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GOP official: "I think this ends [Christie's] 2016 chances. It's year after year with this guy."


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No sooner had I posted this video of Chris Christie saying, "I don’t know the cost for the special election and I don’t care," along with a reminder of how some very misguided Democrats support this mean-spirited, not in the least bit liberal, self-serving, conservative loudmouth (WTF is wrong with these people? “Major Democratic donors flock to Chris Christie”)-- and why they shouldn't--than the following National Journal came to my attention.

It's so unexpectedly schadenfreudy to see the GOP acknowledging the Christie Me Me Me It's All About Me Syndrome:

chris christie enough about me

Republicans are fuming over New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's decision to hold an early special election to fill the seat of the late Sen. Frank Lautenberg, with several Washington-based operatives suggesting he's putting his own interests ahead of the GOP's. The decision to hold a separate special election in October 2013—just two weeks before his own election—would give any interested Republican candidates little time to announce, organize a campaign, and raise the necessary money to take on a top-tier Democrat, likely Newark Mayor Cory Booker. [...]

"I think this ends his 2016 chances. It's year after year with this guy," complained one senior Republican official.

Republicans eating their own smaller

Fun stuff, good times, swell excerpt, but will they still feel that way in a year or so? Stay tuned.

schadenfreudeH/t: Taegan


Video- Al Sharpton: Limbaugh "Is At War With The CEO" Of Cumulus Media


Poor Rush, my heart aches for him. More here and here. Via MM.

The next earnings call for Cumulus is tomorrow and Dickey will undoubtedly be asked by Wall Street analysts how Limbaugh’s performing on the 40 Cumulus stations that carry the show. Despite Limbaugh’s immense value, Dickey has previously claimed that Cumulus’s top three stations had lost $5.5 million as a result of the anti-Limbaugh backlash. A while back, ThinkProgress obtained a memo showing the 96 national companies that had reportedly asked Cumulus to not broadcast their commercials during the Limbaugh program.

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Conservative John Podhoretz: "The weird condescension [Obama's] opponents display toward him is ludicrously wrongheaded."



John Podhoretz is the editor of Commentary magazine, a former editorial-page editor of The New York Post, and co-founder of the Weekly Standard. As you can see, he's not exactly left-leaning.

He wrote a piece at Commentary, calling it, "Time to Get Serious." Here are a couple of excerpts, including the following head-scratcher that implies golfers can't also be Very Serious People:

Barack Obama is a serious man. Yes, he likes to golf, and yes, he ran a campaign with cutesy Facebook pictures and seemingly inane Flash slideshows like “Life of Julia.” No, he does not seem interested in the mechanics of legislation, nor does he seem adept at negotiation. But the weird condescension his opponents display toward him is ludicrously wrongheaded. They seem eager to believe he is a lightweight, and he is not. Obama is very possibly a world-historical political figure, and until those who oppose him come to grips with this fact, they will get him wrong every time.

I'm not entirely sure his opponents can even "come to grips" with the fact that Obama twice won the presidency, was born in this very country, isn't a French gay Marxist Kenyan socialist commie, and doesn't want to take away our guns while presiding over death panels that consist of undocumented brown-skinned immigrants who can't wait to convert every ballot to Spanish while making a hobby of having multiple daily abortions.

He describes some of President Obama's accomplishments, albeit not in very flattering terms, but does add:

That isn’t luck. It’s skill. Rare skill. Political genius of a kind.

no wayBy "genius," Podhoretz likely means this:



But then it gets really entertaining when he starts in on Willard M. Romney:

Mitt Romney proved to be so inept as the chief executive of his own campaign that his polling was based on faulty assumptions that could easily have been corrected, his get-out-the-vote machine failed because it had never been tested, and his Facebook page crashed.

His Facebook page crashed on top of all that other stuff? That's hilarious! Why don't I remember that?

Podhoretz does get a few things wrong, including the part where he calls Obama a "post-1960s left-liberal." Seriously? Did he not read the reports of President Obama's willingness to cut Social Security benefits? Or his strong consideration of signing off on a disaster-in-waiting (see: State Dep’t. draft report looks promising for backers of Keystone XL pipeline)? Or his indefinite detention of detainees at Guantanamo Bay? Or his stance on wiretaps? Or his reluctance to go after Bush, Cheney, and company for lying us into a fraudulent invasion of a sovereign country and torturing prisoners? Or allowing nearly all of the Bush tax cuts to remain in place? Some liberal.

He ends by again referring to the president as "a serious man" ...whose era-- the dreaded "Age of Obama"-- must end.

