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VIDEO: Make Palin's head explode. Vote for Scott McAdams


Go ahead... make Former Half-Gov Vindictiva McHatesMurkowski's head explode. Vote for McAdams!

Via my dear pal Larry D. Halstead:


Real World Politics caught up with Scott McAdams at the 2010 Netroots Nation Convention in Las Vegas, NV. Scott is the Mayor of Sitka, Alaska who is the Democrat Nominee for the U.S. Senate running against Teabagger backed candidate Joe Miller and Corporate backed, Republican turned Independent Lisa Murkowski. Scott McAdams is all about serving the needs of Alaska.


Republicans Give Up on Alaska's Joe Miller


The words "nightmare scenario for Republicans" make me all tingly. Via Taegan-

Jonathan Karl of ABC News: "A high-level GOP source tells me party leaders have essentially given up on Republican Senate candidate Joe Miller and are now banking on a victory by write-in candidate Lisa Murkowski as the best bet for Republicans to keep the Alaska Senate seat... With Miller's campaign faltering, the source tells me that Republican leaders are now worried that Democrat Scott McAdams has a shot of winning and that Murkowski may be the only way to stop him."

"The nightmare scenario for Republicans is that McAdams comes in second... trailing 'write-in candidate.'... If enough are tossed out, second place McAdams would be the winner."


Alaska's Murkowski hit by over 100 last-minute write-in bids


I can't decide if this is horridly shameful or brilliant.

Just hours before the final deadline, more than 100 Alaskans came out Thursday to file as write-in candidates in an effort to thwart Sen. Lisa Murkowski's bid to retain her Senate seat.

At the urging of a local talk radio host, scores of people signed up to be write-in candidates with the Alaska Division of Elections before registration closed.


Alaska Division of Elections Director Gail Fenumiai confirmed that at least 100 people filed as write-in candidates. Fenumiai said early Friday morning that she could not give a specific number yet of how many candidates signed up with a name similar to "Lisa Murkowski" because she had not seen all of their names yet.

Dan Fagan, who hosts a popular conservative radio talk show in Anchorage, said that after one listener called in to say he was registering as a write-in candidate, he encouraged others to do the same.

"My thought is, if the state is going to illegally help Lisa, we should at least dilute their ability to do so," he said. "That way, the list will be so long, it won't help her that much anyway."


Poll-itics: Joe Miller's misleading headline about his "double-digit lead"


Here's the headline on Joe Miller's website:

What?! Oh noes! Miller is beating his opponents by double digits? Wowzers, he must be feeling pretty darn cocky right about now! Double digits!

I'm sorry, I'm hearing that may be inaccurate.

As my Twitter pal cbn2 said to me, Miller's campaign neglects the facts.  Murkowski wasn't mentioned in the poll, and Miller is using the poll results (as he sees them, anyway) for campaign fundraising.

How not surprising.

Polling for write-in campaigns is always challenging, so results should be interpreted with caution. For this survey, Rasmussen Reports asked respondents about a choice between Miller and McAdams without mentioning Murkowski. That is the choice voters will see when they enter the voting booth. However, when response options were offered to survey respondents, Murkowski’s name was mentioned.