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Your Weekly Upchucks: Shocking Religion News by Author @KCBoyd3



K. C. Boyd, is the author of Being Christian - A Novel,: A black comedy guaranteed to take you on a wild and frightening ride deep into the dark side of the religious right. It is available on Amazon in multiple formats.

She is the go-to blogger for religion, hypocrisy, and all things church v. state.  You can read her earlier posts on The Political Carnival here and more about who she is on her own website here

The Weekly Upchuck March 8, 2015

Abortion, Contraception And Women


  • #EggOnHamsFace: Scientists unearth jawbone of one of the very first humans. Sorry, creationists, it’s way more than 10k years old
  • #HamInMyUpchuck: Ken Ham says the government violated his “freedom” to receive taxpayer subsidies for religious evangelism
  • Mr.Stupid Steps Out.
  • #TheStupidsStepOut: Creationist rejects discovery of 2.8 million-year-old jawbone: Were scientists there?


Fifty Shades Of Hate

  • #SheReallySaidThis: Radio host: Black lawmakers should be ‘hanging from a noose’ for boycotting Netanyahu’s speech
  • #Frank-ly’sDrippingWithHate: Franklin Graham: Muslims Who ‘Hate Israel And Hate Christians’ Run The White House
  • #BirtherBrigade: A recent University of California poll found that 54 percent of Republicans think Obama is Muslim.
  • #OK.Whatever: Right-Wing Activist who Thinks Monster Energy Drinks are Satanic Interrupts Oklahoma Muslim Event
  • #KeepingItClassy: Good Christian Man Pays $200 For Ballot Initiative Requiring Gays Be Shot In Head
  • #ThinMintRampage: Girl Scouts Turn Girls Into Lesbians
  • #BecauseJesus: Pat Robertson Urges Parents Not To Attend Their Gay Child’s Wedding
  • #HypocrisyRising: Matt Barber says you’re a “modern-day Nazi” if you back reproductive choice. Does that include the state of Israel?
  • #ChrisitanISISMuch? Angry conservative wishes beheading on Oregon city official who opposes ‘In God We Trust’ display
  • #DidntKnowHeWasStillAlive: Hate preacher Louis Farrakhan Blames 9/11 Attacks on ‘Zionist Jews’

Fifty Shades Of Hypocrisy And Lying Propaganda

  • #It’sHerPartyAndShe’llCryIfSheWantsTo: Dana Loesch leads religion pity party at CPAC: ‘It’s time to make Christians a protected class’
  • #FamilyValuesLivinLarge: 5-time-married TX lawmaker scrawls complaint against judge who allowed same-sex marriage
  • #ChristianZionistHypocrisy: Israel’s abortion law now among world’s most liberal
  • #TheRightsGoToPhonyTerrorist: Theodore Shoebat Says ISIS Is A Gay Cult And ‘Fags’ Want To Molest Children
  • #FauxNewsSpews: Fox News Pundit: Muslim Holidays Discriminate Against Christians
  • #AnotherGaffe: Frank Gaffney: Was Clinton Aide Huma Abedin Emailing Muslim Brotherhood Spies?

Fifty Shades Of Stark Raving Mad

If Media Is The Message

  • #Sigh.Yawn: Bill O’Reilly’s Call for Holy War Just Articulates What the Right Has Been Doing All Along
  • #AndTheyPrintedIt: USA Today Columnist Cal Thomas: Gay Marriage Is A Sign of the ‘End Times’
  • Israel, End Times Politics And John Hagee
  • #LovinZion: More white evangelicals than American Jews say God gave Israel to the Jewish people
  • APAC Of Lies: AIPAC‘s instructing its lobbyists to tell lawmakers war w/ Iran is preferable to status quo
  • #WorksForNewoCons,MessianicsAndEndTimers: There is only one alternative: continued sanctions, renewed enrichment and in the end military conflict.
  • #BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor: Israel’s prime minister is in Washington to build American support, bolster his re-election campaign, and (clandestinely) push for war on Iran.”
  • #StayOutOfOurForeignPolicy: Almost a quarter of House Dems will boycott Netanyahu congressional address
  • #TheWholeFamDamily: End Times Prophet attends Netanyahu congressional speech
  • #UmNo:NationalReview States That Netanyahu, Not Obama, Speaks for Us
  • #HeightOfIrony: Fundamentalist/extremist John Hagee calling for a united religious front against extremism.
  • #AndThisIsTheTruth: We don’t need Jesus & his band of Dominionists. Humankind is well on the way to destroying the world all on its own.

