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Sen. Ben Nelson: "I Think We Can Hold Off on START."


Sen. Ben Nelson thinks national security can wait. Nukes? Pfft:

I think we can hold off on START; I don’t want it to crowd out taxes, debt reduction, and jobs.”

President Obama and Colin Powell would disagree:

President Barack Obama rallied support for a stalled nuclear treaty from former Secretary of State Colin Powell Wednesday, as both men warned of consequences if the Senate fails to ratify the agreement with Russia.


GOP +1 block financial reform bill for third time


By GottaLaff

Here's all you really need to know:

The Party of No, plus Nelson.

Third Senate Test Vote on Financial Overhaul Bill Fails 56-42

Between meeting in back rooms with the Big Bankers, and showing America who their real BFF are by refusing to allow financial reform, all the Rushpublics are doing is exposing themselves to be the obstructionists they are... all while reminding everyone who pays them to be that way.

Keep those votes coming, Dems.

UPDATE: Claire McCaskill makes a good point. She just said on MSNBC that the GOP pretends they don't want to block the bill, while they block the bill.


Who needs Republicans when you've got Ben Nelson?


By GottaLaff

This is what I meant earlier when I said 60 (or 59) Democrats in the Senate is not what the media insists it is (a block of 60-- or 59-- votes):

Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) announced Monday that he will oppose the nomination of Craig Becker to serve on the National Labor Relations Board, likely dooming the nominee’s Senate confirmation.

Thank you Ben. You proved my point.

The controversy surrounding the nomination is due principally to Becker’s background, which many believe displays an anti-free-market and pro-union bent. Becker is a labor lawyer who has served as associate general counsel to the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and the AFL-CIO. For the past 27 years, Becker has taught and practiced labor law and written articles expressing extremely pro-union, anti-business views.

Just FYI:

Senator Ben Nelson 2005 - 2010

Top 20 Contributors to Campaign Cmte

Rank ↓ Contributor ↓ Total ↓ Indivs ↓ PACs ↓
1 NelNet Inc $52,100 $34,100 $18,000
2 Berkshire Hathaway $46,800 $45,800 $1,000
3 Level 3 Communications $39,600 $34,600 $5,000
4 Omaha Steaks $36,100 $36,100 $0
5 AT&T Inc $32,750 $10,750 $22,000
6 Amgen Inc $28,250 $14,250 $14,000
7 Nebraska Beef $25,150 $25,150 $0
8 Microsoft Corp $24,800 $15,800 $9,000
9 Union Pacific Corp $24,750 $18,750 $6,000
10 Prudential Financial $24,500 $20,000 $4,500
11 Citigroup Inc $23,700 $12,200 $11,500
12 21st Century Systems $23,500 $15,900 $7,600
13 PMA Group $22,100 $19,100 $3,000
14 Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corp $20,900 $9,900 $11,000
15 Aetna Inc $20,250 $11,250 $9,000
16 Altria Group $20,000 $3,000 $17,000
16 Comcast Corp $20,000 $10,500 $9,500
18 Cauthen, Forbes & Williams $19,650 $19,650 $0
19 Healthsouth Corp $19,150 $9,150 $10,000
20 American Interventional Pain Physicians $19,000 $0 $19,000
20 Schering-Plough Corp $19,000 $0 $19,000


DNC gave $500K to anti-public option Ben Nel$on's health care ad campaign


By GottaLaff

This will ruffle more than a few feathers, mine included:

Americablog discovers the DNC sent nearly $500,000 to the Nebraska Democratic Committee to run advertisements defending Sen. Ben Nelson's (D-NE) vote for health care reform.

"Nelson announced his support for the much-weakened Senate health care bill on December 19, 2009. He cast his vote for final passage on December 24, 2009. The DNC transferred money to the Nebraska party on December 28, 2009. You do the math."

More from Sudbay:

So, not only did Nelson get bought off with Medicaid funding from the federal treasury, it now appears he got TV ads, paid for by supporters of real health care reform, praising him for killing real reform. As David Dayen noted last week, Nelson was fully prepared to torpedo the bill anyway.

Most state parties would greatly appreciate a $500,000 infusion of cash from the DNC. That doesn't happen very often.

It sure doesn't. Imagine those who could have made, you know, good use of money like that, instead of anti-public option, anti-Medicare-buy-in, anti-abortion rights Nelson.

Way to unify the party, DNC. Enjoy siding with obstructionists much? Apparently, real health care reform and the lives of millions of Americans weren't a huge priority.

As Greg Sargent puts it:

Joe Sudbay reports that your donations to the DNC may have funded ads praising Ben Nelson for watering down reform — perhaps not the goal you intended.

No, perhaps not. Not even close.


Captionary: How Schumer Won Over Nelson edition


By GottaLaff


Chuck could have simply blackmailed him with this photo:

Politico tells the story of how Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) went hunting with Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) in the latter's home state and how, six weeks later, Schumer secured Nelson's crucial vote on health care reform.

Let's hearken back to the days of Dickless McHeartStent during his BushCo hunting stents, er, stints:,0.jpg


Sock-puppet VIDEO mocking Lieberman


By GottaLaff

MoveOn nailed him, right down to the whiny voice and wrinkled sock face:

The video is part of a fundraising drive intended to defeat Lieberman's reelection campaign in 2012.

The group announced today that it has raised $1 million since Thursday.

Traitor Joe and Ben Nelson should go to work as a greeter duo at a Walmart somewhere.


AUDIO- Sen. Nelson: Health care bill 'isn't sufficient'. Psst! Neither is Sen. Nelson


By GottaLaff

Who's impeding the Senate bill? Senator Ben is impeding the Senate bill! Who's our little impeder? Who's our snooky wookums who's doing his bestest to stwip wepwoductive rights fwom women? Attaboy!

Looky there how BenBen continues to let Americans die by being an obstructionist and potentially encourages the deaths of distraught women who must make heartbreaking decisions!

Who's Big Insurance's wittle man? Who's Big Pharma's Big Boy?

Oh Ben? No cookie for you:

Democratic Sen. Ben Nelson told a Nebraska radio station Thursday that he will not vote for the Senate health care bill as it stands because of concerns over insurance coverage for abortions and other unresolved issues. [...]

"If it is not at the point that I think it needs to be with the improvements that I'm pushing, and they've made a lot of them, then I will not vote on cloture on the motion to end debate," Nelson told KLIN on Thursday.