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VIDEO: Archie Bunker on gun control. Sound familiar? Compare/contrast to Gohmert, Russell Pearce, Pres. Obama


the more things change the more they stay same via smaller

I'm bumping up this post from July 22, 2012 (with minor tweaks) because it's more timely than ever in light of the Newton, Connecticut massacre.

If Norman Lear tried to sell "All in the Family" today, he'd get turned down for being too offensive. Think about that a good long time.

I’m so glad my pal Diane Sweet linked me to this video. As she so astutely said, “If you sound like Archie Bunker it might be time to rethink your position.”

The more things change…

Now take a look at this July 20, 2012 video of contrasting reactions to the Colorado shootings from Pres. Obama and GOP Rep. Louie Bunker, er, Gohmert. [Pres. Obama's January 14, 2013 press conference on life-saving policies regarding guns here]

And finally, here are a couple of screen grabs of ex-Sen. Russell Bunker, er, Pearce in his own words, via his Facebook page:

Russell Pearce on Colorado shooting FB first entryRussell Pearce on Colorado shooting FB



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Flashback VIDEO: Archie Bunker on gun control. Sound familiar?



I'm so glad my pal Diane Sweet linked me to this video. As she so astutely said, "If you sound like Archie Bunker it might be time to rethink your position."

The more things change...

Video of GOP Rep. Archie Bunker, er, Gohmert, is here.

And here are a couple of screen grabs of ex-Sen. Russell Bunker, er, Pearce in his own words, via his Facebook page:


Judge okays Arizona Sen. Russell Pearce's recall vote


The recall election against Russell Pearce, the compassionate, reachy-outy guy behind SB 1070 (aka the Papers Please Law), just got the green light.  Ohhh yeah:

PHOENIXMaricopa County Superior Court Judge Hugh Hegyi threw out nearly all of the lawsuit that alleged flaws in the recall drive against state Senate President Russell Pearce.

The lawsuit by Pearce supporter Franklin Bruce Ross sought to have the Nov. 8 election called off on the grounds that recall supporters fell short of the required 7,756 voter signatures from Pearce's district in Mesa. Election officials say recall backers handed in 10,365 valid signatures. [...]

Recall organizers have been critical of Pearce's views on confronting the state's border woes and say he has failed to focus on protecting public education and ensuring access to health care. Pearce has said he strives to promote schools, job creation, balanced budgets, law enforcement and secure borders.

Between this election, the ones in Wisconsin, and others to come, the GOP will have just a tad of trouble bragging about that "mandate" they think they have.


Sponsor of Arizona immigration law faces recall


Stupid bigot probably thought he was immune. Wonder how long Brewer can tie up the special election?

PHOENIX — The sponsor of Arizona's controversial immigration law faces a recall election after opponents collected more than 10,000 voter signatures.

County Elections Director Karen Osborne says her office is certifying that the petitions have 10,365 valid signatures of voters from state Sen. Russell Pearce's legislative district.

They needed 7,756 signatures to force a recall election.


Pearce, a Republican from Mesa, is best known for sponsoring immigration measures including the 2010 enforcement law known as SB1070. A judge has placed key provisions of that measure on hold while they're challenged in court.


Tom Tancredo's anti-recall fundraiser for AZ State Senator Russell Pearce... illegal?


Tom Tancredo stormed off the set of the Ed Show when he was debating health care with Markos Moulitsas.

Tom "Send Obama Back to Kenya" Tancredo, or as I like to call him, Teabagger Tom, may have committed a legal boo-boo. Via AZCentral:

A national fundraising effort to fight the recall against Senate President Russell Pearce may be running afoul of state campaign-finance laws.

Team America, a political-action committee headed by former U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., sent an e-mail blast Friday soliciting corporate and private donations for Citizens Who Oppose the Pearce Recall. [...]

But state elections officials say Arizona law bans corporate and union donations to influence an election, and that includes opposing a recall effort.

Tom, Tom, Tom, you just can't stay out of trouble.

