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Tim Geithner won't leave until 2013


Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner's not going anywhere for a little while:

(Reuters) - "Geithner has indicated that he will stay on through inauguration and he will be, obviously, a key participant in the negotiations around the so-called fiscal cliff issues," the White House spokesman told reporters in press briefing.


Quickie- Tim Geithner "confident" he won't be serving a second term


Today's Quickie:

I'm glad he's so confident about this.

Via the L.A. Times:

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner says he's "confident" he won't be serving a second term, even if President Obama is reelected.

"He's not going to ask me to stay on, I'm pretty confident," Geithner told Bloomberg Television on Wednesday. "I'm confident he'll be president. But I'm also confident he's going to have the privilege of having another secretary of the Treasury.

That was today's Quickie. Was it good for you?


Timothy Geithner to stay at Treasury


Via Politico:

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner will stay at his post through the fall and President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign, the Treasury Department announced Sunday.

Via Paul Krugman:

You won’t be surprised to hear that I am very much in sympathy with Drew Westen’s lament about Obama’s unwillingness or inability to change the narrative. I went back to look at my own reactions to the inaugural speech; I’m sorry to say that my misgivings at the time have proved all too justified.

The one thing I might say is that we shouldn’t really wonder what happened to Obama — he is who he always was. If you paid attention to what he actually said during the primary and the election, he was always a very conventional centrist. Progressives who flocked to his campaign basically deluded themselves, mistaking style for substance. I got huge flack for saying that at the time, but it was true, and events have borne it out.

Via me:

I've been saying the same thing as Krugman just pointed out since 2007.  That said, I was a huge supporter once President Obama won the primary. I will vote for him, because the alternative is unthinkable, but I never once thought he was anyone or anything different than the president many are complaining about today. Well, except for that "look forward, not backwards" thing.

He's a good man with whom I disagree often, and also greatly appreciate in a number of ways. But there was never a doubt in my mind that he was and is a centrist.


Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner Considering Leaving After Budget Deal


No final decision yet, but look what Bloomberg is reporting:

Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner has signaled to White House officials that he’s considering leaving the administration after President Barack Obama reaches an agreement with Congress to raise the national debt limit, according to three people familiar with the matter. [...]

Geithner, 49, has told associates that he needs a break from government service after dealing with the turmoil that followed the collapse of Wall Street firms including Bear Stearns Cos. and Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., first as president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and then as Obama’s treasury secretary.

Family considerations also are playing a role in Geithner’s deliberations, according to the people. His son has decided to finish his final year of high school in New York.

I'm not anticipating too many sniffles over this one.