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Video- Rudy "9/11" Giuliani: Christie Unaware of Traffic Scheme Just Like Obama 'Missed' Benghazi


You had a moment there Martha to put the kibbosh on his b.s. but you lost it.


9/11 Redux-- First responders: Radios failed during #NavyYard massacre


failure to communicate

Sadly, very very sadly, there is a piece in The Hill that is all too reminiscent of an old post of mine, "Hey Rudy, can you hear them NOW?" Here's an excerpt:

On September 11th, 2001, this was heard from a police helicopter hovering over the World Trade Center:

''About 15 floors down from the top, it looks like it's glowing red,'' the pilot of one helicopter, Aviation 14, radioed at 10:07 a.m. ''It's inevitable.''

Orders were given to evacuate. There was just one hitch. One fatal hitch:

Yet most firefighters never heard those warnings, or earlier orders to get out. Their radio system failed frequently that morning. Even if the radio network had been reliable, it was not linked to the police system. And the police and fire commanders guiding the rescue efforts did not talk to one another during the crisis.

At least 121 firefighters died as a result.

That was over a decade ago. Heartbreaking. Infuriating. Fixable.

Not so fast:

Radios for federal firefighters and police officers failed during Monday’s mass shooting at Washington’s Navy Yard, according to union representatives for first responders.

Union officials said police and firefighters resorted to using their cellphones and radios from D.C.’s emergency responders to communicate with each other during the attack. [...]

After the first shootout with the gunman, one officer found his radio’s battery was dead, while another officer could not receive a signal from his radio and was unable to call for help. That forced them to use an officer’s cellphone to call others outside the building, according to Meely. [...]

[Anthony Meely, chairman of the Fraternal Order of Police Naval District Washington (NDW) Labor Committee], who was on the scene at Navy Yard and took part in the search for a potential second shooter, said problems with their radios have been “a known issue” on the base with radio batteries not being able to hold charge and being unable to receive signals inside buildings.

The union representative said he thought it was “sad” that police officers had to use a cellphone to call for help.

Firefighters + police + problems with their radio signals = Disaster-in-waiting. Preventable disaster-in-waiting.

It's 2013. 2001 was twelve years ago. After twelve long years, lives are still at risk from the same type of communication problems that existed on September 11, 2001. This is mind-boggling. And it is also unacceptable.

You'd think fixing something this crucial to the safety of our first responders and those whose lives they try to save would be a priority, wouldn't you?


Video- Rudy Giuilani Now Shilling For "LifeLock"


Heh. As Mediaite puts it, "Move over Wilford Brimley!" Did anyone really take him seriously as a Presidential candidate?


Video- On Fox, Rudy Giuliani Justifies Possible Layoffs From Sequester -- "We Employ Way Too Many" Federal Workers


Via MM.


VIDEO: Rudy Giuliani refuses to answer question in heated exchange with Soledad O'Brien over Benghazi


"WMD? Nope, no weapons over there ... maybe under here?"

Rudy Giuliani went on for what seemed like more than a week about it taking more than a week for the Obama administration to call the Libya attack "spontaneous". Of course, as Soledad O'Brien pointed out, information changed as time went on and was shared as it came in, plus CBS reported that the evidence undermined right-wing charges of an administration “cover-up”.

Matthew Dowd, a former Bush administration official, reminded everyone that during the Iraq War, it took the Bush administration years to make its case and still got it wrong. Where was Rudy then?

CNN-- "This wasn't two weeks. This was months and months and months of a conversation where we never got the right answer to this," Dowd said on ABC's "This Week."


"It took years...By jumping on so quickly and expecting accurate final answers within weeks is I guess unfair in a way."


"We're going to blame this on Bush, too?"

Um, Rudy? That's not at all what she (or Dowd) was saying. Answer the damn question.


"You got to stop putting words in my mouth, sir. Seriously, hang on. Let me finish. Every time I ask you a question, you like to push back as if somehow the question that's being posed to you is unfair. It's not. I'm a journalist. You said some things. I'm trying to get some accurate responses from you. You are welcome to answer. Go ahead."

Meanwhile, Romney’s version of meeting Navy SEAL killed in Benghazi was disputed by best friend, mother: “Pathetic & comical”, not to mention Christopher Stevens’ dad said that the Libyan ambassador’s death should not be politicized.

Yet there Rudy is, totally ignoring O'Brien's point while politicizing what's left of his brains out.


VIDEO-- Rudy Giuliani: Romney "should be exploiting" Libya tragedy for political gain


Mitt Romney and his GOP gang have been going after President Obama for not providing enough security in Libya, and now Rudy Giuliani is accusing the administration of intentionally delaying investigations until the election is over, trying to "run out the clock" and “cover up."

Christopher Stevens’ dad has said that the Libyan ambassador’s death should not be politicized. But that won't stop Republicans from using the Benghazi attack for political gain, exploiting the tragic deaths in order to get a few more votes.

If President Obama and his surrogates pulled something as shameless as this, imagine the 24/7 outcry.

Here's what Rudy Giuliani said on CNN, via Think Progress:

Rudy's sensitive little feathers got ruffled and he accused Soledad O'Brien of being biased toward Democrats when she tried to get him to back up his accusations. How dare she?!


"The one thing I’m debating with you is just specifics. When you quote someone or you paraphrase them the only thing I ask is that you get that accurate. That’s all I ask..."


"We’re also entitled to interpret what the president is saying without this, like, massive defense of everything he says."

"Excuse me if being the fact that I’m a Republican, I don’t give them as you do, all the benefit of the doubt."

And here's what Rudy said on Fox:


Bill Hemmer:

"David Axelrod made the claim Mitt Romney is doing his best to exploit this. Is there argument to be made there? How was this handled on Tuesday night?"


"Well he should be exploiting it. I mean, the fact is, there is real chance, there is a cover-up here."

Here's what Joe Biden said about Rudy Giuliani repeatedly politicizing terrorist acts back in 2007:

Keep the truth and those smiles coming, Joe.


Channeling NPR here:

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Video- Guiliani: Americans died in Libya due to Obama Administration's 'political spin'


They'll twist themselves into any position possible to get President Obama. Via.