We've posted previously about how he's a Palin and McCain-dissing, literacy test-endorsing, immigrant/Obama bashing, Ed Show-quitting racist. And now this.

Of course, Attorney Lisa Hauser disagrees with the --gasp!-- very idea that any campaign-financing laws have been broken. She represents the anti-recall group, so she better disagree, or she'd be a really, really lousy lawyer.

Stay tuned.


The author, legislative sponsor of AZ "Papers Please" law (SB1070) will be recalled this week


I received this email today from a friend of mine who is a terrific activist and had to share:

I just want to give everyone a heads up that the author and legislative sponsor of Arizona's show-me-your-papers law (SB1070) will be recalled this week.

Unfortunately, one of the Republican Secretary of State gave the recall campaign the WRONG DEADLINE to turn in signatures for a November election (we have a complex, odd set of internal Secretary of State rules). Now, it will be up to the governor to call the election for November 2011 or March 2012.

We need to show a backlash from across America against everybody in the extreme set, and Russell Pearce (John Tanton's protege) is a great example for the rest of the country because most people believe he's untouchable and Arizona's unchangeable. Recalling Russell Pearce could go a long way to helping reshape the narrative on today's crazy crop of right wingers.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: Starting Tuesday, we are going to need as many bloggers as possible bringing to light the "mistake" made by the Republican Secretary of State that allows Arizona's can't-speak-in-public governor (Literally. Remember the 13 seconds of debate silence followed by, "I have did everything I could do.") to determine whether the recall election happens in November 2011 or March 2012.

BOTTOM LINE: Pearce is RECALLED the moment the signatures are turned in. Arizona's GOP governor should not continue to provide cover and protection for Pearce by arbitrarily scheduling the recall ELECTION next year.

A little back story: The recall effort is a NONPARTISAN group, co-chaired by a Republican and a Democrat. There is a Republican group who had been working on recall signatures but stopped when the nonpartisan group said they would make the deadline. That Republican group has spent the time since then lining up a MODERATE candidate and getting the business community and local GOP precinct committee persons behind their candidate. No matter who runs on the Democratic side, Russell Pearce is likely lose the recall election. Even if he is replaced with a moderate Republican, the backlash message will reverberate across the country.



Volunteers Motivated By Former Congressman JD Hayworth’s Inflammatory Email on Behalf of Senator Pearce that Called
Members of Citizens for a Better Arizona:

“…ultra liberal, open-border, pro-amnesty mafia…who carry swastikas and call ALL conservatives Hitler.”

Final Number of Signatures Expected to Exceed 17,000!

Media Advisory for May 28, 2011

What: Volunteers will gather to collect signatures to Recall Sen. Russell Pearce.

Who: Citizens for a Better Arizona

Where: 628 N. Center Street, Mesa, AZ

When: Saturday, May 28th 9:30AM- 3:00PM

Sunday, May 29th 10:00AM – 7:00PM

Monday, May 30th 9:30AM – 7:00PM

May 28th, 29th, and 30th volunteers will gather at the Citizens for A Better Arizona Recall Russell Pearce office to gather an additional 500 signatures to Recall Russell Pearce. The organization Citizens for a Better Arizona has been gathering signatures for the past 116 days. If successful, this will be the first time in Arizona’s 100 year history that a Senate President will have been recalled.


VIDEO- Immigrants For Sale: "Legalized racial profiling."


Find out more:
En Español:

Immigrants are for sale in this country. Sold to private prison corporations who are locking them up for obscene profits!

Here are the top 3 things YOU need to know about the Private Prison money scheme:

The victims: Private prisons don't care about who they lock up. At a rate of $200 per immigrant a night at their prisons, this is a money making scheme that destroys families and lives.

The players: CCA (Corrections Corporation of America), The Geo Group and Management and Training corporations—combined these private prisons currently profit more than $5 billion a year.

The money: These private prisons have spent over $20 million lobbying state legislators to make sure they get state anti-immigrant laws approved and ensure access to more immigrant inmates.

Be a part of the movement to follow the players, the money and the victims of this money making scheme at