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What I will not write about today: News stories, links, and snarkitude


frustrated35Sometimes I get so frustrated and/or disheartened and/or annoyed by some of the news stories of the day that I can’t bring myself to write about them. Here are a few recent reports that made my blood pressure hit the roof. I am avoiding delving into them at length out of concern for my physical and mental health.

UPDATE: Yessss!

sandra fluke run for Congress tweetLink

See what I mean? So who’s up for a couple of Margs or a trough of wine?

drunk 3 wine cartoon


VIDEO-- Gun owner: "After the Newtown massacre and the NRA's disgusting response, I've had enough."


proud parent of a soldier


The NRA's multi-year campaign to wave their wallets in Washington and block gun violence prevention policies has been almost unbeatable—until now.

Earlier I posted a video of Rachel Maddow who had a similar "until now" message. She also informed us of Wayne LaPierre's role as the rodeo clown who diverts our attention from those who manufacture and profit (and then donate that money) from the products that are used in the massacres and gun violence that are becoming all too prevalent: “Wayne LaPierre & NRA exist to make you think of anything other than gunmakers when you feel outraged by gun violence.”

Please watch the Maddow video, because it's a perfect companion to the one above in which this message to Congress couldn't be clearer:

"I'm a gun owner and a proud defender of the Second Amendment. For years, I've watched Congress take money from the NRA and then oppose any kind of reform that helps keep us safe. Well, after the Newtown massacre and the NRA's disgusting response, I've had enough." [...]

"The NRA doesn't speak for me, and they don't speak for the vast majority of Americans, so stop taking their money."


VIDEO: AARP (40 million members), the AFL-CIO (12 million) don't get live TV coverage. The NRA (4 million) did.


what am I chopped liver

After watching the NRA infomercial that Wayne LaPierre pitched during his psychotic breakdown, Lawrence was feeling his blood pressure rise as sharply as we were:

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"Most of those 4 million people disagree with him about a lot of stuff.

"When is the last time this guy got every camera in Washington and live coverage from all cable news networks for something he had to say? He is the CEO of the AARP, which has 40 million members, 10 times the size of the NRA. And the AARP members have more to worry about in the budget negotiations going on in Washington this week than the NRA members have ever had to worry about.

"But if Barry Rand steps up to a microphone to say something about it, I guarantee you no network is going to go live with that.

"And if this guy, who was actually elected to represent 12 million members of the AFL-CIO steps up to a microphone today, no one will go live to him either."

What are they, chopped liver?


The only thing that stops the bad guy with the NRA is a good guy with...


Note to NRA about armed guards

So there I was browsing my Twitter stream when I came across this rather disturbing tweet from my Twitter buddy Chris Geidner:

tweet chris geidner NRA

The "Shield" concept was proposed here, at the NRA infomercial that Wayne LaPierre pitched during his psychotic breakdown.

"Oy!" I grunted to myself, already feeling a little queasy. Unfortunately, you'll be feeling the nausea right along with me. Welcome to WTF World:

tweet nra school guns

If you click on the link, you'll be able to see what people tweeted back to them. UPDATE: Odd, the reply tweets are gone. Suffice it to say there was one of support and a few that expressed their disapproval... strongly.

Need an antidote? Me too! Why here's one now, from another Twitter pal @HaroldItz:

tweet nra remedyFor the win.

I have the best Twitter friends in the whole wide world.


Video- NRA Infomercial: Wayne LaPierre Shares His Psychotic Breakdown


This is seventeen minutes of the least reality based blatherings I've ever heard. No clue if it's the complete speech because no amount of money or love could get me to listen to it twice. By the way, as Twitter is saying, weren't there shitloads of guns at the Ft Hood massacre?


Live Streaming Video- NRA Press Conference on Sandy Hook 1145a



I'm still nauseous from that diatribe.