Politics Nation

  • #CarsonallyDisabled: Ben Carson: Religion is needed to interpret science because ‘maybe it’s just propaganda’
  • #AndSoWeAllLose: Anti-science becomes purely ideological for Republicans
  • #DarkHorseCourtingBacker: Washington’s first official 2016 fundraiser, starring Lindsey Graham and Sheldon Adelson
  • #ExcuseMe? Prison Sex Proves Homosexuality Is A ‘Choice’: Ben Carson Continues His Tradition Of Making Absurd Anti-Gay Statements
  • #SheldonGoesShopping: Rand Paul meets with Sheldon Adelson
  • #ButIsShellyDissingRand? Sheldon Adelson Declares War on Rand Paul
  • #HeStoopsToPander: Ben Carson is Running From His Gay Prison Sex Statements
  • #HuckajesusSpews: Obama Has An ‘Innate Desire To See America A Weaker Country’
  • #OrNot: Why Ben Carson‘s comments about prison turning people will gay will help his presidential bid

Religion Gone Bad

Same Sex Issues

  • #OrNotPhyll: Founding Mother Of The Conservative Movement and Mother Of Gay Son: LGBT Rights Not Inevitable
  • #VaccinateHisMouth: David Barton: The Bible Says There Will Never Be A Vaccine For HIV Because AIDS Is The Penalty For Homosexuality
  • #NextUp:Gomorrah? California lawyer files papers for ‘Sodomite Suppression Act’ to save state from ‘God’s just wrath’
  • #HatingInJesus’Name: Franklin Graham and evangelicals freak out over proposals barring LGBT discrimination in Charlotte

Sausage Makers And Their Sausage


Supremes And Lower Courts




Heads up, Dems!



Wisconsin Governor: Scott Walker (R), at 48%, is in a virtual tie with Mary Burke (D) 47%: Rasmussen Reports.

Democratic challenger Paul Davis is at 51%, beating Republican Governor of Kansas, Sam Brownback, who's at 41%: Rasmussen Reports.

Rasmussen has been described as a "conservative-leaning polling group."

Hey Wisconsin, remember this?

Hey Kansas, remember this?

what's the matter with kansas

Heads up, Dems! You know what to do: Help get as many people as you can registered and to the polls. Get out the vote. Without a huge turnout, without Democrats swarming to the ballot box, we cannot win.

It's up to you.

gotv don't complain vote


Guess who spent over $1 million in legal fees since '12? Hint: Scott Walker's campaign.


scott walker criminal scheme legal fees

It seems like a day doesn't go by that there isn't some news involving Wisconsin's slimy Governor Scott Walker and the infamous John Doe investigation into possible illegal coordination between Walker’s campaign and several conservative groups. Just the other day, we here at TPC posted this: Subpoenas issued in WI John Doe probe, so GOP tried to change law. (And right after that, in an unrelated matter, we learned that the WI GOP may allow cameras next: Poll watchers already allowed 3 feet from voters.) Welcome to Walker World. The latest installment concerns the legal fees Walker's campaign has been racking up. No surprise there.

Per the Wisconsin State Journal's piece regarding a campaign finance report, we find out that since 2012, Team Walker has spent more than a million smackeroos on said legal fees. Wowzers, they must be rich! Oh, but I kid the Big GOP Spenders:

The report, which covers the first six months of this year, doesn’t specify what the money was spent on. But Walker’s campaign has been entangled in a John Doe investigation into possible illegal coordination among conservative groups and Republican political campaigns during the 2012 recall election. [...]

Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokeswoman Melissa Baldauff called the amount of money the campaign has spent on legal fees “completely stunning.”

“The bipartisan (John Doe) investigation isn’t over yet, and we have every reason to believe Walker will spend tens of thousands more, but the staggering amount already spent should be a huge concern for every Wisconsinite who cares about good government,” Baldauff said.

More at the link. Stay tuned, or as Rachel Maddow likes to say, "Watch this space."


WI GOP may allow cameras next: Poll watchers already allowed 3 feet from voters


cameras in faceImage via

voter intimidation voter suppression

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signed a bill this year that let poll observers intimidate get within thirty-six inches of the voters they are hovering over monitoring. Nothing like having the rabidly right wing poll police breathing down your neck while you try to make private choices in what used to be a country that believed in democracy. Now Wisconsin may allow cameras. Now they want their "observers" to be able to record your personal information, too.

Steve Benen at The Maddow Blog on the original law:

The law would allow observers to stand 3 to 8 feet from the table where voters announce their names and addresses and are issued voter numbers, or from the table where people register to vote.

Gee, who could possibly mind if a total stranger, a fanatic extremist partisan with fervently opposing views, overheard your name and address? Or scrutinized and challenged your vote? What could possibly go wrong?

breathing down neck, intimidateImage via

Here's a video of Rachel Maddow explaining the original law in full back in April:

Clearly, that's not enough Dem harassment for Wisconsin Republicans. Now the election bullies observers would be able to unnerve their fellow citizens not just with their presence, but also with cameras and video recorders. If Americans exercising their voting rights happen to rub the monitors the wrong way, then hey, chill them to the bone. Document them. Record them. Use your cameras as weapons. Make them as uncomfortable as possible. Terrify them. Try to suppress their votes by causing them to avoid the polls in order to avoid the poll watchers.

Via the Green Bay Press Gazette:

Wisconsin officials may lift the ban on camera usage by election observers.

The state elections board will meet Monday to vote on proposed changes to election observer rules, the Wisconsin State Journal reported. The Republican-controlled Legislature proposed the ban reversal.

Election observers have been prohibited from shooting photos and video at the polls for the past eight years.

If the ban is lifted, cameras can start being used during the August primary. So much for your privacy, Wisconsinites.


This is going from "creepy" to downright scary.