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And now … the GOP War On Women Turns To Verified Rape Victims


What would Maya Angelou say?

George Will coming out of the closet as a rape apologist should have been warning that the camo is coming off the old white male faces. Have a listen to his latest thoughts on sexual violence on college campuses, catch up at Raw Story.

Will asserts that making the leap from “forcible sexual penetration” to “nonconsensual touching” is too broad of a definition for sexual assault, and denigrates the “doctrine that the consent of a female who has been drinking might not protect a male from being found guilty of rape,” worrying about the costs of litigation for the universities and the reputations of college men accused of assault.


Worse?!? The existence of a backlog of rape kits that should humiliate SCROTUS itself. The offensive, unjust, rapidly-accumulating numbers and the systemic devaluation of finding justice for one of the most heinous crimes man can commit are shocking.


Anyone who has seen an episode of Law & Order S.V.U. knows how critical a rape kit is to a case.

And underneath that legal case is a woman, a rawly, recently broken woman, who knows that the precious shreds of DNA taken from her in painful, violating ways may be the only clues a jury will take seriously enough for her to find justice. And any hopes of knitting that shattered life back together.


You're 24 years old and in Tennessee, far as can be from a Hollywood set and that much more embarrassing because you know everyone in that little town and they know you. Collecting leftover semen and skin scrapings from under your raw, torn fingernails all happened in a fog, but you were repeatedly told by someone like Detective Olivia (goddess forfend as kind and a female at all) that this was EVIDENCE.

Your body is a crime scene. That is a reality that has been experienced by far too many women to ponder without a rage response. Girls and women of all ages, brought in by police of family, or having somehow gathered the inner strength to commit to doing the ultimate Walk of Shame and report a sexual assault with the intent to prosecute.

With great relief you watch the technicians finish your rape kit, and are congratulated for having chosen to stand up and fight back.


Then, crickets. The big cricket chorale of We Don't Care. The young Ronan Farrow of MSNBC afternoon earnestness, gave the absurd and disgusting rape kit backlog story a slot in his 'Call To Action' series this summer, a worthy cause.


Prepare to be more outraged that usual, and there's more in a shocking second segment.

And he then he and guests tell us of The Hundreds Of Thousands, yes I said Hundreds Of Thousands of backlogged rape kits lying around in storage.

GOP: shock and rage would be the appropriate response. Not cutting, cutting cutting every service that might help anyone other than the 1%. Not making women invisible and their justice meaningless.


U.S. Moves to Abolish Rape as a Weapon of War. Congress Impedes.



Rape shouldn't be employed a tool of war as much or more now as it was when Attila was in charge of what was happening to women back in his enlightened Hun Era. Period. End of sentence.  Full stop.

Everyone should be on board with that, right?

What responsible man or woman in the United States Congress wouldn't leap aboard this cause, particularly given our tiny role in a few conflicts since BushCo had the controls?

In this Do Nothing, Party of No led Congress … nah, not so much. The chance of the International Violence Against Women Act getting passed by this purported legislative body are about as slim as Chris Christie and the chance at the White House he is trying to dance his way back into.


All of which stokes an inner womanly rage both preceded and echoed by #YesAllWomen.

Ronan Farrow of MSNBC's Ronan Farrow Daily has been covering rape culture and related issues for his short time on air, and yesterday his network colleague Krystal Ball sat in and had an eye-opening interview with Representative Jan Shakowksy about the chances of passing meaningful legislation on this global issue.

[Line up some curses now.]

Jan Schakowsky of Illinois has been leading this charge for some time, working with colleagues to find ways to make a dent in the international rape epidemic, so much of which is war or siege related, and all of it traces right back to the UK, NATO and the good ole' U.S. of Aggression.

This is where divisiveness crosses the line into harm. Deliberate harm. Those who refuse to support this kind of legislation are absolutely culpable in the blame for the hundreds of women who are assaulted, raped or killed every hour around the globe.

Maybe it's going to take a woman in the White House to move the needle on this key issue. Our women at home and our sisters around the glove deserve far, far more care.

Taking the GOP War on Women global is heinous.