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Einstein must have had Republicans in mind when he defined "insanity"


please proceed

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Apparently the Heritage Foundation and Scott Walker are bound and determined to dig their heels into that heap of elephant dung they've created. They're clearly oblivious to the world around them, as well as to Albert Einstein's definition of insanity: "Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

And apparently #2, they are bound and determined to lose elections. Running to the right? Really, GOP? As President Obama would say, "Please proceed."

Here are two headlines from today's Los Angeles Times:

Obamas visit immigration hunger strikers

President and Michelle Obama visit hunger strikers near the Capitol and discuss possible ways forward on the stalled immigration overhaul.

Obama and his wife, Michelle, met with the group for about 30 minutes in a heated tent near the steps of the Capitol to discuss the immigration bill that has stalled in the House.


GOP promise of immigration reform fades a year after election

Despite the importance of the Latino vote, divisions among Republicans leave immigration reform at a standstill.

Changing the way the party talks about immigration is about all House Republicans have to show for their efforts over the last 11 months — and even that effort has notable exceptions. [...]

In fact, the House's most visible immigration-related action was a measure to defund an Obama administration program to defer deportations of young immigrants, a vote that increased Latino animosity even though it failed to become law.

Now stop and think about that contrast, GOP. Who do you think Latino voters will overwhelmingly support... again? Take a wild guess.

Republicans furrow their collective brows and write Very Important political autopsies about softening nothing but their words, and then their (in)actions continue to speak volumes.

So does their timing.

Happy holidays.

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Hey WI Gov. Scott Walker, explain what will happen to 77,000 parents forced off Medicaid. #Obamacare


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Hey Gov. Walker, it was your choice to to have the federal government run Wisconsin's health care exchange.

Speaking of which, how nice that you allow yourself the freedom of choice, but you refuse to make that option available to women who seek health care services, including abortion. In fact, Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald says, ""We have a pro-life majority in the state Senate right now, and because of that there's always a willingness to work on" anti-abortion legislation, which caused one Wisconsin state Dem senator to expect "all out hell."

But I digress.

So Scotty, explain to all those families exactly what contingency plans you have if Obamacare enrollment is still glitchy, or if the federal government makes your plan impossible to implement. 77,000-plus inquiring minds want to know.

Because, see, there's a time gap that will affect people who will lose their BadgerCare (Medicaid) eligibility but would then have to meet the deadline to enroll in the Affordable Care Act via the marketplace.

How's that GOP outreach thing workin' for ya, Scotty?


Wisconsin health care advocates want Gov. Scott Walker to say what will happen with 77,000 adults being shifted off Medicaid in January if they are not able to get coverage through the new health insurance exchange in time. [...]

In late September, the state notified 77,000 people, most of them parents, that they might be affected. But letters letting people know for sure won’t be sent until Nov. 23, when the state expects to be ready to use new federal criteria to determine eligibility. [...]

In late September, the state notified 77,000 people, most of them parents, that they might be affected. But letters letting people know for sure won’t be sent until Nov. 23, when the state expects to be ready to use new federal criteria to determine eligibility.

Just in time for the holidays! Which party is waging a "War on Christmas" again?



WalkerWorld: Achievement gap between black and white Wisconsin students “unacceptably high”


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The LaCrosse Tribune is reporting on how things are going in Scott Walker World, specifically how fourth- and eighth-grade students are coming along.

The good news?

Wisconsin fourth- and eighth-graders are scoring at and above national averages in reading and math, according to results of the National Assessment of Educational Progress tests released Thursday...

The bad news?

... but the results also showed the state’s achievement gap is the highest of all 50 states.

Wisconsin’s gap [between black and white students] is the highest in each of the four areas tested among states, according to the NAEP testing data. [...]

The achievement gap between black and white Wisconsin students is “unacceptably high,” DPI said. Wisconsin’s black students’ average scores were some of the lowest in the country.

Gee, could it have anything to do with his budget funding school vouchers, charter schools "leaving public schools on life support"?


Wisconsin state Dem senator expects "all out hell" on GOP abortion bills


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Anti-abortion, pro-forced birth bills are moving right along in Wisconsin's state Senate, and Democratic Sen. Jon Erpenbach will do everything he can to prevent them... loudly and clearly.

