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WI officials subpoenaed over missing computers, docs involved in redistricting that benefited Republicans


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Rev up your motors, Wisconsin, you've got missing computers, subpoenaed Republicans, and redistricting issues to contend with. The subpoenas are being used to force GOP officials to reveal where the mystery computers, external hard drives, discs and documents are located, and the groups who are making these demands want the answers under oath.

It's been months and months, but the state of Wisconsin never told the plaintiffs, who want to search said computers, where the computers were, and made every effort to block them from finding out, so now the Dems are playing hardball. They want those documents, and they want them now.

The fun never ends in Scott Walker's state...

Via JSOnline:

Groups involved in a long-simmering legal fight with Republicans have subpoenaed Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) and other officials in an attempt to track down computers they want to search.

The move came a week after a panel of three federal judges ordered that two sides and the state quickly resolve their differences. The groups sued the state in 2011 over election maps drawn by Republicans, but for months the case has focused on documents that were improperly withheld from the plaintiffs.

For five months, the plaintiffs have been seeking to forensically search computers used for redistricting to find out why they did not receive documents that were supposed to be turned over to them and to learn if any other records were improperly withheld. So far, they have not been able to learn where the state computers are located, let alone search them.

The groups involved are asking why these records were withheld, and exactly how many records were there? Republican Governor Walker, along with the Republican-controlled legislature, approved redistricting maps that benefited their party in a big way. So what else is new, right? Especially in light of Scott Walker's fascination with the new RNC-backed plan to rig blue state electoral votes in favor of future GOP presidential candidates.

Democratic and immigrant rights groups sued, and in 2012 a three-(federal) judge panel ruled that the way two districts were drawn had violated Latinos' voting rights, so they made some changes.

But lawyers for the legislature did what they could to obstruct the release of documents and were fined. After that, more documents were discovered, and the plaintiffs asked for permission to search three state computers that were used to draw the maps. GOP anti-union Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, who survived a recall election, is one of those who could be subpoenaed.

Remember him?

Stay tuned.


"Dire predictions of 'rampant signature fraud' and 'floods' of phony signatures have been proven false" in Wisconsin recall


We here at TPC have written endlessly about the myths of voter fraud and the attempts at voter suppression through enforcement of Voter I.D. laws.

As Think Progress noted, "voter fraud is rarer than getting struck by lightning — they are potentially having their right to vote stripped away... Many citizens don’t have immediate access to their birth certificate or similar documents required for a voter ID."

A lot of people don’t have a driver’s license, or live too far from a provider to get one, or are too ill to travel or stand in line (some states even require one for absentee voters), or simply can’t afford the money it takes to access the required documents.

Attempts to disenfranchise voters are thinly veiled efforts to stop left-leaning voters from casting ballots. Those who would be affected most by these laws are low income voters, the elderly, young voters, minorities, and as stated above, the ill who can’t leave home, and anyone without transportation... and these groups usually tend to vote Democratic.

Which brings us to the Wisconsin recall. Per the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board ( GAB), not only was there a very low error rate for the signatures collected for the Scott Walker recall petitions, there were also low rates on the petitions for state senators Fitzgerald, Wanggaard, Moulton, and Galloway.

P.R. has the details, but here's the bottom line:

While only 931,000 signatures were submitted, slightly short of the one million claimed, the GAB disqualified only 30,000 from the Walker recall, and about 34,000 from the Kleefisch recall. The three percent error rate is significantly below the 15 percent rate predicted by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. It was also dramatically below the 30 percent rejection rate for the one million signatures collected for the referendum to reverse SB-5, the Ohio collective bargaining measure, in 2011. [...]

The GAB review showed the True the Vote allegations of massive problems to be false... Five "fraudulent" signatures were found... but joke signatures are hardly likely to come from proponents of the recall. [...]

One ... isolated incident did not go unchecked -- the man is facing felony charges. A handful of problems hardly constitute a "flood" of fraud, but these rare instances been repeated endlessly in the past few months by conservative media sources such as American Thinker, the MacIver institute and Red State, and even on the website for the Republican Party of Wisconsin.

Dire predictions of "rampant signature fraud" and "floods" of phony signatures have been proven false.

This article is well worth a read, so please go here to do just that.


Wisconsin recall target State Senator Pam Galloway is resigning. No more GOP majority, for now.


The recall election in Wisconsin is scheduled for May 8th, which can't come soon enough. But, if more than one candidate from a party runs, then that election could become a primary election. Then, the general election would be moved to June 5.

Meantime, Gov. Scott Walker has been stuffing his pockets with all kinds of Koch brothers cash.

All our posts on the Wisconsin recalls are here, including those about the soon-to-be kicked-out Gov. Scotty.

Via JSOnline:

Madison - State Sen. Pam Galloway, who faces a recall election this summer, plans to resign from the Senate shortly, leaving an even split between Republicans and Democrats. [...]

Her resignation would cause the Republicans to lose their Senate majority. Republicans would hold 16 seats and Democrats would hold 16 seats.

The recall election against Galloway will still take place, though, and the repugnant, union-busting Scott Fitzgerald, who is also up for recall, said he would recruit another candidate to run.

Good luck with that.


PhotOH! A picture's worth a million anti-Walker signatures. VIDEO ADDED.


Via @news3jessica

Video added. H/t: @jamieharbor

If the Dems can find themselves a few good candidates, it's buh-bye Scottie and Co.

More posts on this topic here.

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