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VIDEO-- Fox Biz's Neil Cavuto to liberal commentator: "It’s annoying how obnoxious you can be... Cut his damn mic!"


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Leave it to a Fox host to be abusive and cowardly. This time it's Fox Business host Neil Cavuto shouting, contorting, and getting all lathered up over Julian Epstein's attempts to be, you know, reasonable. What? Reasonable? On Fox? Oh come now.

Epstein was trying to get Cavuto to stop conflating all of the so-called "scandals" that conservatives have been obsessing on for months in hopes of destroying the Obama (and possible future Hillary Clinton) presidency. See: Dead horse, beating.

But Cavuto would have none of that, nosireebob! He was bound and determined to burst out of his skin and name-call, the surefire technique Foxers use when they have absolutely nothing to offer.

Neil, Neil, Neil, you are seriously losing it:


Neil Cavuto:

What part of Custer don't you understand?...

Privacy is invaded, or potentially invaded, institutions of all sorts doing pretty much the same thing. There is a pattern.

Julian Epstein:

If you want to conflate and combine all these issues, then you can do that. I just don't think it's a very thoughtful way of approaching it...


Drop the liberal thing and focus on the reality thing! ...


Because I want to talk facts, and you want to make these general broadsides, Neil.


Julian, you’re saying nothing and it’s offensive! ...


Okay, why don’t we speak about them specifically?...


Julian, why don’t you talk facts? It’s annoying how obnoxious you can be on the reality.


I am talking the reality.


I’m not going to play this game with you, Julian. You play the same damn game dismissing one incident...


No Neil, you’re playing the game too and — [overtalk]


Cut his mic! Cut his mic, he’s going nowhere fast. Cut his mic! Ben, I want to go back to you. Cut his damn mic!

Shorter Cavuto: PFFTIOWEKLsputterGZAKTPRYspitUDJWJLwritheZWQRT!!!!

"Julian, why don’t you talk facts? It’s annoying how obnoxious you can be on the reality."  Pot. Kettle. Obnoxious. Hey Neil, when will Fox start talking facts? When that happens, then maybe you can demand that of liberal guests who try to do just that.

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H/t: Think Progress


Video- Ann Coulter's Response To Feinstein Pushback On Guns: "Liberal Women Should Not Be Able To Hold Office"


Ann is "opining" on what happened in this video. I wonder if she had to go to bomb thrower school or if it just comes naturally. Via.


Video- Diane Feinstein Schools Goober Cruz (R-Tea Party Land) During Gun Bill Hearing


What a sniveling idiot. Via.


Video- Democrats Boo Luke Russert's "Younger Leadership" Question to Nancy Pelosi


You go ahead and push that question Luke. What a maroon.
Via Free Beacon.


Mitt Romney lauds Gov. Chris Christie's behavior. Christie called a reporter an "idiot" and "stupid"


The Republican party leader, Mitt Romney, has openly condoned shameless public coarseness and disrespect. Be proud, GOP.

Here is how New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Friend of Mitt, treats people. Specifically, a reporter at a press conference:

(CNN) – Reporters were told the governor would only answer questions about a major problem at a water treatment plant, according to the Newark Star-Ledger.

Yet one reporter proceeded to ask an unrelated question involving the state legislature, as seen in video of the press conference from Monmouth County.

Christie, cutting him off, said: "Did I say on topic? Are you stupid? On topic, on topic. Next question."

Then the reporter tried again, so Christie said this, then walked away from the press conference:

"Thank you all very much, and I'm sorry for the idiot over there. Take care."

If a reporter is persistent, or even impolite, this is the way to handle it:

Imagine what the "librul media" and the GOP would say if President Obama, or even if a 2008 Candidate Obama, had said anything remotely similar to what Christie said. Imagine the 24/7 news cycle outrage.

Know how GOP presidential [sic] candidate Willard Romney feels about Christie's blatant rudeness? Here's what he said about it at a Tuesday fundraiser:

"That man really is something, you know that? I was hoping someone in here would start to heckle him so I could watch him go to town here. But you know better, don't ya? What an extraordinary leader."

So to Romney, an "extraordinary leader" is someone who insults people who challenge him, without ever answering the actual questions of course.

Had Candidate Obama encouraged such behavior from a possible running mate, we'd see a super PAC smear campaign air within hours. And should President Obama ever say the same thing about a vulgar surrogate, there would be calls for his impeachment.


Mitt Romney shares "humorous" nostalgic moment: His dad closing auto factory, laying off workers


Willard Romney uses this "humorous" little memory to show how close he feels to the people of Wisconsin. Via JSOnline:

One of most humorous I think relates to my father. You may remember my father, George Romney, was president of an automobile company called American Motors …  They had a factory in Michigan, and they had a factory in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and another one in Milwaukee, Wisconsin,” said Romney. “And as the president of the company he decided to close the factory in Michigan and move all the production to Wisconsin. Now later he decided to run for governor of Michigan and so you can imagine that having closed the factory and moved all the production to Wisconsin was a very sensitive issue to him, for his campaign.”

Boy howdy, can we ever! What a knee slapper!

Romney said he recalled a parade in which the school band marching with his father’s campaign only knew the Wisconsin fight song, not the Michigan song.

So every time they would start playing ‘On, Wisconsin, On, Wisconsin,’ my dad’s political people would jump up and down and try to get them to stop, because they didn’t want people in Michigan to be reminded that my dad had moved production to Wisconsin,” said Romney, laughing.

No, you can be sure they didn't want people to be reminded of that... but they will be now. And, hey, what a coincidence, that reminds me of something else:

Bain Capital’s involvement in mass layoffs is likely to haunt Romney in a campaign focused on jobs.

As Rick Perry would say, "Oops."

Talk about out. Of. Touch. Not to mention downright callous.

No wonder President Obama's leading him by double digits in some polls.


Video- Fox's Bolling Responds To Rep. Waters' Comments: "Congresswoman, You Saw What Happened To Whitney Houston. Step Away From The Crack Pipe"


The cojones. Via Media Matters.