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Lauren Mayer: "The Iran Nuclear Deal Rag''



Lauren Mayer is a singer/songwriter/pianist who writes comedy songs about everything from Supreme Court decisions to the Kardashians. She proudly supports leftist causes including equal pay, reproductive choice, fair minimum wage, addressing climate change, and marriage equality.
Note: Check out Lauren's CDs, including her latest, "If My Uterus Were A Gun (And Other Musical Rants From The News)" - available at "" as well as on iTunes and Amazon. Her website is She's on Twitter at @laurenscomedy
Lauren's podcasts are on IndieMediaWeekly.
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From YouTube:

All you need to know about this complicated issue summed up in 2 minutes (and a look at who opposes the deal)


Internal Pressures May Push Putin To Reluctant Action … and La Palin Pontificates



Rachel Maddow continues to do excellent reporting on the situation in Ukraine following the famed shoot down of Malaysian Air Flight 17 this week.

Praise Allah, because the best Hannity could do was summon up a Palin Appearance. From the Prime Putin Seats up North.

Cuz … Putin.

On the day U.N. sanctions were taken and Separatists were persuaded to begin turning bodies of the victims and the crime scene of a crash site over to international investigators and recovery teams, grisly pictures were everywhere.

Including La Palin's yammering face on Fvx Noise.

Speculation on Putin's role and goals is rampant, over at Fvx Nation, by contrast, Hannity was busily tearing down every foreign policy reality that exists for fact-based populations.


Maddow first.

The headline should have warned 'yuz … but of course Hannity and Fvx went to Their Girl in A-las-ka for the latest in erudite and globally informed perspectives on Putin's obligations and prospective moves and all things intellectual, historical and Muscovite.

Because, clearly, she has been watching Putin from her house for the past seven years, full-time. That's why she resigned as an actual politician and descended onto the lower 48 Full Throttle, waving a hockey stick and a lipstick and raving.

Cuz … Putin.

Major Ick, pick up your courtesy Orvis waders at the entrance. [Thanks again, Grumpus McCain.]


To be fair, you'll need one more Maddow to get that taste out of you.

How about introducing a beardless Lawrence O'Donnell back to the small screen?

priority fail gop fail

Cuz … Putin.


Hate Radio Jock and Teabagger Mark Levin Blasts the GOP on Hardball. #Priceless




The Tea Party reaction to the stunning McDaniel loss to GOP Senate Relic Thad Cochran earlier this week is still (grin with me) part hysteria, part xenophobic fury and part lousy Redneck loser.

Whenever allegations of 'You cheated!" because an old white dude simply ran a better campaign and took every political advantage over the rookie mistakes the primarily-white-Teabaggers are infamous for, you can bet some excellent and entertaining radio and television aren't long behind.

Enter radio conservative bloviator, and defender of all things TEA (Team Uneducated Asshat) Mark Levin, who obligingly took off his shoes and preceded to stomp a vat of über-sour grapes on Live Tee Vee. To Kornacki's delight.

You probably know of Levin's 'work', a younger and fitter Limpbaugh out there screaming on the airwaves for the Lipton Brigadiers. He turned up on MSNBC's Hardball last night, which was happily hosted by colleague Steve Kornacki - and oh my, did the inter-party fists and Words o' Fury fly!

Image courtesy our good friend Mel Neuhaus, @acehanna54

Image courtesy our good friend Mel Neuhaus, @acehanna54

Have a gander. It's impossible not to grin like a fool as a liberal, trust me. The third man at the slug-fest was relatively mild-mannered John Feehery, familiar face as a GOP 'strategist'.

The undertones about Cochran having used 'liberal voters' to swing the tide his way is barely-veiled (not even sure he was trying for a veil, just that we want to see one to maintain some faith in decency and humanity) in Levin's contempt, and the quotes from Tea Loser McDaniel himself fill in the blanks for us.

No matter what happens, Blame the Black Guy. Or 'his people'. Reach down deep, find the hate you were taught, and let it fly - Fvx Nation has your back 24/7.

It earned Kornacki's Hardball wrap-up segment, which offers a pretty sane perspective on the GOP hate based schism that is such a joy to Progressives, Liberals, Dems, Indies and apparently even the few Republicans holding on to a scrap of gray matter.

So THAT'S what is driving the Tea Party Hate Schooner into the shoals?! Hate is powerful stuff.

Keep gunning your engines, Tea Party. We won't even need to send wreckers out to help you along, apparently you're doing a fine job of jettisoning yourselves out of American history.

Save those tricorns, your only future now is in Reenactments and old glory stories. Because our team is going to Vote Vote Vote your ignorant asses (McDaniel and Palin being perfect evidentiary examples) out of existence, one Regressive candidate at a time.


Primarily Liberally Fun Tuesday: Mississippi Tea Party #fail#fail#fail



Chris McDaniel, it couldn't have happened to a lousier Tea Party guy. It is time to surrender.

You Lost, Dude.

The reaction from Mississippi was priceless. Even liberals were celebrating Old School GOP Dinosaur Thad Cochran's win. "Hallelujah" as the subject header. "Talk about close - Cochran 50.8%, McDaniel 49.2%," first paragraph of the email that flew in shortly after the AP called the nail-biter of a Senate primary, at 11:21 p.m. VT time.  [From our very own lwdgrfx.] Maddow was no disappointment either.

The words 'defied conventional wisdom' are happening again about the un-compassionate conservative Tea Party asshattery.  Happy Dance.  Let that door hit you in the posterior as you scamper back to your home under a bridge, McDaniel.

It was a night perhaps even more satisfying than Eric Cantor's epic topple of (was it an entire two weeks ago that Laffy beat the New York Times to the punch in reporting that headline?!) last Tuesday, because this time the Tea Party Idjit went Down.

Image 88

Rather than Ann Coulter and (gag with me) Laura Ingraham doing Lipton Brigadier Vicious Victory Laps, this week we can visualize Teabaggers enjoying the possible reactions of:  confusion; anxiety; xenophobic tremors; nausea associated with the thought of African Americans holding public office; overt thirst for cheap domestic beer;  inability to sleep without Fvx Noise on at all times; an unsafe drop in White Supremacist hopes; unusual intolerance of  contraception or Women's Rights; and an urge to grab a long gun and see what's on sale at Target. Esquire had their Redneck Number.

For a wrap-up that offers just the right amount of Scarborough Crow, enjoy the opening block of Morning Mika and Schmoe's reaction.  Joe sported a fleece to be pithy in. "Cochran Wins" … it was a hum-dinger!

40,000 or so more voters went to the polls in a run-off in Mississippi than crawled out for the actual primary. That's cool, I don't care where you live - Democrats, we need to meet and beat those numbers!!

McDaniel neglected to concede in his speech … holding an imaginary door open? Morning Mika and punditry of the hour?

It's bloody great news for American politics that voters showed up in droves to ditch the Tea Party, which may seem a Phyrric victory, but it means less Ted Cruz in our ears  …  and there was another deep loss for the Teabaggers in the great state of Oklahoma, where the hopes of Palin and Cruz-endorsed Sooner T.W. Shannon were dashed to the plains.

For some fine background on McDaniel's Fail, follow this link that Lucian posted earlier this month, A Mississippi Tea Party Chat, from the Jackson Free Press.

The distilled message, as always: VOTE!! Campaigns matter but not without VOTES. Until we can do it on Facebook or the Twitterz, make the effort.

We have one per citizen, and it is our only real voice. So GOTV, Rock the Vote, Vote #VOTE Vote.