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Your Weekly Upchucks: Shocking Religion News by Author @KCBoyd3



K. C. Boyd, is the author of Being Christian - A Novel,: A black comedy guaranteed to take you on a wild and frightening ride deep into the dark side of the religious right. It is available on Amazon in multiple formats.

She is the go-to blogger for religion, hypocrisy, and all things church v. state.  You can read her earlier posts on The Political Carnival here and more about who she is on her own website here

The Weekly Upchuck June 21, 2015

Abortion, Contraception And Other Women’s Issues

Begin The Crusades


Fifty Shades Of Hate

  • #UncleTom Black pro-gun pastor, E. W. Jackson, tells Fox: ‘Hate crime’ means shooter is prejudiced against ‘biblical views’ — not race
  • #ForTheLoveOfGod 30 of the Most Violent Exhortations from the Bible, Torah and Quran
  • #HittingBottom Sandy Rios of The American Family Association: Obama ‘Enjoyed’ Charleston Shooting
  • #EwwwwJackson Fox News pastor EW Jackson links gay people to #CharlestonShooting, says they created anti-Christian climate
  • #OilySickSlick Texas Oil Exec Stops His Car to Punch a Gay Pedestrian Unconscious

Fifty Shades Of Lies And Propaganda

  • #OrkinMan Tom DeLay fears martial law is coming, hails Cliven Bundy over armed standoff
  • #OrkinRedux Tom DeLay pledges to defy the “ten” justices on the Supreme Court over marriage equality
  • #FalseFlag Lindsey Graham downplays race after black church shooting: People ‘looking for Christians to kill them’
  • #Goebbelesque Why (Racist) Conservatives Only Talk About ‘Religious Liberty’ Re Charleston

Fifty Shades Of Stark Raving Mad

  • #PropheticPoop Apparently, American Pharoah’s Triple Crown is a prophetic sign that Christians are poised to take over the culture
  • #NastyRacistAssholes NRA board member blames Charleston shooting deaths on pastor’s vote against guns in churches

If Media’s The Message

  • #HasHeReadTheBible? Fox pundit warns of polygamy if marriage laws aren’t based on ‘scripture’
  • #TheComfortOfHate Ray Comfort has a new movie coming out aimed at helping Christians defend their “convictions about homosexuality and gay marriage.”
  • #MarxistInTheFOXhole Fox host freaks out over ‘Marxist’ Pope Francis: He is ‘the most dangerous person on the
  • #SavageIgnoramus Michael Savage: Pope Francis Like False Prophet ‘Directing Mankind To Worship The Antichrist’
  • #AmberGrainsOfHomophobia Iowa radio host Jan Mickelson furious about the LGBT “freak show,” Caitlyn Jenner’s transition
  • #HereATrollThereATroll Houston man trolls airwaves with anti-gay ads
  • #DoocyDoozer Fox’s Steve Doocy: In the wake of Charleston, we must arm our pastors and priests.- it’s an attack on Christians
  • #TruthBusters Fox News contributor dismisses claim that #CharlestonShooting was racial hate crime, says it’s about abortion rights

Israel, End Times And Hagee

  • #SpawnOfBill Anne Graham Lotz says gay marriage is Satanic and pushing the world into the End Times
  • #BecauseEndTimes Greg Laurie on Israel and End Times Prophecy: ‘America Needs Israel More Than Israel Needs America’
  • #DanceWithTheirDevil Israeli schools are using a Bible curriculum designed by Hobby Lobby’s team of Evangelical scholars
  • #WakeUpDiaspora! Israel’s Religion Minister: ‘Reform Jews Are a Disaster to the Nation’
  • #ComeOneComeAllAndJoinTheApocalyse When it comes to inciting a clash of civilizations, no one trumps the fundie Xtians
  • #BeginTheEnd Israel Church Set Ablaze in Possible Jewish Extremist Attack
  • #UppingTheAnte Netanyahu refuses U.S. request to disavow Michael Oren’s claims Obama abandoned Israel

LGBT Issues

  • #BoycottLouisiana Bobby Jindal will not be deterred: Standing firm against SSM
  • #WhatAFeteItWillBe 175,000 Pledge To Party If Anti-Gay Australia Couple Divorces Over Same-Sex Marriage
  • #WhyAreThereSoManySongsAboutRainbows? Homophobic “Christian” Threatens to Call Police On Widow
  • #InTheirFaces Baltimore Woman Vows To Make Her ‘Relentlessly Gay’ Yard Even Gayer After Homophobic Note

