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Sunday Talkers



It's Sunday again and that means talk, talk, talk...

For a heads up on who might be interesting, please read Laffy's Media Bias Sunday post first here.

For a more detailed schedule, please go to Politico.

Silly Rabbit at Daily Kos also has excellent Sunday Talker listings here.

Some of the talkers include:

Benjamin Netanyahu, Pavlo Klimkin, Madeline Albright, John Cornyn, Henry Cuellar, Robert Reich, Tom Cole, Steve Scalisi, Ron Prosor, Hanan Ashrawi, Nancy Pelosi, and Lindsey Graham. Note: this is not a complete list. Please see Politico or DailyKos (links above).


Immigration Fear Dispelled in Two Words: Robert Reich


immigration reform cartoon

Immigration reform, whenever our congress gets around to dealing with it, is a key to our economic recovery. That is, if fear and rumors don't squash it first. Leave it to those right wing, fear mongering individuals and groups to create myths, propagate them hoping that the masses will fall for it. They tried it with Obamacare and that's not worked.

Now they've moved on. They're attacking immigration reform and a pathway to citizenship. They hope this time their lies will be told and retold enough to make them fact. Sorry, truth doesn't work that way. When it's distorted, it's corrected. And lies can't be justified under the scrutiny of substantiated fact.

That doesn't mean people won't try. Deny climate changes, deny evolution, deny the benefits of Obamacare, but these truths are self-evident to sane people. When you start creating facts to fit the situation, be prepared for blowback by those who know.

Robert ReichOne such person is Robert Reich former Clinton Secretary of Labor. He dispels three major rumors, ginned up by the right about immigration reform. And he does it quickly and efficiently.

The three myths are:

1. Immigration strains government programs including Social Security and Medicare.
2. New immigrants take away jobs from native born Americans
3. We don't need new immigrants.

See for yourself, in under three minutes, why immigration reform is so very important for us.

It's time to start kicking some elected officials' ass and prime the pump. The people aren't going to wait any longer on a stalled congress to get their acts together. If they won't work together to do the job they were elected to do, the people might revolt with their votes and wipe the entire slate clean. Kick 'em all out, the few good with the many bad and start all over again. Maybe Romney did have something with his etch-a-sketch plan. Unless Congress acts responsibly and soon, let's kick their asses -- out of office. Dump the chump.


VIDEO: Dear Democrats, please stick to these 8 principles


Acclaimed author, Berkeley professor, and Clinton-era Secretary of Labor Robert Reich lays out the what, why and how of the Fiscal "Cliff", the showdown in Congress that Republicans created to demand painful cuts in vital domestic programs in exchange for raising taxes on the top 2%. Learn the facts, and the best way out of this forced showdown.

Jobs come first. Prosperity, not austerity. Makes sense to me.

Oh, and it's a fiscal crossroads, not a cliff. At worst, it's a slope or a curb... or a hiccup. This is a self-created "crisis" that the GOP is trying to use in order to cut programs that are there for the health and welfare of American citizens who need assistance in order to, you know, live.


The first thing to know about the so-called "fiscal cliff" is that it's not a cliff—it's a choice. It's a choice between making the 1% richer at the expense of everyone else, or lifting up 100% of Americans. It's a choice between American prosperity and European austerity.

In this sharp new video, former Labor Secretary Robert Reich breaks down the fiscal choice in 2 minutes and 30 seconds—with pictures too. And he gives Democrats the inside scoop on how to fight and win this fiscal showdown for the middle class.


VIDEO- Broken Promises: Mitt's Mass. Record. "Romney runs government like his Bain Capital"


Learn more:

Mitt Romney ran for Governor of Massachusetts promising more jobs, decreased debt, and smaller government.

Here's what Massachusetts got instead:

Jobs: 47th out of 50 states in job creation
Taxes and fees: Increased more than $750 million per year
Long-term debt: Increased more than $2.6 billion

Fact is, Romney economics didn't work then, and won't work now.

Via a friend of mine who worked at a company that was bought by Bain Capital:

Romney runs government like his Bain Capital.

Romney did the same thing in Massachusetts as he did for Bain: He borrowed money to pay for his expenses.

His record as governor of Massachusetts:

  • Record debt
  • Record fee increases
  • 47th in job losses
  • 5% decrease in wages

He killed business and was then forced to drop a bid for reelection because he was polling way behind his challengers.

And if you don't know how Bain works, there's this: