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Here's an idea, Republicans...


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Today on MSNBC, Alex Witt interviewed Republican freshman class president Rep. Luke Messer who hails from Indiana's 6th district. She was questioning him about the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad GOP dissension-slash-implosion, and he pretended to care.

How do I know he was only pretending? He dropped a few hints. One was his feigned concern about said growing division among his fellowGOPers. Or maybe he meant that, but considering the same old right wing talking points coming out of his own mouth, and his record, how sincere could he have been?

Another was when he rejected common sense gun safety law proposals while insisting that he "would listen" to any suggestions as he clearly sided with the radical NRA CEO, Wayne LaPierre (the NRA has given him a 100% rating). But hey, he's a great listener!

However, the obvious giveaway that exposed him to be the partisan hack that he is was when, as he claimed to support working across the aisle with the new "bipartisan" House members, he repeatedly used the word "Democrat" as an adjective. That's a well-known GOP slur, or as the New Yorker referred to such language, "The 'Ic' Factor":

To wit:

The Democrat Party has a clear record when it comes to taxes.


Nothing threatens our hard-won reforms and economic prosperity more than a Democrat victory this November.


The difference is clear: if you want the government in your pocket, vote Democrat.

Memo to Messer (and all Republicans): It's called the Democratic Party.

There’s no great mystery about the motives behind this deliberate misnaming. “Democrat Party” is a slur, or intended to be—a handy way to express contempt. Aesthetic judgments are subjective, of course, but “Democrat Party” is jarring verging on ugly. It fairly screams “rat.” [...]

In the conservative media, the phenomenon feeds more voraciously the closer you get to the mucky, sludgy bottom. “Democrat Party” is standard jargon on right-wing talk radio and common on winger Web sites...

So here's an idea, Republicans: If you want to maintain even a shred of credibility, stop insulting the very party you claim to want to work with so badly. Unless you want us to start calling you "Rushpublics."


Rikki Hollywood


Bristol Palin has gone all LaLaLand.  She made her "acting" debut on a prime-time television show called Secret Life of an American Teenager. She popped up on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno , and last year she and her mommy's BFF Greta chatted about abstinence. (I could have sworn Obama got slammed for appearing on talk Tee Vee and for his "celebrity" status. Who's part of that celebrity culture again, Sarah?)

Next stop: Dancing With the Stars.

If Former Half-Gov Hypocritica McWhateverBenefitsMe condemned Levi Johnston by calling him "Ricky Hollywood", why does she not do the same by referring to Bristol as Rikki Hollywood? Rickette? Wreck-y? "Why?" I asked. Silly me.  Of course we know why. Because Hypocritica is a two-faced, money-grubbing, self-serving facade of a woman, that's why.

Her daughter can strut her face (and apparently, now her Mama Grizzly body) all over the Tee Vee Machine, and that's A-OK with her. But if anyone named Levi or Barack does the same, get the smelling salts and the fainting couch.

Via SarahNET:

Not only is "Dancing with the Stars" known for its celebrities, competitiveness, and family friendliness, it's also known for the outfits worn by the participants. Bristol touches on that and other things, as reported by Bang Media:

The 19-year-old single mother - who is the daughter of US politician Sarah Palin - plans to shun the skimpy, glitzy outfits normally worn on the show when season 11 launches in the US.

She said: "I think I will be the most dressed contestant and have the most modest outfits for sure because that's who I am.

"I see this as something that's fun and that's positive and I'm going to be able to show my work ethic to people out there."

The pretty teenager - who is mum to 20-month-old son Tripp - admits she is shy, but hopes her sporty background will help her do well in the competition.

She explained to "I have no experience in dance. But I come from an athletic background, so I'm thankful for that. I played basketball, volleyball, soccer, everything."

Work ethic. So that's what the kids are calling it these days.


VIDEO- Refresher course: Teabagger Patriots?


Nice recap. It's worth watching the whole 9:46, honest.

I'd h/t, but I clean forgot who linked me to this. Bygones.


VIDEO: Lamar Alexander is fine with government takeover of BP


Socialist commie! What would Barbie McLipSchmutz say? And Boss Limpdong? And... Glenn Beck!? Via Think Progress:

Today, on CBS’ Face the Nation, Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) — who spends a lot of his time fearmongering about various government takeovers — seemed to advocate that the government simply take over BP entirely.

Hyp. O. Crite.



VIDEO: Congressman Mark Souder tearfully resigns: "I do not have any sort of normal life"


"I sinned against God, my wife, and my family, by having a mutual relationship with a part-time member of my staff."

He forgot to say, "I'm a big fat hypocrite."


Frank Rich: A Heaven-Sent Rent Boy


Via Barry Blitt

Frank Rich:

[George] Rekers is in a class by himself even in the era of Larry Craig and Ted Haggard. A Baptist minister and clinical psychologist with a bent for “curing” homosexuality, the married, 61-year-old Rekers was caught by Miami New Times [...] Rekers had recruited the young man from, a Web site whose graphic sexual content requires visitors to vouch for their age. [...]

But once we stop laughing, we must remember that culture wars are called wars for a reason. [...] [A] Supreme Court nominee’s entire record can be reduced to a poisonous and distorted debate over her stand on the single culture-war issue of “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

Rekers is no bit player in these wars. [...] He’s the Zelig of homophobia, having played a significant role in many of the ugliest assaults on gay people and their civil rights over the last three decades.  [...]

Rekers soon went on to become a co-founder with James Dobson of the Family Research Council, a major, if not the major, activist organization of the religious right as well as a power broker in the Republican Party. [...]

Rekers was also on the board of another notorious peddler of gay “cures” — the National Association for Research and Therapy on Homosexuality, or Narth  [...]  Such groups have done nothing to stop homosexuality but plenty to help promote punitive “treatment” and suicidal depression among untold numbers of gay youths.

No less destructive has been Rekers’s role in maintaining the draconian Florida law prohibiting adoptions by gay couples and individuals [...]

Rekers was also an expert witness in a similar court case in Arkansas in 2004. That anti-gay-adoption law was also ruled unconstitutional. [...] And then there’s Rekers’s cameo in the current Proposition 8 trial in California [...]

His excursions into public policy have had real and damaging consequences on a large swath of Americans. [...]

The crusade he represents is, thankfully, on its last legs. [...]

But the rear-guard remnants of the Rekers crowd are not going down without a fight, and their focus on Elena Kagan has been most revealing. [...]

Despite her critics’ cries, Kagan never banned military recruitment of law students and never denigrated the military in word or deed. She followed Harvard’s existing (and unexceptional) antidiscrimination policy [...]

She did declare that “don’t ask, don’t tell” was “a moral injustice of the first order.” Given that a Washington Post-ABC News poll in February showed that 75 percent of Americans want that policy rescinded — as do the president, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the secretary of defense — this is hardly a view out of the American mainstream. Yet [...] you’d have found a head shot of Kagan with the legend “Deep Ties With the Gay Agenda.”  [...] Kagan said only last year that “there is no federal constitutional right to same-sex marriage.” [...]

By late last week, double-entendre wisecracks about Kagan’s softball prowess were all the rage on Fox News and MSNBC. These dying gasps of our culture wars, like Rekers’s farcical pratfall, might be funnier if millions of gay Americans and their families were not still denied their full civil rights.

Please read the whole thing here.