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Bill Moyers Calls Out the GOP -- And Good


Bill Moyers

There's something about the congenial way newsman and journalist Bill Moyers captures the essence of what's going on around him -- soft spoken, folksy and stingingly right on. He's blessed with acute observational skills, an even-keeled disposition and a soothing sanity. As they said about Orson Welles, "he could read you the phone book and make it sound interesting."

Maybe it's his years of experience, his dulcet tones or that his guiding light is his moral compass, but when you want to know how things are in America, there's no greater source or voice of sanity that Moyers. He's not afraid to call out any inconsistency with human nature, no matter what political side your political beliefs. He doesn't really take sides. He observes and he comments. During the government shutdown he made an amazingly astute video.

Veracity Stew:

Moyers not only pointed out the shortcomings of the Affordable Care Act, but also reminded us of the days before this lunacy, when law was law, and lawmakers worked to change laws they didn't agree with, rather than deliberately sabotage the economy, stability, and reputation of the nation in childish protest:

“When the president refused to buckle to their extortion, they threw their tantrum. Like the die-hards of the racist South a century and a half ago, who would destroy the Union before giving up their slaves, so would these people burn the place down, sink the ship of state, and sow economic chaos to get their way. This says it all, they even shuttered the Statue of Liberty.”

If it were my choice, I'd make it mandatory viewing for any incoming or incumbent congress person or senator.

See if you don't agree.


Posh.0: Mitt Romney's ultra mega super duper double secret retreat


In today's L.A. Times, there's a good article that describes the ultra mega super duper double secret retreat at which is ultra mega super duper double secret wealthy schmealthy Republican Romney donors spent a glorious time mingling and wining and dining with each other's ultra mega super duper double secret open wallets at a fancy schmancy Utah resort.

As the Times points out, this was not exactly the image Willard Romney wanted out there. The only visual that could have topped it would be the candidate rolling around with naked rich people and their dressage horses in a hot tub filled with cash under a canopy upon which an intestinally tortured dog trapped in a crate would be perched.

The 700+ donors at this Big Do have given Team Willard at least $25,000 each, and many having donated much more than that.

While the ultra mega super duper double secret Utah retreat was underway, so were other private gatherings hosted by the billionaire Koch brothers (in Carlsbad, CA) and the Republican Jewish Coalition (where Sheldon Adelson sits on the board) in Beverly Hills. Well, la dee da, so much for image.

But back to Utah. Speakers included Ann and Mitt, of course, as well as John McCain, Jeb Bush, Condoleezza Rice, Bobby Jindal, and everyone's favorite Eddie Munster lookalike, Rep. Paul "Kill Medicare" Ryan. And heading panels on all sorts of topics like health care and the financial industry were Meg Whitman and Karl Rove. It was a regular Who's Who of liars extremists GOP supah stahs!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Rove's American Crossroads is "a super PAC that cannot coordinate its message strategy with Romney's campaign but can collaborate on fundraising." So there he was in Park City, Utah, not coordinating, just collaborating.

Here are a few excerpts from the Times article filling us in on how the 1%, who love to tell anyone who will listen how much they disdain the "Hollywood elite", spent their three days:

At a private retreat this weekend, major Romney campaign donors quaffed 1927 Port they'd brought in for the occasion, mingled in the lobby of a posh resort called the Chateaux at Silver Lake and watched an aerial display of Olympic ski jumpers. [...]

"They're our major investors," a senior Romney advisor said, declining to speak openly because of the campaign's desire for secrecy. [...]

The retreat was closed to the media, in keeping with Romney's secrecy about who is raising money for his campaign. He has declined to release the names of bundlers, those who collect funds from others on behalf of the campaign. Romney was not seen in public except when he waved at reporters from his motorcade.

(Secrecy extended to the invitees; one said that while he was to attend one in a series of intimate dinners Saturday night, he had no idea where it would be held. "They gave us a ticket, a yellow ticket — wherever the yellow ticket takes me," said the donor, who has raised $350,000 for Romney and declined to speak publicly in deference to the campaign's wishes.) [...]

A corporate jet registered in the care of Bain Capital, the private equity firm Romney once headed, was spotted at a nearby private airport.

I'm sure a swell time was had by all. And speaking of being had...


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