If his name sounds familiar, it's because he was also very vocal during the enormous protests against Gov. Scott Walker a couple of years back.

The typically anti-choice, invasive, War on Women bills in question would:

--Ban abortions "that are solely based on whether the fetus is male or female,"  (AKA sex selection) but Democrats don't think Wisconsin needs a bill like that at all since there are very few, if any, of those procedures that are even performed.

--Prevent public workers' health insurance plans from covering abortions and exempt religious organizations from providing insurance coverage for contraceptives. Contraceptives would be available if they're needed for something other than birth control. This bill is the biggie.


"Their morals are fine for them but not for the rest of the state," Erpenbach said after the hearing. "Government intrusion like this is shocking."... When asked after the hearing how he expected Tuesday's debate to play out, Erpenbach said, "All out hell. Seriously."

Republicans control the Senate 18-15. Gov. Scott Walker has said he supports both bills and will sign them into law once they pass.

Notice the report doesn't say "if they pass."

The hypocrisy by Republicans is astounding. They scream "Small government!" but their version of "small government" becomes hugely intrusive when it suits them."Governor Ultrasound" ring a bell? Sure, government is just small enough to fit into our vaginas.

Memo to Republicans: My body, my choice. Stay the hell out of my uterus and my birth control methods, GOP. Clear?

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small government my ass


Scott Walker made quite an impact at Cuccinelli rallies: A whopping 100/150 people showed up


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Wowee! Scott Walker and Ken Cuccinelli together! At a rally! Oh boyoboy! What could be better than seeing them side by side trashing women and unions? Who wouldn't go to an event like that?!

Two powerhouse conservatives on one stage, and EVERYbody got word of it, so it's a given that it would be a jam-packed photo op. Get those cameras and smartphones revved up, because Scottie and Da Cooch are in the house!

A guaranteed gigantic, enthusiastic, shoulder-to-shoulder crowd, right?




One of the about 100 supporters gathered in a field in this D.C. exurb waved a “Stand with Walker” sign from last year’s recall fight.

At an earlier stop in Spotsylvania, which drew about 150, Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus led the crowd in singing Walker a happy 46th birthday.

Cuccinelli trails in the polls and is the heavy underdog. The attacks on unions are part of a broader effort to motivate the conservative base for the expected very low-turnout election.

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Quickie: Encouraging news from Wisconsin. Yes, Wisconsin.


quickie time

Today's Quickie:

WisPolitics is reporting that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is neck-and-neck with Dem challenger Mary Burke. Walker's laughing the poll off:

Burke campaign spokesman Joe Zepecki said the numbers confirm how deeply divided the state is politically and wants new leadership "that's about solving problems, not picking fights."

And Wisconsin Public Radio is reporting some good news on the marriage equality front. A first:

A Marquette University poll shows that support for same-sex marriage in Wisconsin has increased almost 10 percent during the last year, with a majority now in favor of the practice.

So there.

That was today's Quickie. Was it good for you?


WI Gov. Scott Walker: No comment on new criminal investigation


our lips are sealed

This month we posted two TPC Scott Walker items that are worthy of your attention:

Those are just the tip of the Walker ethics iceberg. Sorry, did I say ethics? I meant ethic-less.

That second story was from yesterday. It was reported that possible violations may have occurred during the Wisconsin recall elections awhile back, and that a secret probe in five Wisconsin counties is underway. A special prosecutor is looking into  possible campaign violations during the recall elections.

But this is a super duper ultra double secret probe, so for now, we have no further information.

Today Scotty Walker is refusing comment. Of course he is. Imagine that...Walker's being tight-lipped yet again on yet another probe into his sneaky little doings.

Via the LaCrosse Tribune:

Walker would not say Monday during a stop at Beechwood Sales and Service in New Berlin whether he, his attorneys or any staff members have been contacted in the probe. His spokesman referred questions to Walker’s campaign, which did not respond to requests for comment from The Associated Press.

Wisconsin Democratic Party chairman Mike Tate said this in a written statement:

“The public has a right to know if their governor is a target of this criminal probe, if he’s provided testimony or if his actions spurred this probe.”

But true to form, Walker isn't talking.