Politics Nation

  • #BatsInHisBelfry Greg Gianforte, aspiring Republican governor of Montana, urges college students to reject policy that favors savings plans and retirement options because, like Noah, Christians have “an obligation to work” until they are hundreds of years old
  • RememberThis? Jebya Tells Pamela Geller He Will ‘Trust His Brother’ to Deal With the ‘Islamic Threat’
  • #PureFroth Rick Santorum says he will fight a court ruling for gay marriage as part of “protecting children”
  • #BringsToMindPedophileForHuckabee Rick Santorum asked about child molestation, answers by boasting about his opposition to gay marriage
  • #PartyOfFools Why Bush, Rubio Can’t Quit the Radical Right
  • #SprigOHate FRC’s Peter Sprigg cannot support Donald Trump in his run for president because Trump invited Catilyn Jenner to be a judge at the Miss USA Pageant.
  • #BecauseTheyVote If US nones are growing, why does the Republican campaign often feel like a revival meeting?
  • #BecauseGOP Why Do Republican Officials Keep Partnering With Christian-Nation Extremist David Lane?
  • #LovesGlocksHatesHumanity Huckabee: If Only Somebody in That Prayer Meeting Had a Concealed Carry…
  • #RacistToTheMarrow Lindsey Graham: The Confederate flag is “part of who we are” in South Carolina — even if “it’s a racist symbol”
  • #NeverForget Jeb Bush Brags About Interfering In Schiavo Case At Conservative Conference
  • #HawkALoogie Huckabee: ‘One Racist Lunatic’ Doesn’t Mean The Confederate Flag Is Problematic
  • #RacistPedophileLovingPig Huckabee: South Carolina Can’t Be Racist Because They Elected Haley And Scott
  • #BigFrothyPussy Rick Santorum won’t say if he thinks the Confederate Flag should come down. His opinion is that he should keep his mouth shut and look the other way. Rick Santorum is a coward.

Religion Gone Mad Gone Bad

Sausage Makers And Their Sausage

  • #HotMess GOP Rep. Jody Hice claims that secularism breeds Big Government, divorce, crime and gang violence
  • #StateElectionsMatter Michigan lawmaker Gary Glenn wants school officials held criminally liable for teaching students about homosexuality
  • #AndHeNeverWIll Iowa’s Governor Branstad is the only man in the state who can authorize payment for an abortion He’s never done so.

  • #PersistenceAndTheLongGame Michigan Republicans Cindy Gamrat & Todd Courser introduce bills setting the stage for “RFRA for Marriage”
  • #GoodChristianManspeak Bobby Jindal Attacks President Obama’s Gun Violence Comments As ‘Completely Shameful’
  • #RacistPigs Mike Huckabee, Lindsey Graham and Rick Perry have all defended states flying the Confederate flag
  • #RememberPencesFolly IBM Punishes Louisiana For Governor’s Anti-Gay Executive Order


Science/History – - Or Not

  • #TangledUpInMiley Creationist Ken Ham on Miley Cyrus’ sex life: If evolution is true, why not involve an animal?
  • #Truthbomb The Founders Loathed Superstition and We Were Never a Christian Nation
  • #Boom! How Pope Francis just destroyed the GOP’s religious con artists

Theocracy Rising

  • #WontStand Michigan And North Carolina Republicans Enact Un-Constitutional Theocratic Laws
  • #AntiAmerican Matt Staver: Christians Must Stand Their Ground, ‘Disobey’ Unjust Laws Limiting Religious Freedom
  • #WhatsNext?TheGuillotines? When the Creation Museum is named a ‘top workplace,’ we’re in trouble
  • #TheocracyRisen Sen. James Lankford will receive the D. James Kennedy Center for Christian Statesmanship’s Distinguished Christian Statesman Award at a ceremony on Capitol Hill
  • #GameOn Southern Baptists declare ‘spiritual warfare’ on Supreme Court with resolution denying marriage authority
  • #BiblicalLaw Texas GOPers Take Anti-Constitutional Position on Supreme Court and Marriage
  • #GrandOldPukes NH GOPers demand RNC official shut up or resign after learning she supports gay marriage
  • #TheocracyAlert Jeb Bush Says Catholic Dogma Trumps US Government
  • #GohmertsTheocraticPile Louie Gohmert tells the Supreme Court: Jesus’ law more important than constitutional law



"It's going to take a scandal," McCain Tells Chuck Todd




In a discussion of the role of money - and the pipe dream of campaign financing reform -- in campaigns and politics, something spilled out of John McCain's old, white pie-hole that made sense. Worlds apparently collided when we were watching the intelligent and informed peoples.

