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Poll-itics: Rep. Ed Markey (D) still leading Gabriel Gomez (R) in Massachusetts


please proceed

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Rachel Maddow:

...A political unknown... and this guy's a young, fresh face. That's one way to see this race. The second coming of Scott Brown....

Those same campaign people that lost Mitt Romney the presidency, who lost Mitt Romney his supposed home state by 23 points, and lost Scott Brown an incumbent U.S. Senate seat in Massachusetts, they are the same people in Massachusetts doing the Gabriel Gomez campaign for the Senate seat against Ed Markey.

So, it's the second coming of Scott Brown either way, right?

Which may explain this survey by Public Policy Polling that shows Rep. Ed Markey (D) continuing to lead Gabriel Gomez (R) by eight points, 47% to 39%.

And a University of Massachusetts at Amherst poll shows Markey leading by 11, 51% to 40%. (H/t: Taegan)

Please proceed, Team Romney.


Ex-Sen. Scott Brown joins Goldman Sachs’ lobbying firm


perfect fit

Expect the expected, that's what I always say. Fox News contributor, Wall Street darling, anti-DISCLOSE Act-er, insensitive ass to his single daughters (see video), and major losing candidate to wonderful new Senator Elizabeth Warren is..


...joining Goldman Sachs’ lobbying firm!

Think Progress: The Boston Globe noted Monday that while Brown himself will not be a lobbyist — Senators may not lobby their former colleagues for the first two years after leaving office, under the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act of 2007“he will be leaning heavily on his Washington contacts to drum up business for the firm.” The position will also allow him “to begin cashing in on his contacts with the financial services industry, which he helped oversee in the Senate.”


Perfect fit.


PhotOH! President Obama's handwritten edits of his inauguration address


obama inauguration speech notes via Pete Souza

The White House has released a very cool photo of President Obama editing his inauguration address in what appears to be very legible (albeit too small for us to see clearly) handwriting.

Is anyone else geeking out in a good way over this image?

(CNN) –The official White House photo was taken by Obama's top photographer Pete Souza. The caption says Obama was working with Jon Favreau, his outgoing speechwriter, in the Oval Office on January 16.

I zoomed in and tried to sharpen it up a little, but it's still too small to read. Follow the CNN link for more:

obama inauguration speech notes via Pete Souza closer

That's about as easy to decipher as this:

scott brown tweets  bqhatevwrOh but I kid the president.



Quickie: Scott Brown will not run for Senate


quickie time

Today's Quickie:


Massachusetts Republican senator Scott Brown will not run in the special election for outgoing Democratic Sen. John Kerry’s seat, according to a Republican source familiar with his plans. Brown’s decision means Kerry’s seat is very likely to remain in Democratic hands.

He may run for governor, though.  More info at the link.

That was today's Quickie. Was it good for you?