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul’s 2013 book Government Bullies was copied wholesale from a 2003 case study by the Heritage Foundation, BuzzFeed has learned. The copied section, 1,318 words, is by far the most significant instance reported so far of Paul borrowing language from other published material. […]In this case, Paul included a link to the Heritage case study in the book’s footnotes, though he made no effort to indicate that not just the source, but the words themselves, had been taken from Heritage.

And if anyone dares to accuse him, he'd challenge them to a duel! Follow the link.

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Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Rachel Maddow exposed Rand Paul's plagiarism of-- tadaa!-- Wikipedia of all things. This is Part 2 of what is now a multi-part story.

How hard could it have been for Paul to simply say, "According to Wikipedia..."? That's all it would have taken. So simple that even a tea partier could do it.

This man-- the same man who is not a fan of the Civil Rights Act-- wants to be president of the United States.

Rachel Maddow:

He's reading off a teleprompter! This is a prepared speech!

When you are running for president, a plagiarism scandal is not something that you want on your resume, especially not one as embarrassing as plagiarizing from Wikipedia, repeatedly.

But that is what Rand Paul has on his hands now, and in the face of this mounting evidence now that this wasn't an isolated incident, this is a repeat thing, Senator Paul is not talking...

He may not want to answer for it, but he's going to have to. This is getting worse by the day.

UPDATE: As Rachel just tweeted, "Rand Paul plagiarism story gets weirder":


The rest of it is making a mountain out of a molehill from people who basically are political enemies and have an axe to grind.

It's a disagreement on how you footnote things.

I didn't claim I created the movie Gattaca.

This is really about information and attacks coming from haters. [Rachel Maddow] has been spreading hate on me for about 3 years now... I don't see her as an objective news source.

Fusion has more.


"Tea Party GOP Sen. Rand Paul v. Sweet young black sales clerk"


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Via a Facebook chat with my old pal Hugh Kaufman (senior policy analyst with the Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response), with permission:

Proof that there is a God:

U.S. Tea Party GOP Senator Rand Paul v. A sweet young black sales clerk

I was just involved in the best kind of incident at Verizon Center before tonight's Washington Caps hockey game.

At the Caps Team Store pro-segregationist, Senator Rand Paul, tried to cut in line to pay for an item. The sweet young African-American check out lady very politely asked him to go to the end of the line. He ignored her, and wouldn't budge (so much for his opposition to "entitlement"). So I turned to him and pointed to the end of the line, and I told him "the end of the line is over there sir." At which point he walked away in a huff, with "steam coming out of his ears."

(When running for the Senate, Rand Paul said he opposed part of the 1964 Civil Rights Act that outlawed racial segregation...He said he did not support the part of the law that made it a crime to discriminate on the basis of race.)

When I thanked Hugh for allowing me to post his story, he added this little nugget:

Sweet black lady and old furloughed EPA bureaucrat foil entitlement for tea party GOP pro-segregation anti-Govt US Senator.