"It's going to take a scandal," the senator fake-mourningly shook his head with a whisper of regret and a shrug of his shoulders to MSNBC's Chuck Todd … who is headed for Meet the Press. Humph.


John McCain

No sympathy for McBombBombs, he's got plenty of plenty. Plus he made that Palin thing happen to us.


This is where lumbering gridlock and champion partisanship run mutually amok, hit each other head-on and produce a brief period of bruising Reality.



Gov. Cuomo Under the Morning Joe Schmoe Guns


To start off with a degree of honesty, what Andrew Cuomo has been up to in Albany doesn't appear to early bird eyeballs like it's going to end well, New York state ethics commissions are traditionally riddled with contradictions. And arrests.

To put it generously.

This week, however, it appears that the Right -- from Fvx Noise hate radio to whatever Joe Scarborough purports to be besides a country law-yer -- is ready to pounce. Cuomo, like his father before him, has the unenviable task of overseeing a government in Albany that in turn keeps an eye on the rivers of cash that flow through Wall Street and supposedly water the nation and the free world.


This is all the perfect climatic environment for corruption. Now we generally flock to those who fight corruption, that's our designated role as Americans.

Even when another New York state gubernatorial scandal dispensed with Eliot Spitzer, there were still echoes of respect for the bulldog he had been about cleaning up some of Wall Street's more glaring putrid pockets of ethics gone bad.


However. When the entire Morning Joe Schmoe and Morning Mika roundtable piles on Cuomo with the absurd conflation that if Chris Christie were in Cuomo's shoes, the media would be going gonzo … it's time for some pushback.

Check the vultures out, it took a while for Joe to get the tortured Huey Long metaphor fixed in place.

Memo to Scarborough, Robert Penn Warren you ain't.



Chris Hayes had a delicious segment 12 hours after Morning Schmoe and Mika gunned it.



The Lure of Scandal … drifts into a juicy The New Yorker Spy Story


I came late to the party to two major political dramas highly prized by the liberal community, but sure am having a delightful time catching myself up. If you enjoy either of them, described briefly below, you'll enjoy this long form but magnetic real-life spy story over at The New Yorker.

It even has an Albanian plot line for Russia parallels, with Ukraine and Putin being a hot topic.


Now House of Cards, that was virtually Binge By Imperative. You guys catching this Netflix creation? I tried watching only three at a time, no way José, or no way Robin Wright Penn, as it were.

It didn't help so much that I had seen the Brit version, but tried to erase that mentally and just take the unusual camera and actor exaggerated interaction with a grain of salt.

What did translate beautifully to American politics was the loving attention to minutiae and the gratuitous sexually provocative moments ... like when Kevin Spacey got in on the Secret Service cutie-patootie mènage his wife was indulging in to make it an authentic party of three.

GIF courtesy

GIF courtesy

Certainly as complex in plot lines and underlining the politically scandalous exceptionally well in regular television -- network, even, go ABC for apparently this one show and whatever else folks are hooked on from genius and some kind of modern cultural oracle, Shondra Rhimes -- with Olivia Pope and her cohorts on Scandal.


As stated, if you enjoy either show, have a gander at this piece at the New Yorker, just excerpting a generous paragraph below, but the entire piece is so worth the time.

Macintyre tells Philby’s story through the prism of his longtime friendship with another young star of M.I.6, Nicholas Elliott. The two men were of a piece. Elliott’s father, Claude, was the headmaster of Eton. According to Macintyre, the elder Elliott “loathed music, which gave him indigestion, despised all forms of heating as ‘effete,’ and believed that ‘when dealing with foreigners the best plan was to shout at them in English.’ ” Like Philby, Elliott went to Trinity College, Cambridge, and did not join public service so much as he was ushered into it. A family friend, Sir Nevile Bland, “simply told the Foreign Office that I was all right because he knew me and had been at Eton with my father.” (Sir Nevile’s words of advice to Elliott: “In the diplomatic service it is a sackable offense to sleep with the wife of a colleague,” and “I suggest you should do as I do and not light your cigar until you have started your third glass of port.”) Elliott trusted and revered Philby. Their families vacationed together. Elliott modelled himself on his friend, Macintyre writes: “his spycraft, his air of worldly irony, his umbrella with an ebony handle. . . . They were as close as two heterosexual, upper-class, mid-century Englishmen could be.”