But I give him credit for what he got right and especially for allowing me a brief Moment of Schadenfreude.

 you must be a very serious journalist


Fox "News" [sic] ratings at 12-year low



maddow o'reilly

Need a lift? Tired of all the political bickering? In the mood for a little upbeat news? Well, wait no more.


Fox News had its worst prime time TV ratings in twelve years, since back in 2001. HuffPo:

...Fox News had its worst prime time ratings in the coveted 25-54 demographic since August 2001, and its lowest total day ratings since June 2008.

There now, wasn't that fun?

but wait there's more

It gets better. Per Politico, The Rachel Maddow Show was the only non-Fox News program to enter the top 10:

And “The Rachel Maddow Show” topped CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight” this month, and also ranked number one among the 18-34 demo.



...and if Maddow were to continue creeping up the list, it would mean a real sea change. Overall, MSNBC... was the only cable news channel to grow its ratings from 2012.

Poor Fox. On 3, let me hear as insincere an "Awwww" as you can muster up. Ready? 

1... 2... 3!



Ouch! Eliot Spitzer: "Nobody's watching... Somebody needs to buy" Current.


spitzer current

I couldn't help myself, I tweeted this link over to Keith Olbermann.


Via Fishbowl NY:


I caught up with Eliot Spitzer while he was waiting for his guest to arrive and asked him how he’s faring over at Current TV. “Nobody’s watching, but I’m having a great time,” he told me. “I don’t mean to be facetious, but I am really enjoying myself. It’s like having a cocktail party with friends every night.” Pausing for a moment he added, “Somebody needs to buy the network.” And perhaps they will, he mused, if for no other reason than to snap up Current’s distribution system.  

ouch smallerIn case you missed it, Keith Olbermann sued Current TV.


Chris Christie on the decline


Trying. Not. To. Explode. With. Schadenfreude

Chris Christie's popularity has declined significantly over the first half of 2011 and he would have a very difficult time winning reelection if voters in New Jersey went to the polls today.

Only 43% of voters in the state approve of the job Christie is doing to 53% who disapprove. That -10 approval spread represents a 13 point decline from when PPP last polled the state in January, when Christie's standing was 48/45. Christie's numbers are steady with Republicans. But independents have really turned on him, going from approving by a 55/39 margin to disapproving by a 54/40 margin. And his crossover popularity with Democrats is on the decline as well- where 23% approved of him in January now only 16% do.



Climate change critics' project, funded by Charles Koch Foundation, supports (gasp!) scientific consensus



What more appropriate way to kick off a TPC fundraiser than with a post about the most notorious GOP donors this side of Karl Rove and his band of GPS thugs, the Koch brothers. Our cause is worth it, theirs is the reason this site must succeed.

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Now, here's the story: This is delightfully schadenfreudy, so grab some extra crispy freude to go with your schaden, pour yourself a drink, sit back, and enjoy the ride.

The Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation-- yes that Koch-- is funding the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature project. This is a study intended to debunk all those silly climate change scientists' findings, because they are clearly delusional and are only imagining that we the people could possibly create enough pollution to alter the earth's climate.

What? No way. Us earthlings, mess up our own planet? Pfft. It's much more important to cling to our coal and nuclear plants and oil rigs and gas-burning cars and nobody-- not nobody, no way, no HOW-- is gonna pry them from our fracking cold dead exhaust pipes.

But something really amusing happened on the way to the Americans For Prosperity tea party rally. All that data? The data that a team of UC Berkeley physicists and statisticians came up with to mock warnings about global warming? So far, it has come up with the same results as all those Commie pinko French gay Kenyan socialist Marxist liberal tree-hugging scientists did.

So there:

... Muller unexpectedly told a congressional hearing last week that the work of the three principal groups that have analyzed the temperature trends underlying climate science is "excellent.... We see a global warming trend that is very similar to that previously reported by the other groups."

The hearing was called by GOP leaders of the House Science & Technology committee, who have expressed doubts about the integrity of climate science.

Oh man, bummer.

Here's the best part. The best part ever. Look who's dumping their slimy cash into this little review to prove us right:

The Berkeley project's biggest private backer, at $150,000, is the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation. Oil billionaires Charles and David Koch are the nation's most prominent funders of efforts to prevent curbs on the burning of fossil fuels, the largest contributor to planet-warming greenhouse gases.

Their digging isn't done yet, and at this rate, I wouldn't put it past the Koch-heads to somehow, you know, alter the Berkeley team's final product. But at least for now:

The L.A. Times has more.