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Quickie: FBI, DoJ to investigate AZ GOP Senate candidate Jeff Flake over robocall


Today's Quickie:

AZ Capitol Times is subscription only so I don't have access, but someone sent me the article:

The FBI and the U.S. Department of Justice are preparing to open an investigation into Republican U.S. Senate candidate Jeff Flake after a robocall paid for by his campaign directed some Democrats to the wrong polling locations. 

One Scottsdale Democrat said that he'd voted several times at one location, but the call directed him to vote at another one two miles away.

As you can see from the screen grab above, he was featured in a documentary called "How Democracy Works Now." He should have paid more attention.

That was today's Quickie. Was it good for you?


17,000 Coloradans got flawed voter registration cards, Canada investigates robocall voter suppression scandal


Misery loves company. It looks like our neighbors to the north are experiencing a voter suppression scandal of their own, not unlike those we have right here in the good old U S of A. Meantime, Colorado voters who thought they were registering by mail had an unpleasant surprise.

Colorado first, via the Denver Post:

More than 17,000 Coloradans received voter-registration cards in the mail last week as part of a Washington, D.C.-based organization's campaign to register unmarried women, minorities and young adults before the 2012 elections.

One problem: Anyone who filled out and mailed in the cards won't be registered...  But the forms were missing a signature line and affidavit — information required under state law.

The signature line was left off 17,291 cards. Those who mailed their registrations in are being alerted and given instructions on how to rectify this mess.

Moving north, a friend of mine who lives in Canada alerted me to a problem of their own. As she put it, "They won by a very small margin and in the ridings [voting districts] where they targeted Liberals with these fraud calls. They literally told Liberal voters to go to voting polls that did not exist or that they'd be picked up and driven there but no one showed. Tories here take their cues straight from GOP playbook."

Via the Wall Street Journal:

The "robocall scandal," as Canadian media are calling it, centers on complaints after last year's parliamentary elections by some voters, who told Elections Canada, the agency that conducts the votes, that they had received misleading phone calls directing them to the wrong polling locations and late-night harassing phone calls.

The Ottawa Citzen has more.

Our many, many previous posts on voter suppression are here.


Robo Rick Scott


Try as he might to improve his image, the least popular governor in America is stuck in reverse.

Memo to RoboRick: Robocalls are not popular. People do not like being interrupted by auto-recordings, especially from a failed governor who is destroying his own state. Especially a failed governor who is trying to brag about it.

Via Taegan:

...Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) is using automated phone calls to let voters know what he's doing, the Miami Herald reports.

"Political robocalls are nothing new in the final weeks of a campaign season, but for the first time anyone can recall Scott has the state GOP paying for regular recorded calls touting his day-to-day accomplishments. It's part of his continuing effort to bypass the traditional media and communicate directly with voters."

So the state GOP is footing the bill for a first: Annoying voters while avoiding the press. A twofer.


AUDIO: Sarah Palin records robocall for Nikki Haley


Wait. Isn't Former Half-Gov Idiot McAutoTwit already a robocall?

I wonder if that was really her ghost robocaller.

Won't McAutoTwit's face be rouge (or is that rogue?) if those pesky rumors about Haley's scandalous affairs turn out to be true? What with her obsession with family values and all.

Oh, and did I mention Former Half-Gov is a hypocridiot?

During the 2008 presidential campaign, Palin criticized the practice of dialing voters with recorded campaign messages, saying that voters get "irritated" by such calls. But she has since recorded phone messages for other Republican candidates.

Finally, Idiot is right about something! She is most certainly irritating.