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Committing Rape Qualifies You For Disability In Catholic Church


Catholic Church rapeReverend Gil Gustafson

One thing you can't fault with the Catholic Church, they take care of their own -- even their own pedophiles. Don't believe me? Look at these clips from an article in The Raw Story:

According to an article in the Star Tribune, the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis continued to pay the salary and health insurance premiums — as well as provide living expenses — for a pedophile priest who was convicted on child sex abuse charges over 30 years ago.

Join me in a head scratch over this one. Maybe with a little more factual information, I'll grasp this situation better.

Brian HerrityBrian Herrity

In 1983, the Reverend Gil Gustafson admitted to a Ramsey County District Court that he molested Brian Herrity for five years, beginning when the boy was 10 years old. He was fined $40 and sentenced to six months in jail and 10 years on probation. The vicar general in charge of clergy abuse cases, Rev. Kevin McDonough, believes that Gustafson abused between four and fifteen victims, including Herrity.

Wow. A self-confessed child sex offender who molested a child for five years, starting when the boy was 10 years old, is given a $40 dollar fine and half a year in jail. "Houston, we have a problem -- and it's in Minneapolis."

With such a light sentence, the message seems to be loud and clear -- to the courts in Minnesota and the Roman Catholic church -- pedophilia isn't a serious crime. Think I'm being smart-alecky? Remember I said the Rev was given a six month sentence?

After four-and-a-half months in jail, he was released into the care of the Church, and the archbishop at the time, John Roach, lobbied to have Gustafson reinstated.

“I want him back in a parish,” [arch-bishop] Roach wrote in 1990. “He has received and complied with far more treatment than anyone else, and it seems to me he has done it well.”

The Arch Bishop wants this criminal back? Why? Was he procuring boys for the prelate? Imagine, four months treatment and this predator was cured. That must be some great program they have there for sex offenders.

Well, that's the past and we must think of the present. We're taught to forgive and sometimes its hard, but okay. Maybe Reverend Gustafson's made his penance. Then again, maybe not. It seems no church wanted the disgraced clergyman, so get this:

According to the Star Tribune, in addition to the salary, insurance and living expenses given to him by the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, Gustafson also receives disability.

Salary, insurance, living expenses AND disability? This is astounding. It almost pays -- no, it does pay -- to become a priest and molest a child. You'll be taken care of for life.

The father of the boy rape victim put it perfectly:

Brian Herrity asked the paper, “since when is a crime a disability? If that’s the case, everyone in prison should be disabled.”

And that, fellow readers, is the state of the Catholic Church in Minnesota today. Proud?


News Corp.'s James Murdoch gets a pay raise


Is there anyone, I mean besides the Koch brothers, who is less deserving of a pay raise than a member of the Murdoch family? James Murdoch is smack dab in the middle of a huge phone/computer hacking scandal, is a proud member of the 1%, but, as Think Progress is reporting, he's still getting a £1,300 pay increase from British broadcaster BSkyB:

The announcement, the Telegraph reports, made no mention of the scandals that have enveloped News Corp. since early this summer:

The increase, which brings Mr Murdoch’s pay for the non-executive role to £88,000, was revealed in an annual report from BSkyB that made no mention of the News of the World phone hacking scandal that has rocked News Corp and BSkyB, and ultimately derailed the deal.

It must be nice to be rewarded for being an unethical, lying little Son of a.. Rupert Murdoch.

Occupy News Corp.


Tea bagger to TPC reader: You're "less than human because your husband is half Hispanic & half Irish."


Photo via

One of our regular TPC readers and a Twitter pal, Wiccaspirits, who has contributed terrific information and conversations with notables in the past, is sharing yet another astonishing story with us.

Earlier today she sent me a Facebook message, which, among other things, included this:

I just had to tell you this. I just had a Tea Party member today tell me that I was less than human because my husband is half Hispanic and half Irish. She also told me that because I am a Democrat I must be African american, on welfare, not working and an illegal. I swear on my life I thought she was crazy. She even had the nerve to tell me that because I was disabled I did not deserve the money because according to her working for more than 10 years was not good enough. I mean these people are not only ignorant but crazy too. She would not even let me speak my mind because according to her, "her way is the only way."

Now tell me again how there is very little difference between the two parties, and why sitting out any election, especially the one coming up in 2012, is okay.


TPC reader: "I am amazed that Congress actually thinks that it deserves a raise."


One of our regular TPC readers and a Twitter pal, Wiccaspirits, who has contributed terrific information and conversations with notables in the past, is sharing yet another one, this time about an article she read titled, "Are members of Congress paid enough?"

Apparently, some of our representatives are "struggling" under the weight of their $174,000 pay check and excellent health care plan:

A few lawmakers have suggested in recent months that despite a $174,000 annual salary, generous health care and pensions, and perks for things like travel and mail, being one of the elite 435 ain't always what it's cracked up to be. And when you calculate the hours they put in, the pay isn't stellar either, they say. [...]

Are times really so tough that even members of Congress are struggling to get by? The numbers suggest otherwise. A recent analysis of congressional pay found that members of Congress earn about 3.4 times the salary of the average American worker. Using that standard, members of Congress are among the highest paid legislators in the developed world.

You can read the rest here.

Now Wiccaspirits has a thing or two to say about the thing or two that some Congress members are saying. Via an email, verbatim:

I am amazed that Congress actually thinks that it deserves a raise. I am so upset that I am afraid to call anyone for fear that I might say something that I will regret later on.

First of all I should only be so lucky to make 174,000 a year. For members of congress to be complaining about struggling to pay bills is just disgusting to me. They should try going out into the everyday lives of people like myself who do not even make half of that and we actually do struggle to pay the bills. Furthermore, maybe if they were not so worried about bringing down the president and ACTUALLY doing their jobs and helping hard working middle class families, rather than helping corporations maybe I could support a little raise, but raise now....hell no I don't think so!

How about if congress helps out the hard working Americans across the nation first before being selfish and only helping and thinking of themselves! It is time we stood up to congress and told them in no way do they deserve a raise until they help struggling Americans like myself and many others across America!

Wiccaspirits is inviting comments. Your turn.