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How I Spent My Summer Vacation (Part 2)



I'm home after 10 days on the road to cover the American Federation of Teachers convention in Los Angeles and Netroots Nation '14 in Detroit. It was actually anything but a vacation, but I do thrive on the action, and there was plenty of that.

To recap the trip, all you need do is listen to the shows from the past week or so. (Find them here, here, here, here and my interview with the amazing Rev. Dr. William Barber is posted as a standalone interview here) Now that I'm back home, I have the luxury of sitting back and playing some of the interviews I taped but didn't yet have the chance to air.

Today, we heard from Dennis Black of the Detroit Peoples Water Board. On Friday afternoon, hundreds of Netroots Nation attendees, Detroit-based activists and others marched and rallied to protest the mass water shut-offs of over 15,000 households. The UN declared it's a human rights violation, which it is!

And this morning, an indication that our loud voices had an impact:

Detroit suspending water shut-offs for 15 days

Members of The People's Water Board Coalition protest Detroit's water shut-offs in Detroit on Friday. The shut-offs have sparked massive outrage in the community.

Members of The People's Water Board Coalition protest Detroit's water shut-offs in Detroit on Friday. The shut-offs have sparked massive outrage in the community. (David Coates / The Detroit News)

Detroit: The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department is suspending water shut-offs for 15 days starting Monday.

The department is facing criticism worldwide for mass shutoffs that have turned off water to 15,200 customers since March, but department spokesman Bill Johnson said the move is not a concession in the high-profile political fight.

Read more here.

Tomorrow, I'll talk a bit about the controversy over the location for NN15- Phoenix, AZ, and the announced boycott by Daily Kos. Stay tuned.

I had a lot of interviews scheduled for the live broadcasts. (When I get the time, I'll try to post some of them as standalones.) But sometimes the best opportunities come up by surprise, as when I looked up from my editing to see Sandra Fluke walking by. I asked her to sit down to chat for a few minutes, and she did. And I took a selfie!

Sandra Fluke

As we discussed, Sandra Fluke is running for the California State Senate seat vacated by Ted Lieu, who's running to fill Henry Waxman's congressional seat. Visit to find out more!

The final interview I shared today was an in-depth conversation with John Nichols, Washington correspondent for The Nation. The interview was better than my lousy selfie result!

Nichols 1

Tomorrow, more highlights from my summer vacation, plus @GottaLaff too! See you then, radio or not!


A Big Fluke You, Evangelicals.


Sandra Fluke

Last night, Chris Hayes had Sandra Fluke and right-wing radical and Washington Examiner contributor Tim Carney going tete-a-tete on his All In show. They were discussing the two cases the Supreme Court has agreed to hear (probably in March, verdict in June) on corporate religious freedom rights, as they might affect the Affordable Care Act.

When you hear Sandra Fluke speak so eloquently below, you can see why this "whore" according to Rush Limbaugh was fought hard in being allowed to address a congressional panel on Women's Health and Contraception hearing by the terrified, misogynist, Republican party. How dare she spew common sense in such easy to understand words. The GOP was justified in trying to keep her silenced as she destroys all of their fanatical arguments so easily.

It's clear that the evangelicals are on the road with their bullhorns blazing, their pulpits popping  and their zealotry oozing. The more they speak, the easier it will be for the nine SCOTUS justices to see how giving religious freedom as a foundational justification to a company is wrong. It's tantamount to giving corporations the license to pick and chose which laws they wish to abide by and those they chose to ignore. Giving a corporation first amendment rights designed for individuals, (in this case religious freedom), will be the slipperiest slope they may ever have adjudicated. It's very doubtful that under scrutiny and behind closed-door discussions, the SCOTUS members will want to totally destroy human American with Corporate America. It could happen, but I wouldn't bet on it. Not if they are presented arguments like these:


Video- Dennis Miller On Fox: Sandra Fluke Is "Moan Of Arc. That's The Way Most Women Went In This Election"


Anyone want to try and decipher that? Via.


Video- Fox Host To Scarlett Johansson: "You're Worth Millions" -- Pay For Your Friends' Contraceptives "Instead Of Asking Me"


Gutfield is such a class act. Via MM.