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'Holler If Ya Hear Me', An Illuminating Look Back at Tupac

You might associate Tupac with a hammer-hard beat and some vernacular you're not always comfortable with hearing in your mother's company, or as the symbol of what is feared about 'rap' ... you'd be underestimating the young poet.
There's a new Broadway Musical with Saul Williams at the Helm showing at the Palace Theatre in New York City and focus of a Morning Joe segment you don't have to cringe to get through,
Win win win.
Tupac was born into an activist family, he was nearly born in prison because his mother was an active Panther - and was a 'Drama Kid' himself, performing a role in Raisin in the Sun before he even reached adulthood.
There wasn't much time for gang hanging, banging or any of the violent 'gangsta' culture he is assumed to have stood for. Even died for.


Allow this footage to disabuse you of that notion, and there's an excerpted review below to add background and more nuance to the fascinating story of this young man's contribution to our culture. Willie Geist is a fair hand at the entertainment interview, and Joe Schmoe was happily absent. (I went to Fvx, to see Zerlina Maxwell, as mentioned yesterday. Still nauseous and Phenergen is never far away from the cable remote control.)



My eldest nephew is 23, and I've been hearing his woofer up close and personal since he learned to bike, then drive to our house, and right up to a couple of longish 'visits' - I'm really starting to see why he relates to the raw emotion, the deeply honest lyrics that cut across a lot of culture lines.
Wish I could take him to see this show. Broadway's not that far from Vermont.



Saturday Links



Today is Paddy's funeral.  Oh, how hard it is to write those words!

Laffy has written a tribute to Paddy which will be online at 8 Pacific, 11 Indiana time, Paddy's time zone.  Its title is: 'A special tribute and reluctant good-bye to our Paddy'

The picture above is from a collage of photos her brother prepared for the service which you can learn more about here.

I'm not quite sure what else to say.  Paddy researched and curated these daily links year after year and it feels very strange to me to be writing them in her place.

So what is the world doing today?

Not many Americans seem to be paying attention, but major violence continues in the Ukraine.

A mentally-ill British citizen has been convicted of blasphemy in Pakistan.

The Sochi Winter Games are so safe that US athletes are being warned not to wear their uniforms outside of the Olympics compound. 

Republican activists don't care that Chris Christie about Bridgegate or other political revenge, they only care if he could run for president and win.  They do not care that he (allegedly) shut down the 4th largest DMV in New Jersey to exact political revenge.

There's this, too: Christie tied to scandalous private prison company and its former vice president Bill Palatucci

Oh...Right-Winger Dinesh D'Souza has been charged with Campaign Finance Fraud.

AmazingTinyHousew325h352But here's something nice: One of the most amazing tiny houses in existence!


Was Fox News More Diligent Than CBS' 60 Minutes?


head scratching

Here's a hard one to figure out and even harder to accept if true (I'll get into that in a minute) -- Fox News did a better background check on a potential witness than those stalwarts over at 60 Minutes. Before you scoff, read on.

The story in question has to do with the GOP's second favorite talking point-- Benghazi. The first, of course, is the "trainwreck" of Obamacare. There's not a more commonly used mantra in all of the Republi-kingdom than trainwreck but close behind is Benghazi. So any sliver of embarrassment or innuendo of wrong doing by Obama on Benghazi becomes instant fodder on Fox News.

So how is it that 60 Minutes produces a segment that Fox News held back because even that bastion of rumor and innuendo found the witness's story to be contradictory to his official reports?

The basis of the 60 Minutes segment was an eye-witness account of the attack September 11, 2012. The focus was on a contractor who went by the pseudonym “Morgan Jones,” a security officer who witnessed the diplomatic compound attack. I guess you can't get much better than someone who was right there in the heat of the lethal riot to give you a true perspective.

From Raw Story:

A Fox News correspondent said the following day that the network had been working on a story with the same security officer, but those efforts ended when he asked for money in exchange for his participation.

Fox News aren't the only ones who question the motives and veracity of the contractor's statements. The Raw Story goes on:

The Washington Post report, published Thursday, said the source [“Morgan Jones,”] provided a written account to his employers three days after the attack that he’d spent the night of the Sept. 11, 2012, terrorist attack at his own beachside villa in Benghazi.

We could not get anywhere near (the diplomatic compound) as roadblocks had been set up,” said the security contractor, whose real name was confirmed as Dylan Davies by officials who’d worked with him in Libya.

So who you gonna believe? Dylan "Morgan Jones" Davies or his official report filed three days after the event? Before you make up your mind, consider this:

The “60 Minutes” report claimed the security officer had scaled a 12-foot wall while it was still overrun with Al Qaeda forces, and Davies said on the program that he’d personally struck one of the terrorists in the face with the butt of his rifle.

A brave Brit, he is. Yet:

The security officer’s co-author told The Washington Post that Davies may have been dishonest in his incident report because his employer had asked him to stay away from the compound after he was told of the attack by telephone.

On the heels of these revelations, what should venerable truth sayers like 60 Minutes do? Well, so far they are standing by their story. Hmm.

It does make you wonder... If it doesn't stand the low-bar sniff test at Fox News... if it fails the higher veracity standards at the Washington Post, what does CBS know that the others don't?  Is that big CBS eye about to blink?

Armed with these diverging reports, watch the segment and decide for yourself:

CBS, we're waiting...


Video- Fox Promotes Conspiracy Theory That New Black Panthers Were Impetus For Zimmerman Trial


Honest to dog, can't they think of anything fresh? Does it all have to be retreads? Via MM.


Video- Fox's Kilmeade Asks If "We Could See Riots In The Streets" As A Result Of Tax Deal


Booga booga!!! Via.


Video- Fox's Kilmeade Fearmongers About Greece-Style Riots In America: Should We "Put Our Extra Money Into Tear Gas?"


Yes, that is exactly where you should put your spare money Douchey. Via.


Bonus Cartoon of the Day- Movies Causing Riots